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Chapter 20

Chloe met me outside the door and we walked to meet back with Reagen and Savannah. “What was that about?” Chloe asked worriedly.

“She had me take a test.”

“What kind of test?” Savannah asked.

“I have no idea,” I lied. I knew what kind of test it was, I knew what Mrs. McDonald had learned about me and I knew deep down what she was probably going to do with the information, but I said nothing. I was beginning to learn that a large part of being a superhero was facing dangers alone, not just for their protection, but for your own. You tell yourself again and again that your lies are for the protection of those you love. You tell yourself this so many times that eventually you begin to believe it until just a small part of you deep down remembers why you lie to the people you love. You lie to the people you love because you think that they’ll think of you differently should they ever find out what it is you do at night when the rest of them are asleep. You lie to your friends and family because you just want some part of your life to stay the same. Deep down you know that you are scared of change. You hide this fear behind a mask, but not just the one you wear at night, the one you wear when you smile and lie right to the face of the people who love you most, hoping they never learn your secret because it would destroy everything you’ve built. You know these truths but try to convince yourself they do not exist. You lie to everyone, your friends, your family, your city, your doctors, your teachers, you lie to the world and you lie to yourself, again and again before you can no longer separate the world you have created and the world you live in. You began this journey as a scared child. From then you have grown so much you never even allow yourself to live through the parts of life you see everyone else enjoy. While your best friends laugh in the bathroom and talk about their teachers, you find your mind somewhere else completely. You begin to taste something bitter deep inside as you watch everyone else live their lives and you find yourself wondering what it was you did to live life half-way, but the pros outway the cons and you suddenly begin to hate yourself for being so selfish, so you bury these thoughts so far down you almost never have to face the truth, until finally, the truth faces you.

I was snapped out of my thoughts with a sudden jolt of pain deep inside my mind as I realized the bell rang. I rushed to my next class and waved goodbye to my friends, telling them I would text them later that night, which I did.

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