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Chapter 23

Days began to move much more slowly and my nails were beginning to look quite wretched due to my newfound nervous habit. I almost never chewed on my nails unless I was approaching something absolutely terrifying, and I was. I was about to do something more horrifying than walking into a line of fire. What I was going to do was far more nerve-wracking than sitting on the outside of a plane which flew more than ten- thousand feet into the air. This thing I had forced myself into took more bravery than running into a burning building to save strangers. I regretted it the moment I set the phone down. “Why do people like this?” I asked myself as I stuffed my mask and cape to the bottom of my purse along with my laptop and jumped into my mother’s car. She walked outside and wished me luck. I thanked her and backed out of the driveway, my hands shaking with such ferocity that I nearly totaled the car on more than one occasion. I found myself glancing at the clock often, just making sure I wasn’t late, sighing with relief as I realized the fact that I would arrive a few minutes early. I allowed myself to breathe as I pulled up to the Cafe’. I then stepped through the doors and sat down at a booth in the corner. A lady with dyed platinum blond hair and many piercings came and took my drink order as I stared down at my phone. “4:26,” I thought to myself.

Suddenly, a deep deep roar came from a few miles away, then came shrieks and pleas for help I simply couldn’t ignore. I flagged the waitress down and asked her for a piece of paper and a pen. She gave me what I needed. I wrote Peter a note telling him I was in the bathroom. I told her that if a guy with dirty blond hair and a laptop came in looking for me she was to seat him where I was sitting. She agreed, so I grabbed my purse and rushed to the bathroom, taking one last look at the table. I changed into the jeans and t-shirt I had worn the first night I discovered my ability to fly. I put on the mask and cape before looking around for a window to the outside. I found one and used the water from the sink to break it open. Once this was done, it was out the broken window I went, crafting an apology to Peter all the while.

I followed the sound of destruction, realizing I still had my purse with me. I sighed and left it on the nearest rooftop next to an air-conditioner, where it was semi-hidden. After this task was completed, I was able to fly faster and caught up to the creature, marveling at its size and stature. It seemed to be a creature created completely of rock and was as tall as a building. I thought of the monsters I had watched other superheroes fight in movie after movie with the excitement that this could be what set me apart from the police. They fought criminals while I fought the insanely powerful (and rare) things which threatened our city. This was the first superhero-level thing I had fought. I snapped myself from my thoughts and focused on the people who screamed and ran from the unnatural creature. I watched from the ground as it grabbed a car from off the road and hurtled it toward the sea. I jumped into the air and flew after the car filled with screaming children. “Faster,” I yelled to myself as they grew nearer to the abyssal body of water. “Faster,” I yelled as the front of the car hit the sea like it was concrete and begin to sink. “Faster,” I screamed as the shrieking grew louder. I reached the back of the car and heaved it from the ocean, flying it back to the safety of land. I let it down gently and tore the door from the car.

“Thank you,” said a tall man with brown eyes and gelled black hair. I nodded and told him to get his family to safety. He followed the order. I waited until most civilians were clear of the monster before concentrating hard on using the water to my advantage. I felt my once sea-blue eyes turn white with the ferocity of the seven seas.

I watched the creature turn around with terror as it saw the wall of water I had created lift from the vast ocean. It looked from me to the water and then back at me, fixating its beady red eyes on me. I watched it raise its arms as large parts of the road were torn from their places and were lifted high into the air. I watched the creature chuck one of these pieces of land into my wall but it was no use. The water swallowed it up the same way it did with anything else. I used much of my strength to force the bit of land out of the water and sent it hurtling to the creature, hitting it directly.

I laughed with relief and let the wall of water back into the sea, instead using the plethora of water to wrap its salty arms around the creature and hold it down. I flew over to the creature’s giant ear and asked it why it was doing what it did. There was no answer besides a myriad of strange grunting. I sighed and sat down, waiting for the police to arrive.

All of a sudden, the ground I sat on erupted and I was thrown into the side of a building. The sudden burst of pain sent my breath flying from my chest and I watched in horror as the creature rose to its feet.

It walked up to me and placed its mountainous hand on my chest. I could feel the crushing weight of its rage as it pressed in harder. It was then I knew I didn’t need to take water from somewhere else. I threw my arms back and built up the pressure inside my hands. I quickly put them together, feeling the power of the seas within me as I watched the creature fly back in agony after I hit it with the force of a riptide. I watched it fall to the ground, cold and unconscious. I ignored the bad feeling this encounter had left me with and jumped into the air.

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