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Chapter 28

Laughter and celebration filled the dining room as we enjoyed the night after Charlie’s big game, which I was forced to leave because of another robbery, saying I had to go to the bathroom. She looked at me with such anger, hate, and disgust that I would miss something so important. I knew how much the game had meant to her. It was all she had been talking about for the past week. I apologized again and again but she wasn’t in the mood for it. I understood. I had never missed a single pass in the four years she had played the game. Through my measly attempts to seek a smile from her dim face, I had missed the sound of car doors as they were slammed shut by whomever they were owned. I had brushed the sound of Jagger’s barking to the back of my mind in hopes of clearing it enough to find a way to earn back her trust. I had overlooked the sound of footsteps as they approached the door and was absolutely shocked when the doorbell rang. I jumped from my seat and opened the door, stunned at the sight.

Two large men who had clearly never received a degree of any kind stood in the back of three intelligent and strongly-built women, each wearing black suits with large tranquilizer guns at their sides stood arranged by height in the center of the doorway. I stepped outside intuitively, closing the door behind me. “Is there a problem?” I asked, cautiously eyeing the strange movement behind one of the large men’s back.

“Yes ma’am,” he said.

“What is it?” I asked, moving my long fingernail to my mouth and beginning to chew on the long, polished hot pink nail.

“You need to come with us,” he said smugly and dove toward me. I dodged his attack as if he had moved in slow-motion. I jumped backward and flipped in the air with the grace and beauty of a trained dancer. I tucked my feet in close to my chest and landed flawlessly on my feet. I did this before I had even noticed what had happened but once I came to my senses, it was too late. There would be no turning back at this point. I blasted the others with the water which erupted from the palm of my hand. They flew back and hit the metal fence they had come through to get to my doorstep. I jumped into the air and tried to fly away but something pulled me back to the ground. I tried harder but it didn’t work. I couldn’t lift myself off the ground. Something caught my foot. It was the man I had dodged. I took a deep breath before throwing my foot up, swinging the agent along with it. He hit the wall and fell unconscious to the ground, his grip no longer existent. I landed beside him, wishing our walls weren’t so thick and that the dining room wasn’t so far away. I wanted my family to hear this, I wanted them to know what was happening, I wanted them to learn my secret so I didn’t have to tell them, I wanted them to know what had happened to me, should I be unable to defend myself. Suddenly, I lost my balance and fell to the ground, quickly realizing I had been kicked. I looked up and saw that it was one of the females. She stepped closer to me, leaving her legs vulnerable. I quickly extended my leg toward them and knocked her off balance, as she had done to me. I then blasted her once more. I watched her head as it was thrown to the ground, rendering her unconscious. I sighed with relief but was punched in the gut. I stumbled backward and hit the wall, losing all of my breath but there was no time to worry. I glanced at the garden hose which lied harmlessly on the ground. I drew the water from it quickly and created three large spheres of water. I froze the first and sent it hurtling toward the man who walked up to me. It hit him directly in the stomach, shattering and sending him flying against the wall. The two ladies who were left over walked up to me, poised for a fight. I sent the spheres hurtling at them but only hit the one closest to me, leaving the other. By then, I was extremely exhausted but balled my fists for a fight.

In a matter of seconds she had my arm twisted behind my back in such a way I knew she could easily dislocate it, but something crazy inside me told me to keep going. I threw my leg up, stretching it as far as it could go and ducked. To my surprise, it hit her and she fell to the floor. I sighed with relief and leaned on my knees to recapture my breath. Suddenly, a rapidly spreading pain stabbed itself into my lower back. I dropped to the floor, unable to move, knocking over several pots of planted flowers on my way down as I realized I had forgotten to check if she was actually unconscious or if she had simply fallen over.

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