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Chapter 31

I bled and I ached but not a word was released from my lips. I had found a will I hadn’t known existed before now. I wasn’t sure what he was planning but I knew I couldn’t tell him a thing. I thought of Charlie’s stubbornness each time I thought of telling him what he wanted to know. He sighed, seeming to read my mind. He looked down at his watch and read the time aloud. “It’s four o’clock,” he said. Instantly, I knew what he was thinking but I kept my face plain. “That’s when your little sister Charlotte comes home, right?” I glared at him but stayed silent. “I could give an order and an entire team could have her head in a matter of seconds,” he threatened. I knew what I had to do. I was ready to set the trap. I chuckled which lead to his question and would be followed by the safety of my sister. “Is there something hysterical about my plan to murder your sister?” he asked, falling right into my patiently waiting jaws of trickery.

“It’s cute that you think my little sister could be beaten by a few men and women with fancy guns,” I said.

“They beat you.”

“Yes they did,” I said fearlessly. “Because I am untrained and forgetful of my environment.”

“Your sister does not have superpowers to help her,” he said, curious to hear my response.

“She doesn’t need them. She can run faster than your mortal eyes can keep track of, she has more than four years of football, wrestling, track, soccer, basketball, boxing and gymnastics which give her the strength and grace of your best agent,” I spat. “She can’t be scared, bribed, pushed, beat, bought or thrown from her beliefs and is a force far more terrifying than anything you could possibly find here,” I began to yell. “She carries a pocket knife in her backpack in case she is ever attacked and has recently perfected her fighting technique to the point where she was able to beat her seven-foot-tall teacher with great ease,” I told him and watched with satisfaction as he was unable to stop his fear from slipping onto his face. “So sure,” I whispered. “Send your men and women to try to capture or harm my sister,” I paused for dramatic effect. “But anyone who is sent will be lined up like a young cow for slaughter.”

He stared at me, trying to think of what to do next. Suddenly, he raised his hand to slap me once more. I prepared for the burning pain but it never came. I looked up and realized I held his hand in mine which had instantly broken free from the shabby metal binds. I looked at him with a face of warning and removed my other arm of its binding and whispered, “you really picked the worst family to mess with,” I said and was about to flip his metal cart of tools for torture, when out of the blue, I saw nothing but felt myself fall to the ground, rapidly losing consciousness.

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