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Chapter 36

He stared at me with unblinking eyes and I stared right back. My face didn’t change in the slightest for anything, I stayed completely still as if frozen in time. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t let him win, I couldn’t give him what he wanted or the pleasure of knowing he could control me with his little red button. I used the time to ask myself how the button worked. Clearly, it was connected to me somehow, but the pain wasn’t anything specific, it didn’t feel like a burn or a stab, it was simply pain. I wondered how it was delivered through my system. Was it delivered through the handcuffs? Possibly, although the pain wasn’t from a specific source. It simply seemed like my body was suddenly flooded with pure pain. Was it delivered in my brain? Was I not really in pain? Did my body simply think it was because my brain told it so? I didn’t know.

Not so long after, the large team of armed agents dragged me back to the asylum-white lab again and removed the power-dampening handcuffs. The power of the sea returned to me all at once like the tide coming crashing suddenly into the shore, powerful, dangerous, and well-loved. It was as if my powers were learning. It was as if they had been waiting patiently to return to me and were ready when they were free to do so. The agents then gently placed me into the binding of a newly fixed and newly strengthened metal chair. It seemed their fear for me had grown immensely since their last visit, as the way they treated me had changed vastly since then. I tried to appear calm as I waited for Dr. Brown to wheel his cart of tortures into the room. I kept my face plain and ignored my desire to fly straight through the thick doors and continue straight up until I couldn’t fly anymore and fell back to Earth. I stared at the small crease in the wall which hid the secret doors, waiting for his arrival.

The moment I heard his footsteps and the squeaky wheels of the cart, everything I had done to remain calm was annihilated. Memories of the first time he injected me rushed through my mind, some clear as day and some fuzzy. I remembered the concern he had seemed to have for my survival so clearly. It hurt to think of how little he truly cared. Everything he had done for me had lead to these moments and moments like them. My mind flashed to the moment the monstrous wave had smashed into me. I thought about the sudden change in the weather that day. “He has people like me locked away who can probably control the weather,” I thought to myself as the wall opened up and the smug overweight middle-aged madman pushed the small metal cart into the room and met my grey-blue eyes with his dark, almost black eyes. I harshened my gaze with the fuel of my ever-growing fire.

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