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Chapter 43

I yanked my hands away as the battery exploded, sending small shards of metal flying across the room. “Alright,” I said aloud. “Note to self, do not allow the battery to go longer than thirteen seconds without a steady flow of energy surging through it,” I said and paused for a moment, picking up one of the pieces. “’Cause otherwise that happens,” I sighed and dropped the piece of battery before taking a deep breath to prepare to move at an incredible speed to be able to remove the small and extremely dangerous battery before attaching it to my hand-cuffs with the wires I was given. I counted down from three before removing the battery from its resting place at the center of the small red button’s base. I began to count seconds as I worked, knowing that unless the battery was secure by twelve, there would be an explosion on thirteen and my last chance of escape would be torn away from my ever-so-close grasp.

“Six…” I said aloud as I wrapped the first bit of wire around the top of the battery. “Five…” I said as I wrapped the second and third bits of wire around the top of the battery which fell into place beside the first. “Four… ” I counted as I wrapped the last section of wire around the top of the battery and grabbed another wire which was connected to the handcuffs and prepared to wrap it around the bottom of the battery. “Three… ” I said as I wrapped the first and second bit of wire around the battery’s bottom. “Two…” I said as I wrapped the third and final sections of wire around the bottom of the battery and covered my ears. “One...” I said as I close my eyes tightly shut and turned most of my body away from the probable blast. A small electrical spark came from the handcuffs almost instantly. I opened my eyes. “Zero,” I finished as I felt the roaring power of the seven great seas as it was rushed back into my veins and I felt whole once more. I sighed with relief and bit my lip to keep burning tears chained where they were. I giggled and jumped into the air, allowing the memory of flight to return to me. This was the first relief I had been given in months. The thought of returning home after so long finally began to sink in as I flipped myself around and paced across the ceiling, chuckling at the memory of the first time I had done this.

“What am I going to say?” I asked myself worriedly. “Oh hey, guys. Sorry I was gone for like half a year, I was abducted by people from an evil government facility who wanted me because I was injected with their serum and got superpowers from it. But don’t worry. I’m here now. I do have to go to Phoenix and tell this little kid that his sister is dead. And then I have to leave again to fight with the people I freed to destroy the facility so that no one else has to get stuck there. But that’ll be fast. Then all I’m all yours,” I thought before smacking myself at my pretend answer’s idiocy. I sighed and told myself I had bigger problems to worry about. I had to make the light of my handcuffs glow again without accidentally sucking my powers out and then I also had to find a way to sneak a small book and a piece of paper past John and then past a whole big pod of guards.

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