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Chapter 51

“Alright,” I said to the large group of Combos who stood before me. “This is it. This is what we have been waiting for. It’s our moment. This is the final play,” I yelled as I looked around at the beautiful grassy wonderland which sat in the early morning darkness around the group of people who were missing from their own worlds, unnoticed and unappreciated. “Each of you are the strongest, smartest, most powerful, and most capable of the organization, if anyone can do this,” I paused for dramatic effect, as I had done so long ago. “It’s you,” I said, looking down at the watch I was given to make sure we timed everything perfectly. “Any questions?” I asked, knowing we had a few minutes to spare in case anyone needed any clarification on our insane plan. Not a single person raised there hand. “Okay,” I said, wishing someone had asked a question, as I, myself was still quite confused on the logistics of the plan, but no one did, so I simply sighed and pulled out the sheet of paper Elizabeth had printed the first and last names of each person on my “team.” “Going with me once the group splits is…” I read the names on the list, thanking my newfound ability to read other languages which allowed me to pronounce each name correctly. I gestured to Zuri to join me at the front of the room. I introduced her to the crowd and stepped to the side as she quickly read off the names of those proceeding to free the rest of the alien-blooded people. Once she was finished, I returned to my place at the front and gave Zuri a quick hug. I swallowed my building tears and faced the crowd of people who were risking their lives for the world despite knowing that many of them probably would not return. “Okay,” I said as I jumped into the air. “Remember to stick with your group,” I yelled to the group as I took the hand of the person I was assigned to take to the facility “and be careful with your ‘travel buddy,’” I said, laughing at the childish name we had assigned to the person those of us who could fly were assigned to take.


I had forgotten what it felt like to be in my city, which was bustling even in the earliest hours of the day. I landed silently on the roof of what looked like a strangely well-kept abandoned BioTechnology Facility. A wave of confusion fell upon me as I checked my directions. Zuri was dropped off beside me as I pulled out the map Elizabeth had given me and began studying the route we had taken. “Huh,” I said aloud as I realized we were in the right place.


I looked up at Zuri. “Oh noth’in,” I whispered, eyeing the guard who walked back and forth below us. “It’s just… I don’t know, I was expecting this place to be more… evil.”

Zuri chuckled quietly. “That’s ’cause all the evil is on the inside.”

“Quite true,” I agreed, moving to the edge to the building and looking down at the guard. I looked up at Zuri, an idea popping in my head. She smiled at me as if she had thought the same thing. I told the group to wait where they were in silence as Zuri and I took care of the guards. I then took Zuri’s hand and swooped down just above the guard. I then swung Zuri down, watching as she landed silently behind the unsuspecting guard, covering my ears while Zuri released the deafening screech from her lips. The guard fell to the ground before he even knew what had happened. I laughed and smacked Zuri’s waiting palm.

“Child’s play,” Zuri whispered as we moved onto the next three unknowing guards.

Once all of the guards were unconscious, we flew back to the group and beckoned for them to proceed into the building cautiously.

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