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Chapter 55

I cursed and held my hand up, wondering why my hearing was so undependable. I felt the pressure of water build up before it exploded and knocked the soldiers off their feet. I watched them fly back and slam into the wall nearby as I jumped up. I frantically searched for the nearest water I could get my hands on. It was too late. The soldiers had already regained their senses and were stumbling to their feet. I dove toward them and punched the large man in front of me so hard I felt the breaking of his nose against my fist. I fought the urge to gag and kicked him into the wall, watching him slam into the asylum-white metal enclosure and collapse in an unnatural shape. I swallowed the need to gag, preparing to fight the rest of the soldiers but was unprepared to see what was yet to come. I stared into the smirking eyes of five angry soldiers holding their guns out, aimed at me. I thought of all the ways I could get past this, but nothing came to mind. I was going to be shot. “Well,” I thought to myself. “I had a good run.”

“No you didn’t,” a tall woman with muscles at least three times as large of my own growled as I realized with great embarrassment that I had said that aloud.

I glared at her. “Well thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome,” she squealed in a voice so cheerful she reminded me of Chloe after a day of shopping. The thought made me more homesick than I could ever be. She gave me one last smile and the familiar sound a gun made before it was fired shot through the air before it was followed by five other sounds quite similar to the first. I turned to the side and lifted my right foot. Instinct took over and I jumped once, just barely and only to gain momentum, and when I landed, the foot I had lifted was thrown onto the floor as I jumped again, far higher than I had the first time. I had never felt so at peace as I was lifted off the ground and soared through the air. I landed a few feet away and blasted the soldiers with as much frost as I could muster. I had never killed anyone before, but here it seemed this was a “kill or be killed” type situation and when faced with a gun, I did what I had to do. I watched the soldiers as they were consumed by my ice, the looks of terror frozen on their faces. I stared in disbelief at the cold, lifeless bodies which had been frozen where they stood the moment they were killed. The moment they were killed by Riptide.

I turned to the group of heroes who watched with the same fear the soldiers had shown in the last few moments of their life. I grabbed the guns from the soldiers and tossed them to a few of the people who stared at me, wiping whatever look they had off of their face and replacing it with that of determination to do whatever it took to complete our task. “What kind of superheroes are you?” I asked, hoping to tease them out of their stone-like stance. I watched them shake their heads as if to clear their thoughts of worry.

“What?” the girl in the front, Lilly Lopez asked in confusion as she rose to her feet, ignoring the bullets which had slowly begun to come through the many cracks in the bulletproof glass.

“You guys just kind’a sat there and watched me almost get shot,” I explained.

“Oh,” she said so quietly her voice was almost a whisper. I watched several other people rise awkwardly to their feet and stalk over, carefully dodging the flying bullets.

“The thing about our job is that we always have to have each other’s backs,” I said, stating what I thought had been rather obvious. They nodded worriedly. “It’s okay though, guys, I mean it’s not like I got hurt.”

“Sorry,” she said, her voice like that of a child apologizing to a parent out of fear. I sighed, hoping for something to free me from this awkward conversation, and it came. As if someone or something had planned for it to happen right at the moment I had thought of my wish, the bulletproof glass suddenly exploded and rained both sides with small shards of glass. I groaned angrily and tried to lift the frozen shoulders off the ground to remove them from my path. They were unmovable. There was a small space by the door which was made of metal which protected a few of us from the gunshots. I thanked the genius architect which had added this wonderful addition and balled my fist, telling the teams to take a step back. They did as they were told and I brought all of my strength to my arm. I then hurled my fist into the frozen soldiers and watched as one after the other, they shattered under the force of my fist.

Shards of ice rained down upon us as I tried not to think of what could be mixed with the solid water. I beckoned for my group to follow, ignoring the horrified looks on their faces and walked out the thick metal door which led to the first floor around the large machine. Several armed soldiers were running up the steps toward us as if they had been working on getting where we were for quite some time. I laughed at the thought and dove toward them.

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