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Chapter 57

I looked into his eyes apologetically, as if asking him for permission to go through with what I had to do. He nodded and held out his hand. I took it and flew him to the opposite side of the room, where the air was clear from Dr.Brown’s mad army of mind-controlled soldiers which had come pouring in through a crack in the wall I hadn’t even noticed existed. “I really need to be more mindful of my environment,” I thought, exasperation spreading through my veins as I channeled every bit of my power I could muster on the people below. I brought the strength of the seas to the room as I raised my hands and felt my own power take hold. I felt each emotion as if it were coming from me. The fear, the anger, the hate, the resentment, the need for freedom, everything. I could feel their want to be free and the desperation they felt.

“No!” Dr. Brown’s voice yelled frantically in my mind. “What are you doing?” I felt it all flood through me as I brought my hands down and released it all. Everything his prisoners had built up inside them which Dr. Brown had taken away I could feel, and I set it free. I returned it to them. “Stop this!” he yelled. I felt the icy chills run through me as I twisted my arms about, mimicking the movement of the sea.

I could hear their voices, their pleas to be released. I could hear the need for Dr. Brown to keep his hold on them as he desperately fought to keep his control. “Please,” they screamed.

“No,” Dr. Brown roared, the need to keep them under his control stronger than ever. “This shouldn’t even be possible!” he shrieked.

“Please let us go,” the voice of the hundreds, maybe thousands of people Dr. Brown had trapped rang out louder than anything before. I felt a change in myself as I brought everything I had built up inside me down upon them.

“You shouldn’t be ready for this!” he screamed. I could feel the relief in their minds as I released them from their prison inside themselves with my icy blast.


I fell to the floor panting. I looked to the sky and watched Jake jump down to meet me, his voice yelling in my ears, but I couldn’t hear him. “Come on,” he whispered, wrapping his arms around me. I couldn’t move. “Come on,” he whispered. “Just a little farther.”

I had forgotten what he meant, and yet, his words rang in my head again and again. They were the words I had heard when Dr. Brown injected me with his serum. My mind flashed to the instant as rage bubbled up inside of me. He was the reason I was here. He was the one who had torn my life away and had dangled the lives of so many others about as if they were nothing. I suddenly remembered what I had come to do as I thrust my eyes open to see Dr. Brown off to the side, coming toward us. I tried to call out to Jake, but nothing came out. I tried to scream to him to leave, but it was too late. Dr. Brown was upon us. I watched Dr. Brown kick Jake to the side with great ease. I tried to reach for Jake to see if he was alright but nothing happened. I tried to scream out to him that he needed to get out of here but nothing happened. Dr. Brown reached down and picked me up as if I were nothing more than a limp doll. I tried to fight for my freedom but nothing happened. Panic flooded through me as Dr. Brown strapped me into the machine and placed a large metal casing around my head. I couldn’t do anything but sit and watch as Dr. Brown started the machine. I was as powerless as I had been when all of this had begun. I wanted to run over to see if Jake was alright but was helpless. I watched as Dr. Brown stomped triumphantly over to his seat and strapped himself in, placing a metal casing over his own head as well. I heard his thoughts count down from five. “Five,” they whispered as the machine began to shake. “Four,” they murmured as the glowing sphere at the center of the machine began to glow even brighter. “Three,” they muttered as the crystal around my neck began to glow just as brightly. “Two,” they mumbled as I watched Jake’s hand twitch with his consciousness. “One,” they said in a soft tone as I felt a tear between my mind and my body.

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