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Chapter 58

He smiled menacingly and threw his arms into the air, lifting the strange concrete-like ground which laid beneath me, or what looked like me. I was standing nearby, only I wasn’t me. “Well this is new,” I thought to myself. I held up what should have been my hand but nothing was there. There was no hand to lift. I watched Dr. Brown throw my body to the side, the pain flooding through us both as my body laid limp on the ground. I tried to run to myself-my body, I mean. I tried to call out to it but nothing happened. It was like I didn’t exist. Dr. Brown laughed maniacally, his chuckle booming through the strange half-city, half-mountain scene.

“And I thought you’d be the one to stop me,” he said, flying toward me as if he had no problem seeing him. I tried to speak but nothing happened. “Welcome to my psychological pocket dimension,” he said, somehow managing to sound more cheerful than my father when he explained rocket science to me. The entire place seemed to go through a metamorphosis period as it began to change around us until suddenly, the moment in time my father had explained the science to me existed, his smile larger than I had ever seen it before. His voice was sweet and patient as he lifted me onto his shoulders and walked me to the backyard to watch the scheduled rocket launch. I smiled at the memory, or I did internally. “Time flows differently here,” Dr. Brown said from beside my limp body, which upon further inspection, it appeared to be the same age I saw during the time of the memory. “Now,” he said, turning to me, or where I seemed to float in the room-like space. “I can get you to help me one of two ways,” he said mischievously. “By asking nicely, or with force,” he said. I tried to seem unamused, although how could one look unamused if they were nothing more than a floating consciousness.

“What kind of force can you possibly use on someone who is basically nothing more than an idea?” I wondered.

“An excellent question,” the voice of Dr. Brown rang through the pocket dimension and seemed to shake the walls of my childhood home. “You see,” he said. “I control everything that happens in this pocket dimension, so I can force you to help me, or I can ask nicely,” he said, his voice oily and his smile greasy.

“Then why not just do that and save me the agony of listening to your stupid voice try to frighten me?” I asked myself, knowing an answer would come.

“Because, my Dear Child. That would mean both of us would be stuck here forever and although I don’t really care whether or not you get stuck here, in fact, I’ll have to kill you anyway whether or not we escape, I won’t be able to see how my beautiful new future is going to work out for my species,” he said rather sadly. “I mean it is undoubtedly going to work, but there’s nothing like watching a really nice plan work out perfectly.”

“Oh,” I said, unsure of why I was offended by his words. What could have been expected by the psychopath, genius alien mass-murderer? “Alright,” I said, doing my best to recall the sound of popping my knuckles for effect. “Let’s get on with the imprisonment of both of us.”

He sighed and glared at where I hovered in the corner.


“You know,” he said as he thrust his arms into the air and began a dance not unlike a traditional Hawiian dance. “I really thought you were smarter than this,” he said as strange sparks began to erupt from his fingers.

“It’s not my intelligence you should be worried about,” I said sassily, watching a silver key dance across his chest. “It’s how angry I get when I get bored,” I said absent-mindedly as I tried to shield my plan to get the key from Dr. Brown. I had learned about pocket-dimensions in school and from what I had learned, the person who created them also had some way to release themselves. I knew what Dr. Brown was planning. He thought if he could keep me where I was for long enough, that being away from my body would strengthen my mind while also dulling my will to keep him from winning. He thought that he could simply escape and keep me trapped in here to power the machine, but he was wrong. I was ready. All I needed to do was appear ignorant to his plan until the right moment and then snag it. This was my chance.

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