Hidden Secrets

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A secret could leave the whole world in peril. If, the secret falls in the wrong hands. Sawyer is after it, but his grandfather and an anonymous person are the only ones who know this 'Hidden Secret'. Sawyer is a bartender by day, a murderer by night. His grandfather a business man of a large company. Sawyer is trying to sabotage his company by killing the co-workers, to try to get the secret out of his grandfather. Will Sawyer succeed? Or will the 'Hidden Secret' stay hidden?

Action / Adventure
Ashley _(-u-)_
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The light flickered above me, twitching every few seconds.

The chair I was bound on was old. And it was creaking under my weight.

The smell, in the air was of sawdust and wood. The room was filled with darkness, except for the single lightbulb that hung above me.

"Sawyer, don't dawdle in the corner of the room," I said, my eyes flicking towards the right corner. I could just barely see his silhouette.

"Hah, your senses haven't been dulled, eh, old man?"

A boy around the age of fifteen stepped out of the darkness and walked right over to me. He was dressed in a plain white shirt, and jeans. He looked completely normal, except for the fact that blood was splattered everywhere on him..

"I see you've been out again," I said, looking him up and down.

"And what are you going to do about that?" Sawyer said, as a mocking smile played on his lips.

"Nothing," I said. It was true, I could do nothing at the moment.

Sawyer grabbed my collar and looked me in the eye, his forehead touching mine.

"You, old man, won't have many days left on Earth. And you better do what we say. That way, your death will come easily and painlessly," Sawyer let go, and let out a ragged breath. He was staring at me with hatred, it was as if he was trying to burn a hold through my soul.

"You won't get it out of me Sawyer," I said, raising an eyebrow. I tried to shrug, but the rope bit into my skin. The rope was tightened to an extent where rashes could be seen on my arms.

"Fine," Sawyer said, walking away, "I'll come back for you tomorrow, grandpa. You better be prepared,"

I heard Sawyer walk away, his shoes tap-tapping against the wooden floor. Then there was the sound of a door being opened and closed.

That was when I knew he was gone.

But tomorrow he would be back, with an even more dreadful threat. I can't let it break me down. I had to stay strong. Had to stay strong to keep the secret away from the likes of him.

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