Element (Book 3)

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“If you’re looking for your beloved soulmate, then you’ll come to these coordinates by six thirty tomorrow evening.”

My blood was boiling as my brother read out the message that I’d just received. We’d been trying to locate blossom for hours with no luck. It had been three days and I had only slept for twelve hours of those days.

They had to sedate me to get me to sleep.

She’s just disappeared, even though we responded to her alert seconds after it came in. It wasn’t hard to figure out that Lane had her, and I was itching to get my hands on him, except something wasn’t making sense to me.

Why now?

She’d been with him the whole time and he chose to instead flaunt her, which leads me to believe that he’s working for someone else, or at least that he kidnapped her on someone else’s behalf.

And it was not knowing who, that was driving me mad.

“I know that look on your face. You’re not going anywhere,” Aziel told me.

“She’s the best of the best, we all know that, but she sent a distress signal Aziel. She needs me and I can’t sit here and do nothing,” I argued.

“Technically the text doesn’t say you should come alone,” Nigel pointed out.

“Because it’s implied, but they know he won’t, so what’s the plan forward here?” Malachi asked.

“We’re obviously heading there, except it also feels like a trap. We know they have Ellie, but like Malachi pointed out, they probably know that Xander won’t come alone. We don’t know who they will bring,” Nick argued.

“So really, it’s about deciding if we believe in ourselves to take on whatever is waiting for us,” my brother added.

“I’m not going to force anyone to come with me, but you all know where I stand. The love of my life is in danger so it’s no mystery really,” I said.

“You know we go wherever you go,” Mordecai said strongly. I looked around the room and there was nodding around, including from the E’s, as well as Grayson.

“Alright then. We’re leaving in the next hour,” I announced.

“Aren’t we going to be a little early?” Kenya asked.

“These are the coordinates to the football field at my school. There’s a match tomorrow night and I need to convince the coach to get them to move the match,” I informed. I’d already checked the coordinates as well as my football schedule.

“Alright. We don’t need anything except our gear right?” Zeya asked.

“Yeah. Everything that’s in cases goes, and everything else is on the jet,” Nigel replied.

“What about Silver?” Nadia asked.

“We say nothing,” Nick, Jayme, Thales, Aziel, Nigel, Mordecai, Malachi and Grayson said.

Glad to know they’re truly on my side.

“Where’s Franco?” Theodore asked as we packed up.

“He left a little after the alert on Elle’s bracelet came through,” Aziel replied.

“And none of you found that suspicious?” Vanessa asked.

Silence settled on the room as we all looked at each other. “He wouldn’t.”

“We should hope not. We need to leave right now,” Malachi said.

Everything was suddenly even more urgent as we scrambled to leave. We were in the air in minutes, and they engaged me in a mission plan to keep me distracted. By the time we landed, we’d thoroughly worked out a mission perimeter plan to cover all our possible bases.

They drove me straight to the school where there was practice in session. It’s safe to say that my team mates were shocked to see me since they hadn’t in a while, but I had no time to deal with their shock.

I pulled the coach aside and told him the story that Nick managed to pull together about some poisonous leakage. He even managed to create a fake email from the Dean. It was enough to convince the coach to make the required phone calls to get the game moved.

“Yo Six!”

I turned as I watched Jason run towards me. “Yeah?”

“Are you ok man? We haven’t seen you around in a while,” he asked.

“Yeah. I got shot so I’m not really in any shape for football. I should be back in about two weeks though,” I lied.

The truth was that I didn’t even know if I’d ever make it back here.

Attending college and having an apartment with blossom was our dream, but for as long as our lives are entangled with our professions, we’ll never see that dream. I needed to find her, and then we need to end this once and for all.

Nick cut my conversation with Jason short and I told him I’d call him. We left the place and headed to blossom and I’s apartment to try and figure out who might have her. We ran through theories and theories, but there were too many enemies to vet.

By the time we gave up, it was early the following morning. They decided that I should get some sleep to make sure that I was on top of my game, and I didn’t argue. By the time I woke up, there was food ready for me.

“So, the E’s will follow us after we know what the situation is like,” Mordecai said.

“And I’ll control the drone and scope the area to pick up on any heat signatures,” Jayme added.

We didn’t need to discuss anything further than that since we all knew what to do. Dressed in our gear, we headed out to the school. When we arrived, the parking lot was empty and the school was abandoned.

Which can only mean that the poisonous leak story spread.

We were relieved about that as we headed towards the football field with our guns in hand. In the middle of the field, was my wife strapped to a chair. I didn’t waste time in running over to untie her.

“Blossom, blossom are you ok?” I asked her.

“Drugged,” she mumbled.

“Do you know who took you?” I asked.

“Sunny. You have to save Sunny,” she said, her voice sounding much stronger.

I scowled as everyone else joined us. “Sunny?”

“They have Sunny in Lane’s lab. They’re torturing her for information on Mulana,” she explained.

“We’ll save her after we get out of here,” Nick told her.

“None of you are going anywhere.”

We turned to see a girl about blossom’s height, with black hair and green eyes. Her arms were crossed as she looked at us smugly. My wife was glaring at her, and I was getting a weird vibe from her.

“Let them go Kaya. They have nothing to do with this,” blossom spat.

Kaya? As in Silver’s supposed dead daughter?

“Oh, but you see dearest cousin, you never did see the bigger picture,” Kaya said.

Before any of us could say anything, a code was read out. “Code SX90NX3#T4LW.”

“It’s not going to work on me this time round,” blossom said confidently.

“This was never about you,” Kaya replied.

Before blossom could say anything, Kaya continued. “KILLNSS609 Sigma.”

It was like something in me flipped a switch and before I knew it, I had my wife in a chokehold. I was fighting with myself to let her go, but my hand only tightened around her neck. She struggled before finally kicking me hard enough for me to let go.

“What the fuck?” I heard Jayme shout.

“What did you do to him?” blossom coughed out.

“You think you’re so special Serena, but you know this was never about you. Once I realized that you were stopping me from killing your beloved Six, I worked with the tech team and we managed to get the chip and serum into him. You’re not the only Super Soldier in existence.”

“What are you saying Kaya?”

“She’s saying that we’ve just activated Project Sigma,” a new, familiar, voice joined us.


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