Element (Book 3)

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Ch 8 - The Boy Was Nick


I walked through the halls, being acknowledged by everyone I passed by. I was looking for Storm so that I could tell her something, but I hadn’t seen her the whole day. It wasn’t anything new though. She tends to disappear.

“Looking for Storm?” a voice brought me out of thought.

I turned to face Leila. “Yes I am.”

“She’s out with her father. They went to fetch her blades,” she informed.

“I thought they were going tomorrow,” I commented.

“Raygan called to say they finished earlier. What did you need her for?” she asked.

This lady is so nosy.

“It’s nothing serious. I just wanted to spend time with her,” I lied.

She smiled. “So you’re accepting our offer?”

“I still need more time to think about it,” I replied.

“You’ll come around soon Coren. I just know it,” she said confidently before walking away.

I brushed the weird encounter off and instead headed outside. It was sundown and the sun looked beautiful as it set. From where I was standing, I had a stunning view of the secret vast lands of The Dragons.

I was about to head back in when I was met by darkness.

I woke up in what looked like a temple. I was the only one in the room, but I wasn’t tied up or anything. If anything, you’d swear I was a free man and willingly here. I looked around and I could hear the buzzing in the room, but I had no idea where it was coming from.

“You’re a powerful one, aren’t you?”

I turned, looking for the voice, but there was no one there. I searched the whole room to find that there was no door. I was trapped in the room, and I was hearing voices. I did the one and only thing I could think of doing in that moment.

I crossed my legs, closed my eyes and meditated.

With my mind clear, I opened my eyes and came face to face with a pale woman with yellow, fiery eyes. She was looking at me intently, as though she was looking for some answers in my eyes. I gave nothing away, staying silent.

“You’re the Chosen One,” she said, her voice serenading my ears.

“The Chosen One?” I asked.

She nodded. “They see it in you too. That’s why they’ve chosen you to be their leader.”

“You mean The Dragons?” I asked.

She nodded once more. “You not only have a powerful host, but you possess one of the most powerful souls of all time, and there’s only one person suited for you. It has been so for millenniums.”

I was confused. “I don’t understand.”

It didn’t look like she was about to explain anything to me. Instead, she reached out and touched my forehead with two fingers, rendering me paralyzed as she chanted something. My eyes unwillingly closed themselves, and I felt myself getting pulled into a place within myself.

I don’t think I could explain this any better than that.

“Raganor, it’s been a long time,” she said, smiling.

I was about to ask her what the hell she was on about, when my own mouth opened to respond. “Indeed it has. Where am I?”


“You are at the temple. It took a while to find you after Celestia worked her magic on you. As it is, we found you by mistake, but the host you are in right now is your finest one yet. However, he is very confused. Unlike all your other hosts, he does not believe. He was not raised in this world, and so he knows nothing of it,” she explained.

“It does not matter. He and I are one, and he will believe once we are bound to our other half. Does she live?” he asked.

Yes, I’m giving him his own personality because I have no clue what’s going on right now.

“She is alive and we know where she is. She has been waiting for you. She was beginning to think she would never find you again,” she replied.

“Have I taken that long this time round?” he questioned.

“Both your chosen hosts live interesting lives right now. Your host, he has been chosen to lead The Dragons, yet he works for someone else,” she informed.

She knew who I really was.

“That is indeed strange, but Ellysia is never wrong, and I know I’m never wrong either. I chose her host for a reason, and she chose mine for a reason. Perhaps the peculiarity of the situation just means that the time has come,” he argued.

“Are you sure?” she asked, surprised.

My head moved to nod. “I can feel it.”

“In that case, we should get you reunited with Ellysia. Something tells me that you’re about to go on an adventure to save the world.”


“He’s your blood-mate?”

“What the hell’s a blood-mate?”

“She’s in The Order?”

Those were the three reactions as we stood before our friends. It was Winter, Carter, Aziel, Malachi, Mordecai, and Nigel and Zuri who had flown in just two hours before this. They were all sitting on the couches, looking baffled by one thing or the other, based on which question they asked.

Winter and Carter asked the first.

Malachi, Mordecai and Zuri asked the second.

Aziel and Nigel asked the last.

It had been five days since I’d found out that she’s my blazaar. We’ve been in contact with my brother and Jayme, having informed them about our ‘other worldly’ bond, but that was only for one day, which was the day after that first video call.

We spent the rest of the four days just being together. We’ve been apart for so long, and with my anger at its highest point, she figured it would be wise to avoid civilization. Instead we’ve stayed in and tried to figure out the things she remembers by going through the ages of her life.

I learnt that she’s been a part of The Order since she was twelve. They performed the ritual to find her blazaarevery month, and they couldn’t understand why it was taking so long to find him, until I was finally recruited.

In the history of The Order, she waited the longest to be bound.

I remember them telling me that my blazaaris special, which means I’m special too. I’m a sceptical believer of anything supernatural really, but I know for a fact that the Ritual of Blood-Mates is significant.

That time period was twisted for me on so many levels. I was betrothed to the daughter of The Dragons, but I was bound to someone special in The Order. For the longest time, I denied my involvement with The Order, especially after Cuba, but finding out that blossom is my blazaardefinitely had me revisiting that part of my life.

She already informed me that she’d told Winter and Carter about everything related to The Order, despite being told not to. I did the same with Aziel, while Nigel knew about The Order through his background with The Dragons.

“Do you guys know about The Order of The Kricxs?” blossom asked the clueless three.

“It’s a myth,” Zuri and Mordecai said, while Malachi still looked clueless.

“Except it isn’t,” blossom and I said.

“For us clueless people, please do explain what the hell you’re going on about,” Malachi requested.

“The Order of The Kricxs is a cult that was established hundreds of thousands of years ago. They believe in all things supernatural. They’re the only agency of their kind. The Dragons were formed from them, but the difference between the two is that The Dragons are made up of people from The Order who believed that technology should be introduced to The Order. The elders of The Order refused and so The Dragons were born,” I explained.

“You’re saying this is an agency of people who use only magic?” Malachi asked sceptically.

“That’s exactly what we’re saying,” blossom confirmed.

“The Order is a myth,” Zuri repeated.

“It isn’t a myth actually. I’ve seen their magic in play back when I was back home,” Nigel commented.

“If it’s true, how do the two of you know about it?” Mordecai asked blossom and I.

“We’re in The Order and we’ve only recently found out that we’re one of its most important pairings,” blossom informed.

Zuri laughed humourlessly. “For a moment I was so sure that you said the two of you are part of a mythical organization that is rumoured to be so powerful, it could wipe out the whole world if they wanted to.”

“Look, we called you here to let you know. It’s not our problem if you believe us or not. We know what we know,” blossom snapped. Zuri scowled at her.

“Ok, calm down Elliephant. So what’s a blood-mate?” Malachi asked.

“There is a balance of sexes in The Order, and everyone is bound to someone of a different sex by blood as they believe that blood is the closest bind to our souls. In terms of the ritual, they don’t pick your partner for you per se. They go through a whole process that involves chanting to the Spirit Gods to indicate to them who your partner is. They also believe that whoever is called into The Order has a powerful soul, so the ritual is then a binding of two powerful souls. Only your souls know what binds them- money, power, fame or love. The whole ritual is anonymous since you don’t meet your blazaar, which basically means blood-mate, unless fate and the Spirit Gods intend for you to meet,” blossom explained.

“What makes us blood-mates, aside from the fact that our spirits chose each other, is the fact that we had to drink each other’s blood to complete the bond. As blossom mentioned, it’s up to fate and the Spirit Gods whether blood-mates ever reunite and find out who they are to each other, and for us they decided that we were worth knowing each other’s identities. We’ve discovered what binds our souls, and its love. However, we also learnt something even more important. Our souls are Raganor and Ellysia,” I added.

Nigel’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding!”

“We wish we were, trust me,” blossom told him.

“Again, please educate the clueless,” Malachi requested.

“It is believed that souls don’t change or die, unlike people. It is believed that instead, at the beginning of time, there were a set number of souls created, and that they are simply reborn time and time again in different hosts, people if you may. Raganor and Ellysia are the names of two souls who have been believed to be amongst the first and most powerful souls. They have been fated through time, always finding their way to each other. They do not possess just ordinary hosts. It is said that whoever is possessed by them will live a great life and will most likely be someone powerful and influential,” Nigel explained.

“This sounds insane. You guys realize that right?” Malachi asked.

“We know it does. We’re living the insanity,” I pointed out.

“No, I don’t think you understand. You’re standing there telling us that magic is real and not just little magic, but the supernatural shit. That’s just not normal,” he argued.

Blossom sighed. “Look, it’s not something we can explain to you. You have to see it for yourself and then choose whether or not you believe.”

“What exactly is the significance of you two hosting the souls of Raganor and Ellysia?” Mordecai asked.

“There’s a prophecy in that part of the world that basically says that a time will come when someone will try to harness all the magic in the world and use it for evil. It’s been said that the evil wouldn’t necessarily be of supernatural origin, but the magic they’re after is some of the most powerful there is. Raganor and Ellysia are the only two people who can stop this from happening, and we believe that our bodies were chosen because of the lives we live,” blossom hinted.

Blossom and I had a discussion about this. I told her about the conversation Raganor had with the pale woman. She informed me that the woman’s name is Ravenna, and that she’s a powerful sorceress and the only magical being with a direct link to the souls.

“The evil is one of our enemies,” Winter realized.

I nodded. “So, while we have everything else we have to deal with, there’s clearly something else happening.”

“That’s just fucking fantastic!” Carter commented.

“So what does this all mean exactly?” Malachi asked.

“It means that we need to start connecting the dots, and quickly,” blossom said.

“Except you see, there’s too much going on. How exactly are we supposed to connect the dots?” Nigel questioned.

“We can only do it step by step and by highlighting the most important people who impact us the most,” I pointed out.

“Alright then. We have Genesis, Franco, Jayme, Nick, Black, Margaux, the twins, the BNK, The Dragons, The Order, the agency Winter, Carter and Elle work for, and whoever it is that attacked Cypher,” Aziel listed.

“You’re forgetting figuring out who really killed my father,” Zuri added.

“There’s that too,” I said as I nodded.

“Did you by any chance say Genesis?” Carter asked, which reminded me.

“Yes he did because according to our intel, Genesis is actually still alive and their leader is alive too. However, according to blossom, she killed Gerhard Nolan, and you were sent on an operation to wipe out Genesis,” I told him.

“She’s right in that I was sent on such a mission, but she’s wrong about killing him and my succeeding with my mission,” he replied.

“I am?” blossom asked, visibly puzzled.

“When Carter received the mission five months ago, I joined in on it and we were confused by why we needed to wipe out a whole organization. I mean, we’ve attacked countless organizations over the years, but never had we heard of an elimination mission so great. However, it was that mission that made us realize that the agency was trying to get rid of us for good,” Winter informed.

“What?” blossom whispered in shock.

“You see, we got to Genesis and we made a deal with them. We’re not sure how Gerhard survived being shot by Elle since he’s the one we struck the deal with. Anyway, we didn’t bother asking and instead made him aware that our agency was out to wipe his out so they should all lay low. They relocated, and just after they did, a missile was sent straight to where they used to be. This missile launch was not communicated with us, which is how we figured out that the agency wants us out. They didn’t care enough to find out if we were still there or not. Izsak was taken aback to see our team when we returned, and since we’d already figured it out, we pretended to know nothing about the missile. We just told them that we managed to complete the mission, so they’re now under the impression that they blew up a building that already had dead people in it, thus believing that Genesis is dead,” Carter explained.

I’ll admit that even I was stunned by what they were telling us. I’ve heard of and have witnessed many cruelties in this world, but the way that this agency carries itself is just something else. They seem to not have a care for anything really.

“The people you work for sound totally mental, just by the way,” Malachi voiced what I was thinking.

Winter shrugged. “We know.”

“So why stay if you know that they want to kill you?” Zuri asked them.

“Because we know that they know that we know,” Carter responded.

Makes no sense, but it also does at the same time.

“What deal did you strike with Genesis then?” blossom asked them.

“We made a deal that should things go south for us at the agency, we can go and join them. Gerhard was more than grateful for our warning, so he welcomed the deal,” Winter replied.

“Is there anything that you can tell us about this supposedly new Genesis?” I asked.

“They’ve grown in numbers, and since Gerhard has announced that he’s alive, there’s been some sort of hope sparked within them. What we don’t know is which side they’re on. They were very focused on fixing themselves, but they didn’t hint at whether they’d be saving the world or causing destruction,” Carter informed.

“Oh, and Gerhard is set on looking for the love of his life. Apparently she left him just before he was shot,” Winter added.

I looked to my fiancée. “Just how long ago were you sent on the mission to take him out?”

“Six years ago,” she replied.

I remember Nick saying that his dad died when he was twelve.

“You were sent to kill the leader of an organization when you were twelve?” Zuri asked incredulously.

I could understand her shock. It’s not blossom’s age that was the problem here as such, but rather the magnitude of the mission. While we’ve all done our fair share of child spy work, missions that great were usually reserved for agents higher up.

Blossom nodded. “I was sent in as a Genesis recruit and quickly worked my way up. Gerhard took a liking to me and decided to mentor me himself. Unfortunately, that was his downfall, trusting me. I shot him just as he was about to make me an official member of Genesis. As you know, the agencies all make special weapons for their child spies, so he really didn’t see it coming. I’m glad he’s alive though.”

“The question is does his being alive mean that he’ll want to avenge himself or not. I mean, it’s been six years, so that’s more than enough time to come up with a revenge plan,” Malachi pointed out.

“As much as I hate it, he’s right. We need to find out what his agenda is,” I said.

“Are we all just going to skip over the fact that he’s Nick’s father?” Nigel asked.

Blossom’s eyes widened. “I almost killed my stepbrother’s father?”

I nodded. “We’re still not sure how your father and Nick’s mother met and if their relationship is legit or not, simply because we don’t know where your father stands in everything.”

“What do you mean by that?” she asked.

“Your father is the Director of the FBI,” Aziel told her.

Her eyes widened once more. “The agency is planning on assassinating the Director of the FBI?”

“What are you talking about?” Zuri asked her.

“It turns out everyone closest to blossom has a mark on them at the agency she works for,” I informed.

“Does that include us?” Mordecai asked.

Blossom shook her head. “Xander showed me pictures of my father, my mother, my stepmother, my stepbrother and my aunt, and I know for a fact that all of them have a mark on them.”

“And they sent her to kill me,” I added.

“So the people you work for want to kill your entire family and they sent you to kill your lover? Why?” Zuri asked, horrified.

“At this point in time, everything connected to Elle is a mystery, which is why Winter and I knew that we had to tag along on her mission to kill Six. If anything, the two of us are probably considered rogue back at the agency, but we knew that more than anything, we needed to get you to help her,” Carter was the one to respond.

“You have our protection too, but I see what you’re saying about Noelle’s life being a mystery. It’s almost like she’s an experiment that they think that they can play around with,” Nigel commented.

Blossom and I looked at each other, clearly having figured it out. “That’s it.”

“What’s it?” Malachi asked.

“That’s the reason why everyone special in my life has a mark. Whether or not they’re a direct threat, the agency sees them as one because for as long as they’re alive, there’s a chance that I may go rogue and turn against the agency. I’m an experiment as Nigel put it, and without anyone to remind me of a life outside the agency, I can remain their most lethal weapon. With me having the Super Soldier Formula in my system, it only means they have to get rid of everyone that much more,” blossom explained.

“Wait, wait, wait! How are you an experiment?” Malachi asked her. I could see his anger vein throbbing.

He was getting as pissed off as I am about this whole thing.

“I’m not sure when it is I was recruited by the agency, but I’ve been through some of the most gruelling things to be the agent that I am. There’s this chamber that they have that puts you through extreme conditions and you’re basically invincible if you make it through it, and it was just one of the things I had to go through,” she replied, sparking major confusion in me.

“These sick fucks basically thought it was ok to put a child, my best friend, through things not even adults can handle?” Malachi barely said through his anger.

“Your best friend?” blossom said lowly, tears visibly rushing to her eyes.

Malachi got up and hugged her. “I know you don’t remember our time together, but you’re my best friend Elliephant, despite the fact that you wanted to kill me more times than I can count. We’re all affected by what’s going on in your life, but some of us are more affected than others, and I’m one of those people. What happened to you is not right in any universe or timeline for that matter.”

Nigel looked as bothered as I was, and something told me we were being bothered by the same thing, which could only mean Kenya told him. “You just said they put you in a chamber that tests you through extreme conditions. Who put you in it?”

“What do you mean?” blossom asked him.

“Did the agency put you in that chamber or was it someone else?” he elaborated.

“What are you getting at?” Carter asked defensively.

“I was put in the same chamber,” I spoke up, making all heads turn to me.

“You were?” blossom asked, clearly as confused as I was.

“See, that’s why I’m asking. Kenya told me all about the time when she and the other kids were kidnapped, and she mentioned that Xander was put in a chamber. Apparently he volunteered to spare the lives of Rio and Kenya by being in the chamber,” Nigel explained.

“And I was put in there under the orders of a man named Black, the same person who you both said you don’t know,” I said to Carter and Winter.

“They weren’t lying,” blossom said.

“Do youknow who Black is?” Malachi asked her.

She nodded. “He’s the man who was told to train me.”

“Train you?” Mordecai, Nigel and Aziel asked.

She nodded once more. “I was told that he’s the best of the best and that I shouldn’t see his techniques as torture, but rather as training.”

“This is so damn confusing. Does this mean she wasn’t kidnapped just because of the gene or her connection to you?” Malachi asked me.

“At this point in time, I have no fucking clue what’s going on anymore, but I am sure of one thing, and that’s that there’s no point in asking each other. None of us have the answers,” I replied.

Blossom looked like she was thinking about something. “You just mentioned someone by the name of Rio. Is it a girl?”

“Yes, why?” I asked.

“Does she have a brother by the name of Silo?” she asked.

“Yes,” Zuri confirmed.

“I think I was there,” she said.

“There where?” Nigel asked.

“Not where, but when. I think I was there when Xander and them were there. I remember seeing a girl named Rio being supported by a boy named Silo and she called him her brother. Were you there with five other kids? Three girls and two boys?” she asked.

“I was one of the girls, and you’re right about those numbers, but if you were there, then that can only mean that you’re the girl we were not allowed to ask about,” Zuri realized.

“Which also means you probably know the identity of the boy you were isolated with,” I added in my own realization.

Blossom clutched her head, much like she had at the game and I rushed to her side. “Blossom, are you ok?”

“Oh my God,” she said once her episode was over.

“What is it?” Winter asked her.

“The boy...” she trailed off.

“What about him?” I asked.

“The boy was Nick.”

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