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- At first glance, she seems innocent and sweet. Like a white flower, no thorns, and with a beautiful golden ribbon tied around its stem, but that's not her. Yes, she is a rose, but not the white ones. She is a red rose, with thorns, and instead of a golden ribbon, nothing is tied around its stem. You can admire, stare, and look at her all you want, but, one wrong touch, you'll get hurt. She has been used, lied to, shattered, broken, and many more, which is why she hasn't lend her heart to anyone. But what if someone she's close to has fallen for her? What if that person is willing to give up everything for her? What if that person is willing to take care of the red rose and keep it safe and sound, away from the ones who harms it. Will she open up her heart one more time or will she shut the person out like always? - "And who's this girl that keeps getting your attention away from me?" He simply smiled and nodded at the direction behind Tiffany. "Her"

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1


Luna was casually preparing her lunch, until she heard her front door being closed. She quietly placed the plate she was holding on the kitchen island and grabbed a gun that was hidden underneath the sink. She slowly and quietly made her way to the living room and scanned the area, while she did so, she heard a noise from behind her, and without hesitation, she turned her body towards the direction of the sound and pointed the gun to whoever made the noise. When she saw who the "intruder" was, she lowered her gun and heaved a sigh.

"you shouldn't sneak up like that in my house, I could've pulled the trigger and shot you right then and there" Luna said while walking back to her kitchen, still holding her gun. "I just wanted to surprise you by stopping by at your place" Adrien replied, following Luna to her kitchen. Luna placed the gun back to its hiding place and continued to prepare her lunch. "how the hell did you get in anyway?" Luna asked while looking for a drink in her fridge. "your guards let me in, and did you forget that I know your passcode on your front door?" Adrien simply said, his eyes glued on Luna, watching her every movement. "I forgot that Kelly gave you the passcode" Luna said as she closed her fridge while holding a bottle of apple juice.

Luna placed her glass of apple juice and the meal she made on the table in the dinning room and set up two plates along with two pairs of spoon and fork. Luna told Adrien to join her at the dinning room to eat lunch, so he did. They were eating peacefully until Adrien spoke. "I actually came here to tell you that we have a mission to accomplish by next week" Adrien said casually. "Who do we need to kill?" Luna asked with a straight face like it was a daily thing. Adrien placed his spoon and fork on the plate and leaned back, looking at Luna with a serious face. "Ace said we need to eliminate Samantha and her gang" Adrien said in a stern voice, making Luna stop her actions and looked at Adrien with disbelief. "Samantha? The city's most powerful and deadliest Mafia leader alive? That Samantha?" Luna asked, "Yes. Ace is suggesting us to train harder for the next week, before attending an event where Samantha and her group will be" Adrien said as he went back to eating his meal. "what event?" Luna asked, still looking at Adrien as he eats. "I don't exactly know the name of the event, but its for Mafia groups to meet and discuss. It's going to be held in The Glass Place, a very formal place where you can set up any occasion, it's pretty far from here, about an hour drive from the headquarters" Adrien explained and finished his meal, looking back at Luna who hasn't finished hers. The Glass Place? Mother mentioned owning a place named The Glass Place before. "Who's the owner of the place?" Luna asked. "I don't really know, but Ace told me that the owners of the place are hella rich, and they're known for owning the most successful company in the country" Adrien said as he stood up from his seat and took his plate. "You should finish your meal" He added as he walked towards the kitchen to wash the dirty dishes. Luna sat there, thinking deeply about the mission they are assigned to accomplish.

Samantha knows my parents.

Luna snapped out of her thoughts when she heard someone entering the house. "Luna, I'm home! I bought some cookies for you" Kelly yelled as her voice echoes through the whole house. Luna stood up and brought her plate in the kitchen, placing it on the counter. "I'm in the kitchen with Adrien!" Luna yelled back. Kelly went in the kitchen and placed the plastic bag she was carrying on the kitchen island. "What brings you here?" Kelly asked Adrien. "Ace gave us a mission" Luna said, not letting Adrien speak. "Ask Adrien the details, I'll be upstairs in my room" Luna added and went to her room, leaving Adrien and Kelly dumbfounded. "What's up with her?" Adrien asked, most likely to himself. "I don't know, I literally just got home. But do tell me about this mission" Kelly said while taking out the cookies from the plastic bag, Adrien explained the mission to Kelly, and she realized why Luna suddenly went to her room. "I'll head back to my place" Adrien said and went out the house.

Kelly went upstairs with a plate full of Luna's favorite cookies and went to Luna's room. Once she opened the door, she saw Luna by her desk, eyes glued on her laptop. "Hey" Kelly said, trying to get Luna's attention while walking towards her and placing the plate on her desk. "do you think Samantha and my parents know each other?" Luna asked and looked at Kelly. "I don't know, but I feel like they do" Kelly said as she leaned a little to look at Luna's laptop. Luna was searching about her parents and Samantha. While she was scanning the screen, something caught her attention. "oh shit, look at this" Kelly said in surprise and pointed at the screen. Luna turned her head towards her laptop and looked at the site Kelly was pointing. "Samantha M. was caught entering the Crawford company's building and leaving with a smirk" Luna reads out loud. She clicked on the article and Kelly reads it out loud. "It seems like Samantha Meddison had a pleasing conversation with the owner of The Crawford company as she was caught shaking hands with John Crawford before leaving the area. People are starting to wonder what they discussed, is it about business? Or is It about John Crawford and Marry Crawford's lost Daughter? Who knows" Kelly finished reading the article and looked at Luna who had a straight face, showing no facial expression, but Kelly knew that Luna was furious. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Kelly asked as she stood up properly, waiting for Luna's response. "Yes, yes I fucking am" Luna said before grabbing a cookie and munches on it like it's the last time she'll ever taste those amazing cookies. "Call agent 0109 and tell him to bring out my favorite weapons and place them in the training room, tell him to expect me to drop by tonight as well" Luna said and closed her laptop. Kelly nodded and went out her room to make the call. Lets find out shall we.

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