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Boy in the City

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He did not know he was dead, that would come later. He only knew he was here to destroy things.

Action / Horror
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Chapter 1

Boy in the City


The road was a journey. It starts in darkness and anger, A dawn of destruction. Hate and Rage, Pain surpressed and expressed, The path ahead twists and turns, at last reaching understanding. wisdom, and justice. It starts as a perplexing mystery of exploration.

Dedicated to all the abused tortured and murdered innocent.

The cloudy sky was breaking at last and the sun did its best to cut through the dark clouded sky. Gabial Mornstien was dressed appropriately for the weather flannel shirt, heavy jeans. And a light weather breaker. It might or might not rain more later, but for now the sun was out and he would ride his bike through the puddles. The fall leaves mucked the path as he peddled along the narrow road. He was aware of the car in the distance behind him and approaching, the headlights were on high beam. The driver of the station wagon was going very fast. Gaberial hoped the driver would slow down. The car did slow down, it rolled to a stop as the driver rolled down his window, Gabe could make out a woman in the passenger seat sitting with a map unfolded in her lap.

“Say Kid” The driver said.

“ Maybe you can help us, You live around here? Did we pass Manor Lane?” Gabrial looked up to his left and back down.

“No sir, I’ve not heard of Manor Lane. Not around here” The drivers wife could be heard making a comment about taking the wrong turn.

“How about if you show me how to get back to the interstate. I have the map, maybe you could point out where we are.” Gabe got of his bike and walked over to the car window he could see the driver as he took the map from his passenger and folded it before the boy.

“Show me where we are kid and I’ll give you a buck” Gabe studied the map, the woman stepped out ,

“How old are you kid” Asked the driver as the woman casually strolled around from the back of car.

“I’m nine. And this doesn’t look like a map of the area,

“Of course it is said the woman coming from behind and crouching.

“Lets take a look” She pointed with her left hand while her right hand with the eather covered the boys nose and mouth. Gabes body convulsed at the bitter liquid forced up his nose. His body went limp. The driver opened the door, and helped carry the limp body to the trunk. The woman scanned the area, nobody around. She got back in the car with the driver leaving the bicycle on the side of the road.

Scene 1; Department Store

The young boy stooped, looking down to look at the marquise of the department store that he towered above. He saw the tiny people running every which way, down on the sidewalk, a lot of them disappeared beneath the marquis that shaded the main entrance of the store. Bending down into a crouching position like a kid above an anthill, he put his enormous hand onto the buildings glass and brick wall. As his hand pressed against the wall, the windows shattered sending tiny flecks of glass down to the street below. Traffic was stopped in all directions as terrified people fled their cars, but right now, the blond haired giant boy was occupied examining the model-sized building before him. He tried to look in the windows of the ten-story structure, but everything was so small. If he wanted to, he could easily push a hole through the wall.

The boy figured that there must be a lot of people in the structure before him, more then a hundred at least. He grabbed the overhanging marquis between his thumb and forefinger, and pried it off the wall. The plaster and metal easily gave way, revealing the glass door entrance beneath. Tossing the marquise aside, he pushed his hand into the entrance; he could see the tiny people trying to escape his clutch. Stealthily he grabbed a handful; some clung to his hand to avoid falling as he raised his hand, others were grabbing on to each other. He brought his hand before his eyes and watched the panicking people, hardly larger then ants. He wanted to crush them. Slowly he closed his hand; it felt like a hand full of cooked green peas as he squeezed his hand into a clenched fist. He could hear their screams, this pleased him; putting his hand to his ear, he listened to the sound they made as he squeezed them, the pleasing way they popped and spattered, like packets filled with ketchup. As he opened his hand, it was spotted red, with twisted bits of what looked like brown, white and red mangled clay. A few of the surviving ant people, sought to run to the outer edge of his hand, to avoid another death grip. The boy smiled and flicked them off with a shake; they fell many stories to the street below.

The boy then stood full upright, looked down at his prize and wondered how he might get a lot of people out. The building was only up to his knees; he bent down again and crashed his fist through the roof. Bricks and mortar showered down inside, it gave him the reaction he wanted. Crowds started pouring out the main glass doors, a flood of people rushing by his bare feet. Some would look up and scream, others would push those in front of them down, causing a pile up of bodies. The boy smiled, and let the first surge of pedestrians pass his giant feet; lifting his leg he placed his foot above the swirling mass below and slowly lowered it. They tickled him; He could imagine their panic as those trapped under his great foot realized they would soon be mashed to jelly into the concrete. Some tried to crawl up onto his foot, from between his toes, as he bore his weight down upon them. Their tickling movements stopped, red spurts gushed from below his heel and the ball of his foot. He lifted his foot again, another surge rushed out the store door. The boy placed his heel on the ground lifting his arch and toes over the escaping mob and again slowly lowered his foot. More screams could be heard. The bottom of his instep was slippery with gore and clinging articles of clothing. Twenty more were trapped beneath his foot, this time he crouched down to get a closer look at the damage his foot was doing.

A policeman with a gun ran as close as he could and fired a fuselage of bullets, the boy didn’t feel anything, but was angered by the nerve of this tiny person. He bumped the policeman gently with his toe and the officer fell backwards. The boy using his toe broke the legs of the helpless victim. The worm-like squirming of the helpless victim excited the boy, who then placed his toe directly over the head and shoulder of the tiny man. As he put his weight on the figure, he pushed his toe forward leaving a long red steak on the concrete.

Standing up again to his huge height he looked down at the tiny world below and grinned a sinister smile. It’s about time to move on he thought, the ten story, city block sized department store below him was severely damaged, the boy would finish off the job, by sitting on it, and letting it collapse to rubble beneath him. As he sat on it, it crumpled like a multi-layer wedding cake; dust and smoke billowed, water and fire mingled together, and all the while there were the tiny people jumping from the windows from all the floors of the collapsing edifice. This was great fun, and there was still so much to do before him. The day was dawning, and the entire tiny city was his.

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