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The killed his only thing.

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A man had only a dog. He cared for his dog more than his on life. But The Police has Always The only Word.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

This was an morning i never forget. Why you ask. Only lizzen to me now. I Gave my dog food and sat down to relax. And guess what. The door Bell rang. I was tired but i open and I just have 2 Police there. They said my dog was mad and she had bite. Folks. I feel dizzy. But i said let us talk about it. The only said no we must take her with us. I felt my angry get on The hooks. I said hell no!!!!!! They laughed at me and said. You dont have no saying. I said If you kill my dog just shoot me to. Man relax go back and do it now. I took my dog and ran out of the house. They ran after and knock me down. The only thing i saw was my sad dog Princess captured away by this devils.

I cryed and bang bang my head on The ground. I said to God. Now is it over.But i knowed that was only The beginning of a gangsters gang. 1 A clock in the morning i sat in my car with my new 2 pals. 2 doberman dogs. I watched all People Who was around. I Sat there for an hour. Then i knowed it was showtime.

I had just kidnappad 2 dogs from to be killed by my enemies. The was angry. Angry about all. But they saw in my eyes and my voice i had nothing to loose. So they soon began to kiss me. I Said to them. Come on killer wolfs. They followed me like a Child Who follows his father. I Only had to stop and they stop. OK my friends its paytime now for our enemies. One dog jumped at me and kiss me in my face so bad i fall over. Ok my friend i love you to but now we must act. I Acted very fast i run into The shop and said. Give me all The money. My new friends The pittbulls was with me and the man said take it all. Thank you. I then took all money and I should left but one of my new dogs jumped up and bit him. No stop it. I said. But it was to late she was all over him and I cast away The money and jumped to my dog and throw her away. The man was in no harm only a scar. So i kicked my dog and said Come on now we leave now. I heard coops cars and I knowed that it was only seconds me and my dogs had i run so fast i could. My dogs run after me we jumped in my car. And I started The car and drive away. This time we had luck on our side. But what can happens The next time i said to myself when i drivning around in Los Angeles all alone with my new pals 2 doberman pinchers. What shall i do to protect them. What can i now do. Im on The run of justice. But what i never realized that i was run away from myself. I had allready give up. My feelings for that i had before had been killed by my enemies. I Now no longer had a place with humans only dogs.now i must run for my life. No more my own life. But for my new pals my new dogs. They depend on me. We are now from run of the law. Run from The hell. Into a life we never could imagine. It was i know a life that not could be happy but i was determinated to protect them and I drove my car as fast as I could. I was so scared but happy i know now that nothing can no more Hurt me. No not longer. Freedom is better than this shit. Little did i known.

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