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The killed his only thing.

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The Prologue

The man was so loonley. He had only a dog. But God gives but The Police takes his dog. They took her and shoot her before his face.

He no longer feel nothing. No sadness. No happyness. He no longer cares. He only want to say Why?

The answer is easy. He became an outlaw. But he dont no longer want to be with humans. So he go to a summer house there they kill dogs and set free 2 pitterdobbermans pincers.He knows that that his days are soon over but he only think of revenge. Now its only him and his 2 new dogs. Yes he know that He are hated of his enemy The socitey. But hes new friends. 2 doberman pincers are now his life. He only wanted to live in peace. But he now only had a dog but The Police shot her. His baby. Hes only dog. Now he is an outlaw. And he knows. Its no turning back.

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