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A Flask Filled With Fruit Punch

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The undercover cop with a past filled with alcohol, soon finds himself paired up with a barkeeper to solve the murder of a drunken man.

Action / Romance
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The Flask, Empty

The apartment was quiet. It always seemed quiet around these days. There were times where it actually sounded like someone lived in it, but those were no more. A man was splayed over the long couch, his face solemn as he fiddled with the electronic held in front of his eyes. His lips twitched slightly when he found something funny, but he usually looked at stuff that wasn't for laughter reasons, but stuff that linked with his interests.

His name was Antonio Vidic. Some long time friends shorten his name to Anthony or Toni, but most people just called him straight, Antonio. Antonio was a strong Hispanic man who had to have a larger ceiling, because he was just so tall. He originally lived in Spain where he developed a tiny problem.


He would drown himself in alcohol until he couldn't even remember his name. He has a past that he could barely remember with the so many black-outs he experienced. The one life changing moments in his life would be the day he met a homeless man on the streets. Anthony was the kind of person to randomly talk to someone, because of loneliness, but today the homeless man talked to him. Anthony was shit-faced drunk and had sat down beside a broken building as he sobbed into his hands.

His shoulder was touched and watery brown eyes met warm one's. "Son, if you drink yourself to death, you'll never succeed in life." The old man's voice echoed in Anthony's head as his face turned in horror. He'd been drinking himself to death, failed out of college, even failed at the loser attempt to find a life long partner.

That's when everything did a 360. Antonio enrolled back in college and strived to better in classes. At the end of the year he graduated as valedictorian, the top of class. He had people throwing themselves just for an interview for this soon-to-be officer. Antonio worked as an undercover officer and on good days just a plain old officer of the law.

When Antonio finally found contact with that homeless man he gave him 50 bucks and a thank you for everything.

With the past alcohol problem and the sudden panic attacks were just hurdles for the man to past. He bought a high-rise apartment and shared it with one of his best friends. Francis Gix was a man you could trust with your life. You just needed to get over his long blonde hair and girly smile. Francis and Antonio lived together in the apartment for 7 years until Francis got married to his life-long love.

That night he got so drunk he felt numb and vowed to never do that again.

So, since the incident he'd been locked away in apartment. He felt like a hollowed out clockwork as he would go to work everyday and leave, but that was until the call.

Antonio's phone flashed and it went to caller ID where it showed a picture of his boss in his regal outfit. Antonio clicked his tongue and pressed the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" He asked biting his lower lip.

Mr. Saxon was a man no one wanted to mess with. He was a huge guy with fiery red hair and big booming voice. Once he grabbed a female intern's shoulder and she fainted seeing his face. "Mr. Vidic, nice to hear your clear voice!" Saxon shouted and Antonio cringed.

"I know I haven't been very productive, sir." Antonio said simply sitting up on the couch and gripped his wrist to hear the man.

"I got a job for you, you'll not want to let this one out of your sight." Saxon smirked and Antonio became suddenly interested.

"What do you mean, what's it about?" He asked, a black eyebrow arched as he heard his boss sputter out laughter. What gotten into that damn American?

"So I got a call" Saxon informed, Antonio could hear the creaking noise of the black computer chair leaning back with the heavy man "It was from a German man who owned a bar. He found a body outside his establishment. He's suspicious and the people who come to the shady bar are suspicious as well. I need you to go to the bar, order from drinks, start talking with the German, and get as much information you can get out of him." Saxon finished and Antonio face was in horror.

Did Saxon think he was still a dead drunk, or was he just teasing? Americans were so different from the carefree Spaniards in his city, they could share tables and clink glasses like it was Oktober and then go to hating each other and sneering about each others moms. Americans were just bluntly rude. "Sure sir, do you have the name of the man who runs the place." He reached for a piece of paper conveniently sitting at his table.

"Ean Kelly." Saxon said simply, "good luck Vidic, make me proud." Then the call was ended with Anthony just confused. He wasn't even given an address just a name and the line of business this random man had decided to presume.

Antonio did quick thinking and pulled out his phone and used it to find a bar under the ownership of Ean Kelly. He found it, thankfully. It was in the ghettos of town, but it still look quaint. It's name was The Clockwork, how original.

Anthony decided he would go tonight, he dressed in normal clothing, since he didn't want people to become suspicious if he came clad in an expensive suit or a police officers uniform. He drove the short way with a frown as he passed homeless people and wondered who would do this to such people. Outside of the quaint little bar was a couple men dressed in rather dirty clothing laughing together and smoking. He got out of his car and started for the door. The gang outside followed his eyes as he opened the door ducking slightly so his forehead wouldn't smack off the frame of the door.

The bar was different then the one's Antonio went to. It was definitely cozy with a long table where a few friends were sharing stories and drinking their hearts out. Laughter could be heard off in plush seats in front of a warm fireplace. Everyone seemed at home.

Antonio's eyes went to the women standing behind the table drying off a cup. She wore a white button up shirt and black slacks. Her hair was short and a hung in her pale face. She had a smile that was so white that it would probably ball him over.

His body floated to the wood table and he sat down at a bar stool. The girl noticed him and strolled over. Her hand placed on her hip as she looked down at him.

"New face, huh, what can I get you?" Her voice was a little deeper than Antonio expected, but he let that pass.

"Do you have any drinks that don't contain alcohol?" He asked her and he watched her face contort trying to think.

"We have fruit punch." She sounded uncertain.

"That'll be fine!" Antonio gasped feeling his cheeks heat up. "How much?" He suddenly flung out his wallet and she stepped back with a nervous chuckle. She held up two fingers and he gave her two dollar bills and she disappeared to the bottom of the bar filling up a cup with the red liquid.

"Ean!" A man with dark brown hair shouted as he set his empty glass down. "Can I get a refill and something for this pretty girl beside me." He smirked.

"One moment George." The women (?) snapped and set down the glass turning to the whiskey glass. "Wine?" He asked the blonde women who nodded and he filled up a wine glass with red wine and set them in front of them.

Ean scurried down the line and set down the drink in front of Antonio who thanked him quietly drinking it, but he noticed her staring at him. "Do you need anything else?" He asked her and she vaulted over the table and sat down next to him.

"Don't be a lonely bastard" she smirked "let's have a civil conversation."

"Oh, um, my name is Antonio, and you?" He held out his hand.

"Ean Kelly, nice to meet you." They clasped hands and Antonio felt his eyes start to wander.

"I heard from around here that you discovered a body Friday." He said awkwardly and she hesitated before a frown filled her face.

"Yeah, pretty scary shit you see around here. I had my sister to come down and poke it to see if it was alive. One of my best customers." She reminisced and Antonio patted her hand. "You're treating me like some kind women, I see it your eyes." She (?) growled his hand hovered over the smaller one.

"You aren't a girl?" He squeaked.

"No!" He stood up and his face soon filled with dark blush. "I'm a boy, since fucking birth, God." Ean head turned to meet the gaze of another.

"Antonio?" It was Francis. He stood in the bar with his face confused as he made his way over. "It's my main man Anthony! What were you doing, flirting with E?" Francis smirked leaning over the side of the bar.

"Oh no, it's you." Ean sighed and covered his face.

"Don't be rude, I pay for a few beers and then leave."

"You're ignorant!" Ean spat and Francis just swiveled around them and put his arm around Antonio.

"Is that juice?" He asked picking up the drink and sipped it.

"You know why it's juice." Antonio rolled his eyes stealing it from the American, but in the action the glass's content flung out and covered both Ean and Francis in sticky red juice.

Everyone went in awkward quietness and Ean's hand were away from his body as he spat out some juice. Francis laughed good-naturedly and ruffled Antonio's hair even if his work shirt was ruined.

"You all are bastards!" Ean roared, but from the quietness of the bar his gaze turned violent as he continued to embarrass himself.

"I'm so sorry!" Antonio stood up quickly trying to find napkins to try to help Ean get clean, but between the two males was a bullet. It skimmed Antonio's noise and pierced a glass. Soon more bullets came raining down.

Antonio quickly flung out a small pistol he had kept in his pants for safety precautions and hovered over Ean's hunched back as he held it towards the door.

Francis had ducked down as well and gave people who were terrified to come down with him. The first dead man was a pudgy one near the window, the bullet went into his skull and he fell over. The women who sat with him screamed his name and covered her mouth, tears flowing from her eyes.

3 dead were counted, but Antonio was to busy protecting the boss.

"Are you alright?" He whispered to the German who looked up at him, his eyes over flowing with tears as his hand came up and wiped away the blood that came from the cut along the point of his nose.

"Why did you come into a bar with a pistol?" Was Ean's question and Anthony stood up checking the dead with two fingers to the neck. He assumed the customers were calling 911 so it didn't bother him to whip out his own phone.

"Anthony's an uncover officer!" Francis bounced up and put his arm around Ean's shoulder, he was visibly shaking from the shock of his bar getting torn through.

"An uncover officer?" Ean mumbled.

"Yes, I came to investigate the murder that was outside of your establishment, but now I feel we have a different problem going on." Antonio put his hand on his chin and looked over at Ean. "Do you have any enemies that would target something this large?"

"No, if your not counting Francis, than no. My family is the least hated people." He became defensive and Antonio put out his hand calming the man.

"I'm just asking a question, please just answer them." He pleaded and Ean blew away a piece of hair in his face looking away with his cheeks puffed out in annoyance. Francis removed his arm from around since he was starting to get violent.

"Alright, officer, anything else?" His eyes were narrowed and Antonio only hummed hearing the sirens of the ambulance and police cars.

"Do you own your own gun?" He asked with a slight smile and Ean only nodded slowly.

"Do axes count?" Ean asked and Antonio felt his lips twist up.

"Even better." He hummed.

The police came and Saxon came to greet the Spaniard who was already in mid conversation. Francis added some funny comments, but kept mostly to himself.

"This case is more difficult than I expected." Mr. Saxon looked back at the men who were zipping up black body bags.

"You should leave." Antonio spoke to Ean who snapped out his conversation with Francis.

"What?! No! This is my bar, I own it and I want to get to the bottom of this!" He yelled his eyebrows furrowed and Mr. Saxon only patted Antonio's shoulder.

"Don't be stubborn now!" Antonio warned and Ean leaned in close, they seemed to be fighting mentally, like some kind of old married couple.

"Just take him, Vidic." Saxon snickered and Antonio looked over at him like he was crazy, yet the young man beside him beamed with pride.

"Fine" He deadpanned.

"Yes! Score." Ean whispered under his breath getting a harsh glare from the man in front of him.

"The first thing you can do is start business up" Antonio ordered and Ean nodded with his lips in a happy smile "Own a rifle and if you ever hear something or something goes bad call me before the police." He ordered standing up.

"Wait!" Ean yelped standing up and ducked to the wooden table pulling out something. He handed Antonio a flask, a nice silver one. It had a working clock on the front and was covered in soft leather. "Your drink." He smiled slyly and poured the fruit punch into the flask pulling out a sharpie and wrote his number and name on it.

"Give me a call Tiger." He winked and Antonio flushed. He snatched the flask and stormed out of the shop.

"Boys." Ean muttered rolling his eyes producing a rag and started washing down the counters stained with blood.

"Good luck!" Francis chimed waving goodbye and got a half-hearted one from Ean and Saxon followed Antonio out the door.

"Luck is the only thing getting me by." Ean sighed and turned to the glasses pouring himself some whiskey and drunk it down sitting at a plush stool wondering what tomorrow would bring him.

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