Drew's Blue

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EXCERPT "What don't I understand!?" He glares, patience wearing thin. He neared dangerously close each stride heavier than the other. His alluring aura screamed danger and frustration. "You make me so angry-" his dark brown orbs glaring directly at me. Fire simmered in those brown eyes. He looked absolutely livid. "-So frustrated!" He cornered me against the wall. "You make me want to turn Vincent's apartment upside down, you make me want to destroy everything in my path-" he leaned so close in, his nose gently skimmed mine even though everything about him was aggressive. "-And yet all of that makes me fall harder in love with you." His blazing eyes faltered as they stare directly at mine.

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Harvey’s POV

“Here’s your order m’am.” I place her food on the table as she smiles at me kindly.

It was my second week working the night shift, but I can’t complain. Its the money maker right now until I find another job.

Its been rough managing both work, school and homework. My 4 day, five hour shift was being cut to two hours and being paid minimum wage didn’t exactly give me enough money for my needs. I needed to pay my phone bill, school supplies, and sometimes the food I’d eat.

Now I worked an extra shift to equal the money I don’t earn anymore.

I hold back a yawn and ignore the bruising pain lingering on my rib area.


I walk home in the dimly lit streets. I hurry for many reasons. One being my father and another being the two drunks who always hang across the street.

“Wait up sweets.” says a slurry voice right behind me.

I ignore them and walk pass with little trouble as they are drunk off their minds.

Quickly crossing the road I reach
the dull brown house surrounded with a white picket fence and bright green grass.

Walking in trying not to make much noise I creep upstairs.

“Why are you late.” he asks watching TV.

"I was at work. One of us has to work regularly to feed your mouth.” I mumble the last part.

“What did you say girl! That one of us have to work? I work to feed your fat ass and I get this as gratitude?” he yells raising hell. He stands from his sitting position and walks close to where I stand.

My father shoves me to the ground, his eyes blazing. His eyes are bloodshot red and wide from the variety of drugs he must’ve taken.

“You piece of shit! You think you can come in to my house and tell me what you think I do wrong!”

His foot lands a hit on my ribcage. I heave and cough as the kick caught me unprepared.

“Good for nothing I tell you.” He growls leaving me withering on the floor

Flashback over

I feel pressure on my shoulder and thats what breaks me from my flashback.

I look up to see a man in his twenties in a light gray t-shirt that hugged his muscles and fitted dark jeans.


“Two large men are going to come through that door in a few-” He stated quite out of breath.

“If they ask you if you’ve seen me, you tell them you have never, ever.” He growled menacingly, gripping my wrist tightly.

I stay frozen confused and shocked as my heart beats loudly.


“Do you understand sweetheart.” He leans closer threateningly making me catch my breath as I catch a glimpse of his mesmerizing eyes.

I nod lost for words as he lightly shoves me aside escaping through the kitchen doors.

I look around to see the slightly empty diner still doing their own thing. Completely unaware of the situation I was in.

Who is he? I start to rub my irritated wrist.

The opening of the diner’s door breaks me from my thoughts. I look up to see two burly men enter.

“Do you know where a man...” they started to describe the man with mesmerizing eyes. Detail by detail.

“No.” I deny as the two men eye me.

“Are you sure?” The slightly shorter man questions.

I nod feeling as a heavy tugging occurs deep down in my abdomin.

They don’t say anything else and leave, not before eyeing the diner one last time.

I didn’t realize I was holding my breathe until they left.

I make sure no customer was in need of something before I head to the kitchen hurriedly.

Nothing except for the occasional clatter of dishes is heard. Nobody seems off or surprised.

Confusion clouds my thoughts distracting me from the slight ache in my ribs.

I slowly walk back bumping into somebody in the process. I jump not expecting them behind me.

“I’m so sorry!” I turn to find the man with mesmerizing brown eyes behind me.
My eyes narrow into his as he silences me. He places his index finger on his pink lips motioning me to zip it.

His arms wrap around my waist and I stay frozen in his hold. His hand lowers until I feel him dangerously close to my bottom.

That snaps me out of the daze and I shove him off as his eyes show slight amusement.

“What are you-” I fume feeling confused, angry, and slightly violated.

He slips away ignoring me walking through the backdoor exit.

“Hey you ok?” Dianne surprises me from behind.

“Uh yeah, great.” I rub the back of my neck.

“Hey did you happen to see a strange man around here?”

“No one besides old James here.” she grins pointing to the man cleaning dishes.

I send her a smile as I place my hands in my back jean pockets. My fingers make contact with something and I pull it out.
It was a folded piece of paper.

Thanks sweetheart
see you soon


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