Hybrid Of Four

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Heather is a Royal who was thrown out and left to die because she was what people feared. Bryce is the Alpha of the only pack of lycans left in the entire world. What happens when the hybrid of four and the lycan alpha are mates. The lycan alpha the pack of lycans are now apart of the war that will rage to change the balance of the earth, will it end good or bad? Only time can tell.

Action / Romance
Nycole Maynard
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


They call us thieves, killers, runaways, renegades, rogues but in truth we are a pack with no home. We run all day and party all night. We fight those who kill us. We burn the ones we lose and we keep them close. The magic in our bones runs back ages. The pack we are runs back to the beginning of time. 300 years ago a witch gave each a power of our own that coordinates with our personally it will help us protect our secret. Mine is Imitate, I have the power to touch someone and imitate the power they possess and claim as my own. I am only 16 and I am the alpha of my pack because both my parents died when I was 14 the beta took over but after a while I took charge and control over my pack. My name is Bryce Salomeea.


Two years and I look 16. I grow fast but I learn faster I am done with school before I even started. My mother worried I had little time. My father looked at me with love and regret, my brother saw me as a result of love and stupidity. But I knew the truth I am a monster that will only do damage and that is why they left. I hate that they did but I understand why. Something like me should be left to die. I was a month old when they threw me away. When I was 2 months old a woman found me and took me in but when she saw what I was she threw me out as well. My best friend ran away from me when I was 1 year old, she saw my true monster and ran. So I stay to myself I live in my small cave right outside of the town called Floral Falls. At day I work to feed myself and at night I hunt and live free. Nothing ever holds me back because I have no one to care for. Well except for my husky Phoenix. My name Heather Ambroziu.

I am walking home when I smell this amazing smell of evergreens and freshly lit fireworks. My lycan/wolf Pandora howls and jumps up and down In excitement which normally means someone is coming so I run vampire speed home before I meet that person. That made Pandora whimper in sadness. I just rolled my eyes and went to sleep.


I shift back to human form at the county line where I see a sign it says Floral Falls. I figured I could get something to eat while I wait for the pack to catch up to me. As I walk across the town line I smell roses and lavender and my lycan got excited and nervous at the same time and I knew what that meant. I ran in lycan speed, which is the same as vampire speed but a lot faster, I followed sent to a girl, she had dark black hair with one blonde streak, and pale white skin and bright blue and red eyes. She smelled like a witch as soon as I saw her she was gone and so was her sent.

Two hours later

My pack finally caught up with me and we sent ourselves up a camp and rested. I walked over to Jacob the beta's son and my best friend.

"Hey. " I said grabbing a beer from one of the coolers.

"What is up, you seem... off." Jacob exclaimed.

"I found my mate today," I said.

"Nice! What she like?" He replied.

"I wouldn't know it is like she smelled me and ran off."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I saw her one second and the next she was gone. It was like she didn't want me." I said as I took a swig of my beer. "But her eyes they were beautiful, like nothing I have ever seen before. And her hair was pitch black with one blonde streak."

"Oooooh, we got a puppy in love!" Jacob shouted, and I growled at him. He chuckled and took a swig of his beer.


"Oooooh, we got a puppy in love!" I woke up and growled. I got up and shifted to my lycan/wolf which has one black streak down the right side of my white coat and ran to the owner of that voice. When I got close enough I realized that the person with that amazing smell was there and when I smelled it Pandora blocked me out from then on everything was a blur.


I heard a lycan growl and I jumped up and then I smelled my mate and freaked out worried that one of my pack members had her so I ran and shifted. Then I saw it the truth my mate was a lycan.

My lycan Rider jumped up and down and so did my mate they started playing with each other and the next thing I know I am blocked.


Hours later

I am in human form and it is morning I woke up in someone's arms and I felt safe, then I realized that we were being watched. I looked up and saw a boy with blonde hair and green eyes stand over me and the boy holding me. I tried to jump up but his grip only got tighter on my waist, so I rolled over slowly breaking a rib so I could wake him up. When I looked at his face all I felt was love. I whispered in his ear and he woke up.

"Where am I?" The boy questioned.

"Hey alpha why don't you and you mate put on some clothes." The boy with green eyes said.

"Hu? What? I don't understand?" The boy called 'alpha' said. Then he opened his eyes and saw me. A smile grew on his face and one grew on mine as well. "Hi love, my name is Bryce, what is yours?"

"H-Heather." I stuttered like a lost puppy. I cleared my throat and jumped up as I spoke. " Heather, my name is Heather." And at that moment I realized that I was in my bra and underwear, not that I cared. But it was weird when they stared at me. Bryce caught on to the blonde one staring and growled at him it was so loud it made me jump.

"How dare you stare at my mate!!" Bryce growled.

"What is a mate???" I asked and they looked at me like I was stupid.

"Your a werewolf right?" The blonde one asked.

"I am a hybrid werewolf/lycan vampire-" I was cut off.

"What!?!?" They both yelled in unison.

"Yeah my mother was a vampire/lycan and my father was a vampire/werewolves." I replied.

"What do you mean 'was'?" Bryce said. "Are they dead?"

"I wouldn't know they abandoned me when I was a month old." I said and Bryce growled.

"How old are you?" The blonde one asked.

"I am two years of age and the strongest person you will ever meet."

"How do you look like a 16 year old then?" Bryce asked.

"Because vampires are fully grown at the age of two but because of my werewolf and lycan genes I grow a little slower than the average vampire." I replied. "Now, will you please tell me what a mate is before I grab one of your heads and read all your memories."

"A mate when two people are meant for each other, destined an unbreakable bond." The blonde boy said.

'A soulmate.`` Bryce thought. ``I hope she doesn't reject me. I don't know what I would do if my mate rejected me.'

"Bryce I am not going to reject you but I can't trust you either." I said and Bryce looked up at me dumbfounded. "I have the lycan power to read memories and the vampire

power of telepathy, oh and I can teleport as a side power for the telepathy."

"Oh." Bryce said, I looked up at the boy in front of me and saw his messy black hair and big green eyes and I saw sadness, but I don't know why.


When I looked down at the girl in front of me I saw her hair messy and beautiful and her bright red and blue eyes and I saw loneliness, I can only hope to change that.

"Would you come back with us to the pack?" Jacob said.

"Jacob I don't want to push her into any-" I was cut off.

"Sure." Heather said.

"Ok then." I said.

"Unless you don't want me to come." She replied.

"No, no, no, it's not that I just don't want to push you into anything." I said.

"Your not pushing me into anything, but I have to get to know you somehow." She said.

'Perfect, just perfect.' My lycan, Rider said.

'Yeah, she is.' I agreed.

So we went back to the pack campsite with Heather tagging along when we got there all the guys were staring at her and I tried to suppress a growl but I failed. My growl was so loud that everyone whimpered and stepped back. The males their heads but the females stared at me in my underwear and Heather growled so loud it made birds fly and beer bottles brake.

"Bitch, what in hell are you doing growling like you own the place!?" Kalyn yelled.

"Well, bitch you are on my land so why don't you shut your pretty mouth up before I break it till you can't talk." Heather replied, which made Kalyn whimper and step back. Then it came clear to me that she was using an alpha command.

Beta Josh, Jacob's dad came over to us he looked at me then at Heather and I growled.

"Who is this?" Beta Josh snapped looking at Heather with little lustful eyes, that only made me growl more.

"Mine!" I growled.

'Jacob can you grab Heather a blanket to throw over her.' I mind linked Jacob.

'Already on it.' He responded threw mind link.

A Minute later he was handing her a big black blanket. She mouthed the words 'thank you' to him and wrapped it around her shoulders covering her bra and underwear. I grabbed her waist pulling her close worried of what the other lycans might do. She was about six inches shorter than me and the top of her head went barely touched my chin. A moment after I turned back to Josh.

"What do you mean 'mine' she is a leech!" Josh replied I growled again but more booming.

"Don't not call her that ever again! She is a hybrid, my mate, and your future Luna! You disrespect her and I will kill you!" I growled, Heather jumped in fear and dug her head in to my chest. She inhaled my sent and calmed immediately.


"Don't not call her that ever again! She is a hybrid, my mate, and your future Luna! You disrespect her and I will kill you!" Bryce growled, I jumped a little out of fear and buried my head into his chest, I inhaled his sent trying to keep my lycan/wolf from taking over and ripping apart that guy.

"Listen, I don't want any trouble but do not call me a leech like my parents ever again!" I growled, Pandora was in raged so much so that I had to let my inner vampire take over.


Heathers eyes went from blue and red to blue and yellow then to both of them a pure bright red. Her canines grew larger to fangs and where there was white in her eyes there was now black. I felt something grow out her back, when I looked they turned out to be wings curled up under the black blanket. She turned to look up at me and I saw her sad pleading eyes, I grabbed her and pulled her face to my chest and she whispered "sorry."

"See, she is a monster get her out of here!" Josh said and Jacob took a bottle to his head and knocked him out and carried him to their tent.

"Why did you do that?!" I whisper yelled.

"I'm sorry I was about to shift and this was the only way I knew how to stop it." She whispered in a sad and sorry tone as she dropped her head.

I lifted her chin up with my finger. "It is not your fault."

"I need to go back to my home for a few." She replied before she disappeared.





Stupid me, why must I mess everything up!

I paced back and forth till my feet hurt and my heart stopped, I dropped to the floor and sat on my knees and cried for hours.

'I am a monster.`` I cried to Pandora.

'No you are not he was just a mean guy.' She replied.

'But I scared him instead of showing him I was no harm I gave him every-' I was cut off.

'Stop! You are not a monster he is a bad guy and you know it!' Pandora barked.

'But I am sure that I scared Bryce.' I said.

'You did not scare mate he was just shocked.' Pandora replied. 'Now lay down and get some rest.

And so I did.

Hours later

I woke up and it was dark, I figured I would go for a walk. I was walking down an old bridge when I felt a knife go to my neck. I was stunned but I did not hesitate. I grabbed the wrist of the hand holding the knife and whipped the person over me and threw them to the ground with their wrist still in my hand. She groaned in pain and that was when I realized it was the girl who called me a bitch.

"What is your name!?!" I shouted using my alpha command.

"K-Kalyn." She whimpered out in a cry.

"Why did you threaten me with a knife?!" I shouted using my alpha command again.

"B-because h-he threatened me." She whimpered.

"Who?" I asked my command.

"Josh!" She shouted in fear.

"Josh, who is Josh?" I asked.

"The man who called you a leech." Kalyn replied.

"Great." I said. Then using my alpha command I told her this. "Now you are going to tell the alpha everything about this, aren't you."

"Y-Yes." She said. Then I grabbed her up and I grabbed her and dragged her back to the campsite. When I got there I threw her down at Bryce.

"Please do me a favor and keep your pack from a attempting suicidal homicides on me and that would be great." I said throwing Kalyn to the ground in front of Bryce.

"What??" He replied.

"Oh you know, walking through the woods and someone sneaking up behind me with a knife which was put to my throat." I said sarcastically. He growled.

"What in the hell were you doing in the woods in the first place!" He growled again.

"I was on my way to talk to an arrogant ass!" I replied.

"Arrogant, really! That is what you call me!" Bryce growled.

"Yes. Now she is under my alpha command and she is to tell you everything that she told me if there is a problem come find me. I am going back home." I said then teleported to my cave.

"Wait, what do you mean alpha comma-" then I was gone.


What does she mean alpha command and what in the hell was Kalyn doing out that

far. Well there is only one way to find out.

"So tell me what was it you were doing and why." I said to Kalyn and she started to whimper in fear.

"Josh threatened my life he said that if I didn't kill her he would kill me." She blurted out and Josh started backing away.

"Stop!" I said using my alpha command at Josh. "Is it true?"

"Alpha you have to understand-" I cut Josh off.

"Is it true!"I yelled in my alpha command.

"Yes." He whispered.

"You know it is treason to threaten the alpha's mate."


"And treason means death." I said.

"Yes but ple-" He started.

"But nothing, you committed treason and in doing so it will cost you your life! But I am willing to do a pardon."

"Please alpha I will do it whatever it is." He begged.

"I will spare you your life but you lost all of your title and are hereby banished from the Lunar Eclipse Pack. You have 12 hours to pack your things, say your goodbyes and leave." I said, I really don't want to do this but I can't have him walking around here like he did nothing wrong.

"Yes alpha."

"All of your heirs and your mate are under the protection of the alpha the next time I see you will be when you are on your way out the door." I added.

"No please don't take my mate and children, please."

"Enough! You made your bed now you lay!" Gods I wish this did not happen.

"Yes alpha." Then he left.

'Now can we go find mate.' Rider said.


Then I left the campsite and followed the scent that lead me to Heather. I found her in a small cave, she was reading a book with a candle lite. "Hey." I say as I walk towards her. She looked up and frowned at me.

"How did you find me?" She asked.

"I followed your sent." I replied.

"That is impossible my sent is all around these woods there is no direct line for you to follow, I made sure of it."

"Well I am your mate and there is no way for you to hide from me." I replied.

"well what do you need?" She asked with a tone of business only.

"Nothing, I came here to tell you that Josh has been dealt with and will be gone by tomorrow." I said.


"Gone?!? What do you mean gone?!?" I yelled, this is all my fault if he dies it will be because I told Bryce.

"He has been exiled from the pack and will leave tomorrow." Bryce explained.

"What about his family, his mate they don't deserve that." I said worried this is all my fault.

"They are under my protection because the male of their family lost his title so did they and will not regain it until Jacob the oldest becomes an adult."

"But the children do not deserve to lose their father because of me. His mate does not deserve to lose her husband because of me." I felt horrible, I expected a slap on the wrist not a full on exile.

"What's done is done, there is nothing we can do about it." Bryce replied.

"There is always a way to fix something, and you are the alpha so you can do something, so do it!" I growled, trying hard to keep my lycan/wolf under control but she took over anyways and used an alpha command on him. "You are alpha of your pack so take you ass back to your pack and fix what you have done!" My lycan/wolf had done it this time or so I thought. Bryce lowered his head in submission and did what I said.

"Yes, alpha." He replied. Hu? It worked?


"Yes, alpha." I submitted, not sure why though, I don't understand how could her alpha command work on me.

'Because you nitwit, she is the lycan and werewolf queen.' Rider said.

'Queen, I don't understand how could that be.'

'She is daughter of Queen and King Ambroziu and they are vampire, witch, lycan, and werewolf. She is the queen of all supernatural beings.'

'Eh. Queen or not I still wish she didn't use her alpha command on me.'

"I know you don't like being controlled by me but I will not have the innocent suffer because you don't know how to ease up on a punishment." She said.

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