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The Detainment

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Kathern Hernández and her family have been separated during the time of the corruption of 2020. The war has made a big impact so hard on the country itself have left the state to be unlivable due to constant smokes, riot, guns, fire, and tanks have been scattered across from California to Boston, MA. The family's safety is on critical level, They need to escape United States before its too late.

Action / Adventure
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ACT I- Chapter I The Start of Fear

August 29th, 2019. The peace of our country and the life we have shrine will soon to be completely shattered by the sinister of one deceive fool. We don't know how long this will take before our own country will turn back on each other. I have just recently gotten a job at the new office building in Los Angles. I have son and husband. God, it's 1:00PM right now. I just want to go home and be with my kids and husband. The president on the news is so damn corrupted by his false information. He's sure doesn't care about our country and his own Americans. Why, just why shall we vote for him?! I love Americans alright, what a special moment. I won't be out of work till 6PM, I can't leave early since I got hired yesterday. My life and family's life will be over! God, please help our nation! Uh, my phone is buzzing. I have gotten text message from my husband. He said "HEY, CHECK THE NEWS NOW! ITS NOT GOOD!" I checked the news out of my frantic curiosity. The news said "Attention to all of the being of our people in the United States! We have made a drastic decision to make our own nation to be more confined and restart our life. We have lifted all of the laws and regulation that prevent the illegal things. That includes but not limited to crimes, gangs, extreme violence, and explicit involvement will be now legal permanently. If you are wish to care for your safety and your loves one? Please report to your nearby escape area within these cities. Atlanta, LA, Boston, Houston, New York, Santa Monica, Miami, Orlando, and Las Vegas. If your cities or state isn't mentioned on this list? Please report to the state and cities are mention now! We only have 5 hours remaining on the clock before the doomsday starts. May Bless to our Founding Fathers." My heart is beating a lot faster like doing the marathon for 5 miles. God, I can't breathe as to think we will have to leave immediately. I'm scared to even think about my own future. I want to escape from this pure insanity, but I can't. I'm not dreaming nor am I dead. I'm alive in the reality. This is real. I want to wake up from this horrific experiences. I slap myself to wake myself up, but to no avail. I try to splash water on my face, but its doesn't work. I can't do anything to escape from this nightmare. I surely don't have any phycological problem. I mean, I'm only 26 years old. There is no way that would likely happen at that age. What am I going to do? Shall I just scream in hope someone would knock me out and put me into coma? Wait, that wouldn't work. Great, I just have to live with it knowing that I will or might die from this. My life is at stake, even my entire future is at stake! God, please bless me and our nation to recover from this!
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