Total Drama Non-Stop

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All The Killer Has Left!

Hey you guys! This story is drawing to a close end with 9 victims remain! These guys are still striving for their lives and making it work to survive! So last time On Total Drama Non-Stop! Delilah had an idea that they should tell story's about them selves and Heather, Cody, Duncan and Courtney did. Also Courtney had the idea to play duck duck goose and they did! And ? stopped their fun and said, "Lets play a game!" All the victims were baffled and confused but what happened was a life or death game show of total drama trivia! And in the end, Brittany answered the question incorrectly and died and became the 17th victim! What will happen on this episode? Find out now! On Total Drama Non-Stop!



Noah: (looking around and spots a communication translator)

That is a thing i made up that lets somebody communicate with somebody anywhere in the world with no power or anything and can't be hacked and is the most expensive thing in the world in the Drama world..

Noah: Oh my gosh!

Duncan: What?

Noah: How rich is Chris!? He's got a communication translator!

Delilah: No way!

Noah: It was in this crate! i can't believe we never noticed it!

Duncan: Dude! This can be our ticket off this plane!

Noah: But we need creenite batteries to operate it!

Again, another thing i made up.

Cody: Ah man!

Heather: Well lets hope we find some! but for now we gotta worry about the killer!

Duncan: I found a gun!


Duncan: We should have looked in these damn crates earlier!

Noah: Yea! there really useful, but these are the only useful things i could find, looks like nothing else.

Trent: It's fine! we gotta gun and a translator!

Jo: Looks like our luck is finally starting to turn around!




(in the kitchen)

?: What? a translator and a gun? Why did Chris have a gun and that in there!? What am i saying? He's Chris! He's insane! i gotta get down there and kill all of them! (runs to the basement)




while in the basement, the group is just walking around when they see the killer in their all black suit come down with a gun and shoots Cody and Heather and the remaining people who didn't get shot find cover and so did ? since he knew they had a gun and Duncan fires so close to him that ? goes back upstairs! And the gun has 9 rounds left...


Duncan: (runs to Cody and feels his pulse) He's dead!

Noah: (feels Heather's Pulse) So is she!

Trent: Son of a bitch!


(Loudspeaker turns on)

Anonymous Voice: Looks like you son's of bitches are playing hardball!

Noah: Yea we are! i infiltrated your systems! your doors are down! your weapon arsenal is either out of power or locked! All you have now is that gun! and we have a gun too! face it! were one step ahead of you!

Anonymous Voice: you guys still won't find me! and your all still going to die!

Noah: Maybe we will and maybe we won't! We'll find out later!

Anonymous voice: Fuck you!

(Loudspeaker turns off)


Delilah: When did you do that?

Noah: the last time we were all sleeping! the killer can't see us anymore, everything they had is now down, but they have the parachutes, we'll figure out how to get out of here later though!..

Trent: Yea! man! i really thought Heather would make it further for some reason!

Courtney: She probably could have with Alejandro though

Duncan: yea! for some weird reason that seems right... well lets put their body's away!

They put Cody's and Heather's dead body's away in the crate and it is now 6:00 AM and it is dusk looking outside!


Short chapter! but a lot of info! The killer only has a gun now! Will they ever get the translator working and get off the plane!? Only a few chapters left until the finale! What will happen next time!? R.I.P Cody and Heather! On Total Drama Non-Stop!

Alive: Duncan, Trent, Courtney, Jo, Jackson, Delilah, Noah

Dead: Brick, Chris, Chef Hatchet, Shawn, Jasmine, Lindsay, Gwen, "Mac", Geoff, Bridgette, Zoey, Alejandro, Tyler, Dawn, Sierra, Mike, Brittany, Cody, Heather

Killers: Justin and UNKNOWN

Leaders: Duncan

Final 7-








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