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The Death Of A Mother

Sup! Sorry for posting so much! I'm Just so excited for this story! Anyways, Last time on Total Drama Non-Stop! Noah had found a Communication Translator but needs to find a creenite battery! will they find one!? Also, Duncan found a gun in one of the crates and now has nine bullets left. And when ? found out they had those things, he/she tried to kill them all but got shot at and only killed Heather and Cody! And ll the killer has left is a gun and the victims have a Translator and a gun! And ? and the victims are evenly matched now! Who is going to die!? who is the killer!? Will all the victims die!? will the killer die!? 19 dead and only 7 remain! find out now as we draw closer to the finale! On, Total Drama Non-Stop!




Noah: well you guys, were kinda at a fair fight right now with the killer..

Duncan: yup, but some if not all of us still might die, we don't know where the killer is..

Courtney: we need to find a creenite battery!

Jackson: where are we going to find a creenite?

(a creenite battery is the strongest battery in the world and is small and green and lasts for 10 years)

Jo: Maybe the plane has a creenite battery, that's probably why it's going so fast!

Delilah: Lets go look for one! all of us, since Duncan has a gun.

Trent: Lets go! everyone got their knives?

ALL: Yep!



(in the biggest bathroom)

?: (in the shower) Man i hope they don't find me in here! i only have 5 bullets left!


All of the sudden, someone opens the bathroom door and says, "hold on you guys i gotta take a leak!"

Courtney: Be careful babe!

Trent goes in the bathroom and starts peeing and ? gets out of the shower and stabs Trent in the back of the head! and quickly hides in the big cabinet Noah found the food in, and when everyone heard the scream, they ran in..

Courtney: Trent! (runs to Trent)

Duncan: (runs to the shower) Dammit!

with all that, no one even had the idea to look in the cabinet where the killer really was..

Courtney: (holding Trent) Oh no... (crying loudly)...

Jo: (pulls Courtney) we have to go! ...(Courtney tries to resist and says, "NO! NO!)

But Jo's strength pulls off the CIT and carries her and Duncan grabs Trent's body and goes to put it in the crate..

Courtney: (on Jo's shoulder) Don't put him in there! (cry's even more and loses energy while she was kicking and screaming and Jo puts her down)

while everyone was focused on Courtney, ? went to the basement and hid..






Jackson: We gotta keep looking before we all die!

they continue searching but Jo sits by Courtney where she is just laying there, looking at the ceiling, eyes stained from crying..


Jo: Have i ever told you when i lost my mother Court?

Courtney: ... What?... no, you did?



Jo: When i used to live in Vancouver... i was 7 years old and... it was dark and the street was covered with snow...


A 7 year old Jo is in the backseat of her moms car and her mom is in the front driving, it is very dark and they are the only ones on the road coming from Jo's little league baseball win celebration dinner at a pizza place..

Jo: Mommy?

Jo's mom: yea hon?

Jo: did i do good in the game today?

Jo's mom: You sure did sweety! you did amazing!

as then, Jo's mom had randomly fell unconscious and her head slammed on the steering wheel..

Jo: mommy? (no answer as the car is swerving) Mommy!?

the car is swerving on the icy road and the car crashes into the tree next to where they were driving, and Jo's mom had still been unconscious but Jo's seat belt saved her and only had some scratches on her arm and about 5 minutes later, the ambulance came..

[end of Flashback]



Jo: (starts to tear up) she was pronounced dead 10 minutes later... her death is why i strive to be the best, people wonder why i'm kinda mean and make fun of people a lot and big and aggressive! (clenches fist)

Courtney: (terrified)

Jo: ... (un clenches fist) ... it's because of her... (starts crying softly)...

Courtney: (crying a little) ... Jo... I'm so sorry...

Jo: ... (still crying a little) It's... it's fine... what do ya say we get up and look for a creenite battery to survive this hell hole?

Courtney: (a little enthusiastic) Uhh... Okay!

(they get up and help find a battery)

Duncan: when we find that damn battery! it will be our endgame!





Only 1 more chapter until the finale! what will happen next time? On Total Drama Non-Stop!

Alive: Duncan, Courtney, Jo, Jackson, Delilah, Noah

Dead: Brick, Chris, Chef Hatchet, Shawn, Jasmine, Lindsay, Gwen, "Mac", Geoff, Bridgette, Zoey, Alejandro, Tyler, Dawn, Sierra, Mike, Brittany, Cody, Heather, Trent

Killers: Justin and UNKNOWN

Leaders: Duncan

Final 6-







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