Total Drama Non-Stop

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Our Endgame

HELLO! I am smiling right now because i know i'm so Close to the finale! (:! Alright last time on Total Drama Non-Stop! The campers went searching for the creenite battery they so desperately need! Also, Trent died! Jo told Courtney about the day her mother died. And Duncan wants to be so close, and everybody else, to their endgame! only 6 people remain! What will happen on this chapter before the finale?! Find out right now! On Total Drama Non-Stop!




The plane is now over France, the whole place blanketed with snow and is now 9:00 AM, and it is sunny but cold outside, people do notice the plane but just think it's an ordinary plane..


Noah: Dammit! we searched this whole base and kitchen and still nothing! (holding wound) And this thing still hurts!

Duncan: Jo! any luck in your bathroom?!


Jo: No!

Noah: Jack! any luck in yours!?

Jackson: Nah!

Courtney: Wait you guys! this is a T-62 plane, sometimes it runs on creenite and is in the cockpit!

Duncan: the door to the cockpit is impossible to get in!

Courtney: Well, we have to try and get in it!




(in the basement)

?: Dammit! i only have 5 bullets and a knife, i need to get up there and think of ways to kill them!


(In the base of the plane)

Jackson: Hey Jo, you never told me your mom died...

Jo: What? ... how do you know...?

Jackson: ... I heard you talking to Court... I'm really sorry Jo..

Jo: It's fine,... but hey, i got you and Courtney as my best friends now!

Jackson: Yea you do! (smiles)



Duncan: Alright, you guys try to get in the door, and i'll watch your backs!

(the 5 try to get into the door)



[not part of the story]

Who will survive? there is only 6 left! will more die before the killer is stopped, will the killer even be stopped?! will Duncan survive? The bad boy turned Leader that has made it farthest on this show in Total Drama history! Will Courtney Survive? With the Drive and determination she has going from Trent's death, will the CIT last another hour!? Will Noah survive? The nerdy, scrawny turned bad ass killer! he came on the plane with low expectations but with the help of his beloved Delilah, he is still going! will Delilah survive? The most sweet person on this plane! with the help of her boyfriend Noah, she is fighting for him! and he is fighting for her! Will Jackson survive? The gay man from San Fran! with the memories of his man Alex, he is determined to stay alive for him! and Jo! And will Jo survive? The most ruthless of them all! with the strength her mom is giving her, she is a force to be reckon with!

[back to the story]




Noah is pulling the lever of the door back with all of his might, while Jack is sticking his knife in the knob of the door and Jo and Courtney are pulling the bottom of the door and Delilah is trying to break the steel with objects!





Duncan: (standing in the base) Hurry it up you guys!


Noah: this door is reinforced steel! it'll take a while!

Duncan: we don't got a while!



Right then, the killer walks into the base and looks at Duncan and says,

?: so we meet again Duncan.

Duncan: (points gun)

?: (points gun back)

Duncan: I will kill you right now!

?: just remember that i killed 20 of your friends! heh heh!

Duncan: (silent)

?: (pulls mask off) remember me!?


when the killer did that, without even thinking, Duncan put his gun down and screamed, "hey guys! the killer is..." ? didn't let him finish and shot him 3 times.. and the people trying to open the door heard it..

Noah: I only heard 3!

(they run out)

Jo: Duncan...

Courtney: (checks pulse) ... he's dead...

Jackson: (grabs the gun) and the killers gone too..

Noah: he probably saw the killers face and was baffled that he tried to tell us...

Delilah: But they only have 2 bullets left.

Jackson: Lets go try to open the door again, i got the gun...

? ran back to the basement..


The last leader is now dead! and only 5 remain! what will happen next time!? on the finale of, Total Drama Non-Stop!

Alive: Courtney, Jo, Jackson, Delilah, Noah

Dead: Brick, Chris, Chef Hatchet, Shawn, Jasmine, Lindsay, Gwen, "Mac", Geoff, Bridgette, Zoey, Alejandro, Tyler, Dawn, Sierra, Mike, Brittany, Cody, Heather, Trent, Duncan

Killers: Justin and UNKNOWN

Leaders: No one

Final 5!-






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