Total Drama Non-Stop

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The Beginning

(Chris on speaker)
(LOUDLY) Hello Campers! It is now 9:30 where we are! We're in Costa Rica baby! Nothing too important i wanted to tell you, just hoped i woke some of you up! heh heh we will be in Rio in about 8 hours!

(all campers awake)

Noah: Well now i'm up! Thanks a lot Chris!

Delilah: (giggles) Hey Noah what's up?

Noah: not much, just pretty tired, you?

Delilah: nothing really, the light's are too bright in here don't you think, it's like appalling (Thinking: I hope that big word made me sound smart) (:

Noah: (Thinking: She seems smart) Yea it is (:

(they smile at each other)

Geoff: Hey dudes, since we're all up! Let's Party!

Duncan: I'm down with that!

Trent: Me too Man!

Courtney: (Looking at Trent) (Thinking: Has Trent always been that Cute? Wait what am i saying!? I sound so weird! I guess i never really noticed Him that much)

(Geoff turns on music and all the campers dance and have fun)

Heather: Even know we're all having fun now, I'm still going to destroy you all in the game!

Jo: as if! long legs! I'm the only one who's going to dominate!

(they get in each other's face)

Brick: Hey Lady soldiers, it's all good, we don't need to argue, the game's haven't even started yet

Jo: Shut it, sir leaks a lot!

(Brick get's sad)

Alejandro: Senorita's, we don't have to be mean just yet! Lets just have fun for now!

Heather: Yes! Lets all listen to Alejandro (:

(everyone looks at her crazy and continues to party)

Heather: (whispers in Alejandro's ear) Me and you, alliance when the games start, Deal?

Alejandro: (nods head and smiles)


Jackson: Hey So why do they call you Mac?

"Mac": Because That's my stage name, Well it's MC Mac but people call me Mac for short

Delilah: Whats your real name?

"Mac": Marshawn Little (:

Noah: Little? Dude your like a building!

"Mac": (laughs) hahaha Thanks? haha

Dawn: What a nice aura you have Mac! I'm sensing a lot of positivity!

Shawn: what is an aura anyways? Is it something that detects zombies!?

Jasmine: (giggles) Oh Shawn (: you and your fears hahaha (:

Mike: So Jackson, I don't mean to sound rude or anything but, are you really gay..?

Jackson: Don't worry about it dude! and yes i am gay

Zoey: You have a boy friend Jackson?/

Jackson: Yes, Alex Dunbar (love struck face), He's the love of my life (:

All the girls there: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (:

"Mac": (pats him on the back hardly) Well good for you G!

Jackson: (rubs back) Heh heh thanks man!

(With Brittany)

Brittany: (on her phone) Ugh! Why did i sign up for this raunchy fucking show! I wish i was at the mansion with daddy's money!

Brick: (walks up to her) Permission to sit to!? (salutes)

Brittany: Go for it military weirdo!

Brick: (sits next to her) So uh... How are you?

Brittany: Yep! your already boring! Leave me alone! Bye!

Brick: aww man! (walks away)

(In the Cockpit)

Chris: Hey Chef, you know how i have the numbers of all the contestants?

Chef Hatchet: Yea, what about it?

Chris: I'm gonna text Duncan to get us some coffee alright?

Chef Hatchet: Hell Yea! Make mine a decaf!

(in the basement)

?: Okay ?1, I got Duncan's Phone!

?1: Why Duncan's?

?: Because our microphones we planted in every room of the plane caught Chris saying he's going to text Duncan to get him and Chef some Coffee

?1: So? and how did you get his phone so quick? he only said that about 3 minutes ago

?: When you went to go pee, i snuck in the base and got the phone it was pretty easy, and the reason i got his phone is... never mind too much explaining, it'll make sense eventually when these fucker's are dying!

(So the killers have microphones and video cameras set up all around the plane and they have silenced guns and other weapons, there is only 2, Are they apart of the returning cast or the new members? Or are they ex contestants?)

?: Alright, I got the text, the million dollars is in the cockpit, no one in the world knows that a season 6 is coming so when we kill everyone, and get the money, we're all Scot free!

?1: Alright boss!

?: Okay you stay down here and ill go get the coffees and make a star 67 number and text people on the plane for... wait i already told you the plan you fucking idiot! Why did you ask why i got someones phone!?

?1: because you said you were going to do a star 67 number, i thought you wanted them to turn on each other!

?: NO! you idiot, i told you it'll all make sense eventually

?1: Oh yea! you got the parachutes?

?: yea! alright, you kill anyone who comes down here!

?1: Got it!

(In the base of the plane)

Duncan: (to himself) Where the hell's my phone?

Gwen: did you lose something babe?

Duncan: Yea, my phone, it's whatever though, i'll find it later, let's go party!

(In the kitchen)

(? is making the coffees and putting poison in them)

(Brick walks in)

Brick: Hello soldier! I don't recall you being in this season...

(? just stares at him and pulls out a throwing knife)

Brick: That's a nice looking knife! oh yea hey weren't you on season...

(? throws the knife in his throat and kills him and catches him before he falls to the ground!)

?: (on walkie talkie), (Whispers) Hey ?1, I just killed this brick guy, i'm sending him down the hole we used to get in here be sure to get him and hide him

(Cody, Sierra and Noah walk in and ? Hides under a cart where the food is at with Bricks Body)

Cody: Oh here's the cart full of food!

Noah: yea yea, grab some and lets bring it out there

(they all walk towards the cart)

?: (whispers) Oh shit

Sierra: alright that's all we can hold lets go!

(they walk out)

Noah: I wonder why there isn't a door here

(? gets out from under the cart)

?: that was so fucking close! (On Walkie Talkie) Alright, i'm sending this ass hole down!

?1: Roger! (turns off Walkie talkie)

(? throws down the body and goes down with it)

(In the basement)

?: Alright i'm going to make another entry to the cockpit, remember, fucking kill everyone who comes down here!

?1: alright

(in the base of the plane)

Delilah: hahaha are you serious!?

Noah: yes! hahaha! And that's when i decided to just leave! hahaha!

Delilah: Oh Noah, you tell great story's and your really funny! (:

Noah: really?... well that's a first...):

Delilah: What do you mean?

Noah: Well all my life... I've been picked on for being so smart and ugly and iv'e never really been recognized by a beautiful girl like you... I never talk like this because usually i'm just a sarcastic, nerdy person who sucks at sports and the only friends iv'e ever had have been on Total Drama and a little bit at my school...

Delilah: Noah, your not ugly, and people do like you! you are the number 5 most talked about camper on all the TD web sites and i really like you...

Noah: What?... Like, Like me Like me or, just Like me...?

Delilah: (kisses Noah passionately) I like you Like you (:

Noah: (blushes) So are we like dating now? (:

Delilah: I guess (;

Noah: YES! Iv'e never had a girlfriend before!

Delilah: (giggles) (:

(In the basement)

(? is still making a whole to the cockpit)

?: why is this so hard to cut through!?

(He's making it just behind the door with a silent saw type thing to cut through it and the cockpit is in the front of the plane and the only way to get to it from the base is a door that is locked by Chris and what ? is trying to get in is going to be in the hall between the doors and the campers cant get in until the door opens when they get to Rio)

(In the base of the plane)

Geoff: Why did Chris make that door locked from him and the cockpit?

Bridgette: I really don't know babe, but it really doesn't matter, lets make out!

Geoff: Okay!

(they make out)

Jackson: Hey, wheres that Brick guy?

(everyone looks around and say's they don't know)

Trent: He probably went to the bathroom

everyone: Yea!

Shawn: I'll check in the basement!

Jasmine: I'll go with you my love!

Shawn: Okay!

(they go down to the basement)

(? get's through the floor to the hall between the door's)

?: Alright, i'll just throw this shit in the persons face who opens the door! (evil smile)

(knocks on the door)

(Chris opens the door)

Chris: Finally! where...

(? throws the coffee in Chris's face and he yells loud because the poison singes him and eventually kills him!)

Chef Hatchet: Chris!

(? throws the coffee in Chef's face and kills him!)

?: heh heh! good thing these doors are sound proof!

(he hears a voice on the walkie talkie)

?1: hey! ? i just killed Shawn and Jasmine! I put their body's by me and Bricks body is in one of the crates they won't find it for a while! Alright get on the mic and tell these teens what's going on and they'll come down here and see the body's!

?: Alright! out! (turns off the walkie talkie)

(? get's on the speaker)

(in the base of the plane)

Jo: Now where the heck is the zombie freak and the giant!?

(loud speaker turns on)

Anonymous voice: Hello campers! I'm not that sorry to inform you that some of the people on this plane are dead! This plane is not going to Rio and season 6 will not happen! Chris, Chef, Brick and Shawn and Jasmine are dead! They are dead with the help of my colleague! Here's what's going to happen, you are all going to die and all the exit's on the plane are programmed by me not to open and the only way out is to be killed or kill yourselves! either way, your all going to die! And the plane is on auto pilot NOT going to Rio! Go to the basement to see some people dead! and get ready for the texts! (evilly smiles)

(Loudspeaker turns off)

Brittany: Oh my God! I cant call the police, the signal is down!

Cody: we're above water too, i don't know if any cops will come any way!

Courtney: Wait! what if this is a trick that Chris is playing on us and what did he mean by the texts!? That doesn't make any sense!

Noah: The only way to find out is to go to the basement and see if there are any dead body's!

"Mac": Than let's go ya'll!

(they walk to the basement and the way to get there from the base is a stairway that leads down to it)

Dawn: (screams)

Jackson: OH MY GOD!

Duncan: Holy shit! this isn't a joke! they're really dead!

Courtney: Oh my god! now i'm scared!

Trent: (grabs her and holds her) It's okay i got you!

Courtney: (blushes)

What all the contestant's, or now in this case called, victims, they are seeing Shawn and Jasmines lifeless body's, dripping with blood and they all know their really dead because Dawn checked they're pulses and got no response... and ?1 is hiding and silently laughing at the victims that are sad and in shock and scared

(Phone goes off)

Sierra: who's phone is that!?


well there's chapter 2 and there are 5 deaths! WOW! are you excited!? RR and i'll add more and i promise all of you that i WILL finish it! Please show some support and no hate comments please!? No one in the world knows what's happening and the victims don't either! Very unique kills huh!? Who are the killers? Oh yea i didn't add this in the story but ? did get the million dollars and now has it in his grasp. What will happen next time? On Total Drama Non-Stop! Oh yea and the ? and ?1 are the killer's, just in case you guys we're confused

Alive: Duncan, Gwen, Tyler, Lindsay, Alejandro, Heather, Trent, Courtney, Mike, Zoey, Noah, Dawn, Cody, Sierra, Geoff, Bridgette, Jo, Jackson, Delilah, "Mac", Brittany

Dead: Brick, Chris, Chef Hatchet, Shawn, Jasmine

Killers: Unknown

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