Total Drama Non-Stop

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The First Text

Hello Fans! This is KDM! Here is chapter 3 of Total Drama Non-Stop! To get you guys caught up, last time, Chris's dumb ass decided to be a dick and wake the campers up from their deep slumber and got everyone really pissed off! And Delilah started getting the hots for NOAH! And they're dating now! (i know! Crazy right!?) And also Courtney started liking Trent and Dawn started liking "Mac"! Jo and Heather started getting in each others face's and started hating each other! Heather started talking to Alejandro about an "alliance". Brick tried to get at Brittany (; but he struck out! Hahaha! Chris decided to be a dick again and text Duncan's phone to get him and Chef some Coffee, little did he know, or little did anyone know, that the killers ? and ?1 had taken Duncan's phone because they over heard Chris, That whole thing changed their entire killing plan, but their managing to still do it. Duncan soon realized that he lost his phone, but he didn't care! When Brick had decided to go in the kitchen, he was killed by ? making the pilot's there poisoned drinks. And ? almost got caught by Sierra, Noah and Cody. ? started to cut through the bottom of the hall between the door's of the cockpit, these killer's are very decked out in supplies to kill these people! When the camper's started wondering where the military brat went, they all speculated ideas and such, but while that was happening, ? Got in the cockpit and killed Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet, And back to the base, Shawn and Jasmine decided to go to the basement to look for Brick and when they went down there, they got killed too! And when ? got on the loud speaker and told the contestant's about the body's, they all went down there, (note that the body's are going to stay on the plane), When they went down there, they realized that this was all too real! When Courtney started getting scared, Trent started holding her (; and she LOVED it! and someones phone had went off and Sierra asked who's it was, maybe that's what ? meant by, get ready for the texts! And now... Here's chapter 3!

(in the basement)

Sierra: Who's phone is that!?

(every body looks around)

(Mike pulls out His phone)

Mike: It was mine...

Cody: well... is there a text...?

Mike: (looks at phone) yea..

Duncan: well what does it say!?

(Mike reads text and he reads)

" so this is the first text, i got the contacts out of Chris's phone, it is 12:00 AM right now while we are in French Guiana, every hour, one of you will die! And the plane is on auto pilot! one of you better get a stop watch and when you start it, I know, because i have cameras and mic's all around the plane, so start it now! The only connection is in the plane so you can only call and text in the plane! I got the million dollars and now what's left to do is waste you bastards! Bye!"

"Mac": Holy shit bruh!

Dawn: not to worry Mac, i'll stay by your side! (holds Mac)

(every body starts talking and getting scared)

(Duncan pulls Gwen aside)

Duncan: Babe, I think that text came from my phone, I need to take charge of this or else they'll think i killed those people!

Gwen: Alright babe, i can trust you!

Duncan: I Love you!

Gwen: I Love you too, babe!

Duncan: Alright! I just started the timer!, these ass holes are watching us, here's what we gotta do, This plane isn't very big, the best thing to do is try to find them, they have camera's and a phone, and maybe even weapons, Chris said that he kept the doors locked to the cockpit so he could keep people like me away from the money, we already know what the plane and the cockpit looks like so we're good with that, so one of them is probably in the cockpit, and we don't know if it's just one person...

Jo: but he said he had a colleague

Duncan: He could have been lying, anyway's we need to split up in groups, and we have our phones so we can communicate, but only inside the plane...

(?1 behind a crate looking at the camper's)

?1: (on the walkie talkie) Hey ?, Their about to split up, where are you?

?: (on walkie talkie) i just patched the hole i made from the cockpit, the plane is on auto pilot and isn't going to Rio, we'll still have to land the plane and make sure we do it in a secured location where no ones at, We have the technology to do that and maybe someone will find the plane with all these dead bitches in it! Hahaha, Chris is so rich that his plane has a gear that make's the plane keep refueling it self and it goes pretty fast too, when they clear out, i'll come to you, Over! (turns off walkie talkie)

?1: (turns off walkie talkie)

(with the campers)

Duncan: alright here are the groups and their tasks, Alejandro, Heather, Trent and Courtney will go all around the plane just looking for supplies we need to stay alive, Food, armor, weapons, anything! and Every group is only going to have one phone so we know if someone from the group is sending the text's so You guys will use Alejandro's phone and be group 1

(the rest put there phone's in a bag)

Duncan: Jo, Mac, Dawn and Jackson will be going to keep the Base of the plane secure and you guys will use Jo's phone and be group 2

(rest puts phone's in the bag)

Duncan: Tyler, Lindsay, Mike and Zoey you guys will secure the kitchen and try not to get killed and watch each other's back's! Good thing this plane is small! You guys will use Mike's phone and be group 3

(rest puts phone's in the bag)

Duncan: Noah, Delilah, Brittany and Geoff will be in the room with the big TV that has the door to the cockpit and like the kitchen group, watch each others back's! And...

Brittany: I'm Keeping my phone! it costs more than your lives!

Duncan: uhhh okayyy ... you guys will be group 4

(rest puts phone's in the bag) Duncan: And me, Gwen, Cody, Sierra and Bridgette will be down here securing the place and be group 5 and Bridge is going to keep her phone, and if there's any trouble, we call or text, alright exchange numbers phone holders (rest puts phone in the bag and exchange numbers) Geoff: Be careful Bridge ): (gets teary eyed) Bridgette: you too babe, and besides we won't be that far apart (get's teary eyed) (they hug and kiss passionately) Duncan: Alright, 50 minutes left! Lets do this! Clear out! (All the groups go to their locations) END OF CHAPTER 3 Alright, sorry for the short chapter and no deaths, BORING! Still stay tuned though! Who are the killer's?! Who'll Die next? R&R and tell me what you guys think! AND find out next time on Total Drama Non-Stop! This is KDM signing off! Alive: Duncan, Gwen, Tyler, Lindsay, Alejandro, Heather, Trent, Courtney, Mike, Zoey, Noah, Dawn, Cody, Sierra, Geoff, Bridgette, Jo, Jackson, Delilah, "Mac", BrittanyDead: Brick, Chris, Chef Hatchet, Shawn, Jasmine Killers: Unknown Group 1: Alejandro, Heather, Trent, Courtney Group 2: Jo, "Mac", Dawn, Jackson Group 3: Tyler, Lindsay, Mike, Zoey Group 4: Noah, Delilah, Brittany, Geoff Group 5: Duncan, Gwen, Cody, Sierra, Bridgette
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