Captain Karma

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After a fated night Biola decides to become a vigilante and distribute his own brand of Karma

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Chapter 1

Captain Karma Chapter 1: That’s Karma

“Alright class pencils down, stop writing.” The teacher at the front of the classroom pushed up his glasses as he scanned the room to see if anyone was still putting their pencil to their papers.The teacher was a middle aged working stiff who had no passion for his job anymore. Even off work he wore the same boring white shirt, tie and black work pants he would wear to his job. The teacher took a deep breath and let out a sigh and slowly went to recline in his chair when he saw a sight that he deemed horrific. A young man with dark skin and a flat top haircut was balancing a pencil on his nose while leaning his chair back balancing it on 2 legs.

“God damnit Biola! I said pencils down!”

The young man by the name of Biola continued his multitask paying very little attention to his teacher.

“Sorry teach, I think I can set the world record if I stay like this for about 3 more weeks. Give me a little bit alright?”

Biola said as he gave a cocky smirk to his teacher. Biola lost balance from the lack of concentration and fell to the ground. Biola’s peers chuckled and hid their laughter as they stood by and experienced the tense yet somehow hilarious atmosphere between teacher and student. A vein in the teacher’s head started to bulge. He quickly rose from his desk and unleashed a storm upon Biola.

“What the hell is wrong with you Biola?! I tell you day in and day out not to do things and you go ahead and disobey me!“Biola got to his feet quickly and walked over to his teacher’s desk.

“Listen here Mr. Buta. I was going for a consecutive 3-week pencil balancing record and you screwed it up with your excessive nagging! How is a guy supposed to concentrate with all this shit going on?!”

Mr. Buta’s face turned red. He lifted his hands in a psychotic manner as if he was ready to strangle Biola, but instead pointed to the door.

“I’ve had enough of this! Get out of my classroom and never come back!” Biola smirked and walked towards the door.

“Thanks for letting me out early teach. I didn’t want to sit through the last few seconds of my last class ever. Looks like you really do love me after all. Don’t worry though, I won’t tell the higher ups about the forbidden love that we share.”

Biola opened the door and walked out of the classroom leaving a hilarious yet awkward atmosphere. Mr. Buta could feel the mocking looks of the children stabbing at him from every angle. The bell rang indicating that school was finished. As the children evacuated the classroom Mr. Buta could hear the giggles and whispers of his students. As the last child left the room Mr. Buta walked over to his seat. He plopped down on his seat and slouched in his chair, looking around the empty classroom.

“All of those children were fucking lowlifes. No respect, no intelligence, no motivation. I’m glad that bunch is finally graduating so I won’t have to see them anymore. Another batch will come just like them I assure it. I’ll just have to endure this hell hole till I retire... Or die. Which ever comes first I’ll be satisfied.”

Mr. Buta turned his chair and gazed out into the window.

Biola had already made his way to his locker after leaving the classroom. Those few seconds made all of the difference.

“Hey Biola!” Biola looked over at a young man with a small Afro and glasses who was about 5′6, about 4 and a half feet shorter than Biola.

“What’s up, Elijah?” Biola asked as he grabbed his binder out of his locker and closed it. Elijah opened Biola’s locker and looked inside at the amount of garbage that was still in it.

“Aren’t you going to clean your locker? This is the last day you’re going to be here.” Biola smirked and waved his hand at Elijah.

“Exactly why I shouldn’t clean my locker. This school hasn’t done much for me so I’m just returning the favor. What comes around goes around, you know?”

Elijah shook his head and slowly rested his face on his palm.Elijah slowly looked up at Biola.

“So you coming to the outing event with out class tonight?There’s gonna be karaoke an arcade and afterwards we are going out for tacos!”

Biola looked at Elijah with an expressionless face and put his hand on Elijah’s shoulder.

“I think I’m a bit to old to be doing stuff like this man. I mean come on, are we 14?”

Elijah grabbed Biola by the shoulders and shook him.

“Come on Biola! You have to come with us. This is the last time you get to see all your classmates.”

Biola took Elijah’s hands and placed them off his shoulders.

“I don’t care about my classmates like you do, Elijah. I’m not good at making friends like you. I’m a socially awkward nerd, who likes foreign comics like The Kumo Hito, Cave Dweller and Awesome-San. You like the same things as me but you actually know howto talk to people. I’m made fun of because of my inability to communicate with others.”

Biola turned around and made his way back down the hallway. Elijah wore a frown as Biola hit him with the crushing truth. This didn’t stop Elijah’s persistence though.


Biola turned around and looked at Elijah who yelled extremely loud. They stared each other down for a good 10 seconds before Elijah finally said.


Biola looked at him for a few more seconds then turned around again. Elijah ran up to Biola and persisted with his invitation to the event.

“Biola, I’m telling this to you as a friend and a man and nothing more. You are a pretty good-looking guy and you have really cool interests that no one knows about. If people got to know you I’m pretty sure you would have no problem getting friends or even a girlfriend.”

Elijah spoke with full honesty in his voice and eyes as he confronted Biola. Biola merely sighed at Elijah’s attempts.

“Elijah, I appreciate your trying to bring me, but my decision is final. I’m...”

“Biola, Elijah!”

Biola was interrupted from a distant yell from down the hallway.Biola turned and watched as a girl with flowing black hair approached him. The girl’s silky hair travelled down to her shoulder blades. She had deep, welcoming hazel eyes with captivating eyelashes that made looking into her at eyes a trip to paradise. Her smile was beautiful and innocent like that of a child that had not yet known of the world’s evil. Her slender body and long legs were on par with that ofa model you would see in a magazine. As she walked up to the two boys it was shown that she was but a few inches shorter than Biola.

“Are you two coming to the class outing tonight? It will be the last time we will be able to see each other for a while.”

Biola looked at the girl in complete awe and gulped.

“Umm, yeah! Of course I’m going. It will be the last time to see you.”

Biola smiled as he spoke but quickly panicked as he realized what he had just said.

“And the rest of the class!”

Biola said twiddling his thumbs

The girl put her hands together and smiled with delight.

“That’s good to hear. I have to get going now, have to do some stuff before tonight.”

Biola scratched the back of his head and looked at the ground.

“Alright, Kirei.”

Biola looked up and smiled. Kirei smiled, turned away and ran off while waving back. Biola stood motionless as he watched Kirei rundown the hall.

"Man I’m going to miss these uniforms...”

Biola thought to himself with a dumbstruck look on his face.Elijah nudged Biola and cocked his eyebrow.

“So that’s how it is eh?”

Biola looked at Elijah and wiped the sweat from his brow.

“Shut up. I changed my mind that’s all.”

Elijah smiled and started to make his way down the hall.

“I’ll see you later Biola, have to get ready for tonight. Happy you changed your mind man.”

Elijah waved backwards as he walked out the door. Biola sighed and made his way to the door. Biola started making his way home walking slower than usual. He took time to look at the route he was going to walk one last time

"This is it. Not really gonna miss it but I might as well take my time.”

Biola walked looking at the neighborhoods on his way home. On the route he was that a preschool had just been let out. All the small children happily ran to their parents who were there to pick them up.They all walked off hand in hand cheerful telling their parents about their day as well as asking for sugary snacks. Biola couldn’t help but feel envious of the children.

“I remember the times when I could go home safely without a care. No homework, no chores, no worrying about when humans are finally going to destroy themselves with a weapon so powerful they can’t even control it. If I could go back I would never grow up. Well I guess I’m half way there since I’m still an immature bastard.”

Biola arrived home and went straight up to his room. He threw his binder on the ground and straight to his computer. Biola typed in his search bar and pressed enter. The address took him to a site that had a huge list of manga that had been uploaded to the site and translated into English. He searched through the list of updates very thoroughly for a certain Manga.


Biola was ecstatic to see that Awesome-San had been updated. He immediately began reading the comic savouring every page. Awesome-San was released bi-weekly rather than weekly so it was somewhat like a treat that he could only have twice a week. In this weeks chapter Awesome-Man had a fight of epic proportions with The Drag and ended up hospitalized.

“Guess this proves even the strongest of hero’s aren’t invincible.”

Biola looked away from his room and took a glance around his room that was filled with posters of different comic book characters. On his stand he had an Awesome-San Figure and directly above it was a bokken* that was displayed on the wall.

Biola stood up and walked over to his mini shrine.

“I admire Awesome-San a lot. His story and struggle has helped me get through life. When I had no friends the manga I read would substitute them. I don’t understand why he risks his own life for others. He’s been treated so badly and he always gets hurt for the small chance of praise. I don’t think I’ll ever understand.”

Biola walked over to his closet and looked through his clothes. "

Need something that’s casual, can’t be too nerdy and it can’t be too formal.”

After 8 minutes of sorting Biola eventually just picked out a plain white shirt with jeans and a black coat.

Biola left his house and made way down to the karaoke parlour.

“This is the first big social event I’m going to. It’s going to be hard for me to actually have fun at this kind of thing. I find it hard to determine what exactly is going to happen.”

Biola’s head was filled with misery and confusion as he walked down the streets. He arrived 20 minutes later at the karaoke parlour where all of his classmates were waiting. Biola discreetly snuck into the crowd not being noticed and simply blended in. Biola felt a tap on his shoulder. He quickly turned around to see Elijah standingthere in a shirt that said “Otaku”* on it.

“Glad you came, Biola.”

Elijah’s face lit up at the sight of his friend coming to the one last class outing. Sakurai smiled as well.

“Well I couldn’t just stay home and do nothing now could I?”

The doors to the karaoke parlour opened signalling that they were allowed in. The class started walking into the parlour. Biola took a step to go towards the door but was stopped by Elijah.

“Tonight I’m going to try to get with Cassidy so I might not be able to hang around with you all night. You’re going to have to take the time to talk to people and make some friends.”

And with that Elijah ran inside the karaoke parlour. Biola stood in place speechless. He uttered the words

“Make some friends... That should be easy...”

Biola slowly walked into the parlour, not knowing exactly what was going to happen. When everyone was inside the room things got very loud very fast. Everyone was singing and having fun except for Biola. Biola sat quietly not knowing what to do. He wasn’t that good of a singer so he didn’t want to embarrass himself by ruining a song everyone liked. Biola slowly snuck out of the room and leaned against a wall in the lobby. Biola let out a sigh of disgruntlement.

“I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to come here.”

“What are you doing out here Biola Simmonds?”

Biola looked up and saw that Kirei had called him. She was wearing a long multi-coloured skirt with a lime green tank top. Her wrists were fashioned with many interesting bracelets. Biola’s heart stopped. He tried to gather his words but found himself stumbling over his own tongue.

“Well I... I mean you know... But...”

Kirei laughed at the embarrassed Biola.

“Don’t like karaoke huh? Don’t blame you.”

Biola’s face was filled with puzzlement.

“I feel the same way. It seems so cliche for people to go out to these kinds of things and half of them can’t even sing. I’d rather not participate in these kind of things.”

All of Biola’s worries went away in the instant that Kirei said those words.

“Yeah. I’m glad someone understands.” After Biola spoke those words he went back into the same awkward state because he couldn’t think of anything to start conversation with now. Luckily Kirei was a talkative person.

“What kind of interests do you have?”

Biola looked over at Kirei. She looked at him with all the intent to listen to whatever he was going to say.

“Well... I like to look into the lives of Knights and Samurai. They were both men of honour and they both loved their countries. In a fight I don’t know which on would win.”

Kirei smiled at Biola’s interest.

“That’s pretty cool not many people are into history these days. What else do you do?”

Biola looked at Kirei again and saw she had the same listening intent as she did before.

"This is so easy. Why did I think talking to people was hard before?”

Biola finally realized how easy it was to make conversation.

“I also like to practice swordplay. It’s very interesting and it’s good for keeping me active. I practice my own style called Chivalrous Bushido. It’s a mix of Kendo and Fencing with a shield. I also like to read manga. You could say I’m a nerd.”

Kirei wore a surprised look after Biola’s last comment. Biola felt like an idiot after blurting out stuff without thinking.

“Biola you idiot! Why would you tell a girl you like something like that?”

“That’s really cool Biola!”

Biola was puzzled as to how a girl would find manga interesting.“Not many people in our school read foreign literature. I feel like a sheep for reading comics.”

Kirei blushed from the embarrassment of falling into a mainstream trend. Biola was in complete awe.

"I don’t even know what to say to this. It’s to good to be true.”

The thought of a girl that read manga a pretty concept to him. “I’ve read a few comics from the a little while ago. Still do every now and then. I really liked Holyman.”

Kirei’s face lit up after finding out she wasn’t the only one of the two who read comics.

“Holyman is really cool! It’s still new and it’s already high ranking each week. I like Broken Sky and Dead Amongst Men are really good comics also!”

Biola nodded in agreement.

“They are good too. You like Miyashima Legends or Fusion?”

Kirei also nodded in agreement.

“Yeah they are good too. Although I think that Fusion is bit overrated.” Biola let out a sigh of relief and spoke with lots of energy in his voice.

“Thank you! People keep praising it but it’s so generic and bland at times. It’s a good concept but it could be done better.”

Kirei giggled at Biola’s bluntness.

“One I find really interesting is Karma. The name is cool and the story is also amazing.” Biola scratched his chin and looked up at the ceiling.

“I like Karma too. Every time I see it or hear the name I think of the actual meaning behind the word. I really like the idea of divine punishment. It sort of keeps a balance right? Evil will triumph over good but then it will all come back and good will triumph over evil again.”

Biola looked down at Kirei. She was looking directly at him with a content smile on her face. Biola felt a bit uncomfortable with the situation because he didn’t know what to do.

“Umm... What do you plan to do after your done school?”

Kirei put her hands together and slowly rubbed them together.

“Well I plan on going into the fashion industries. I really like making designs for clothes and jewellery so I thought I may as well do something with it. What about you?”

Kirei slanted her head sideways slightly as she asked Biola the question.

“I plan to just work. I’m not really that good at anything so I think I’ll just work somewhere that pays good and live like that.”

Just as Biola finished talking the doors of the classes karaoke room flew open. The students started flooding out.

“God damnit! Not now!”

Sakurai thought to himself as he watched his fellow classmates crush the meaningful conversation he was having. Biola spotted Elijah in the crowd arm in arm with a girl with glasses and pigtails. Elijah and Biola exchanged glances through the large crowd. Elijah flashed Biola a thumbs up indicating his night was going well.

“Some bastards get all the luck...”

Biola got up and sluggishly went to leave the karaoke parlour with the rest of his classmates. Kirei walked beside him on the way out.

“How about we walk together to the arcade. It was fun to talk to you so why don’t we talk some more on the way?”

Biola was crying tears of joy on the inside, but on the outside he played it cool.

“Yeah sure! Let’s do that.”

Roughly 10 minutes later everyone arrived at the arcade. The class flooded the arcade and took over every station that they saw. There was one station that was already occupied from the moment the arcade was opened and would most likely be occupied till the arcade closed.A group of thugs were hitting the “Test Your Punch Power Station”. The machine had no money in it so there was no way to gauge the punch power. They simply enjoyed hitting something. In the midst of the gang there was one who stuck out the most. A young man wearing a black leather jacket with red stains on the sleeves, a scar on left his cheek and slicked back bright orange hair was punching the machine harder than anyone else around there. Kirei and Biola looked over at the bunch of ruffians who were brutally assaulting the machine like a pack of hyenas on a dead animals carcass.

“I’m kind of glad they didn’t come to karaoke. They would have been really mean to everyone there.”

Kirei said looking back in slight disgust. Biola continued to look over at them. Without turning to Kirei he said

“Yeah, I agree.”

Kirei saw a arcade console that had 2 plastic swords in it and immediately ran over.

“Biola! Face me in the sword fight simulator.”

Kirei picked up a plastic sword and playfully pointed it at Biola.

“Ok, but I’m not gonna go easy on you.”

Biola said as he gripped the fake sword tightly

The two had a short-lived cyber sword duel. Biola completely and utterly destroyed Kirei in the game.

“Somehow I know you cheat Biola.”

Biola laughed as he held his sword victoriously in the air. A few hours passed and the arcade was starting to close. Everyone promptly left the arcade. As everyone left there was no sign of the group ofruffians anywhere.

"This was a damn good night after all. I should have done stuff like this years ago.”

Biola was more than satisfied with the results of the class outing. There was a slight detour on the way to the taco shop. The class decided to sit in the park for a while to savour the moment that would not be had again. Everybody got together with their friends and took pictures so that they could cherish the memories for the years to come.

Biola looked around at all the people who had friends and became sad when he noticed he had no one to take pictures with. He looked over to Kirei and said,

“Aren’t you going to go with your friends? They are all taking pictures now.”

Kirei smiled and waved her hands.

“Pffft. I have enough pictures with them. Besides, I would like to get some pictures with my new friend.”

Biola’s heart skipped a beat when he heard those words come out of Kirei’s mouth. Kirei smiled and held the camera out in front of her and Biola. “Smile, Biola.” Biola’s face at that moment displayed the most happiness he had ever felt in his life. The cameras flash exploded temporarily blinding both the people who saw it. Biola rubbed his eyes attempting to make his sight come back faster.

“This was a good night. I really enjoyed myself tonight, Kirei.”

The sound of a garbage can being kicked not too far off was heard by the class.

“Alright fools, get together. We aren’t taking any shit from no one tonight.”

The gang had followed the class from the arcade and was now confronting them in the park. Biola looked over at the gang that was terrorizing the class and gritted his teeth. He saw the orange haired thug smirking as the class squirmed around in terror.

“Charles you bastard! You always got cheap thrills out of disgusting things didn’t you?!”

A couple of thugs came over to where Kirei and Biola were standing and pushed them into the circle that the rest of the class was in. There was about 5 people in the gang altogether including Charles.The gang was small, but had brute force and weapons on their side.

“Give us your money and personals!”

Charles yelled at the class. The students shook in fear as they reached in their pockets and threw down whatever scrounges of money they had. The gang members picked up the money and handed it over to Charles. Charles looked at the pocket change that the class put together and was not impressed.

“How can you only have this much money with all of you together? I know some of your families are rich.”

Biola gritted his teeth in anger as Charles ran his mouth.

"This son of a bitch thinks he can do anything he wants...Why do people like this exist?”

Charles circled the group of students like a vulture on a half dead animal. He spotted one boy who displayed the most fear out of the bunch. He was a scrawny boy who wore a dress shirt with a bowtie and dress pants to class outing. He was trying his hardest to keep his sobs in but ended up bursting into tears. Charles immediately grabbed the boy by his hair and sent a gut crushing punch to his stomach. The boy fell to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably.

“Pathetic. In this world if you don’t have the power to standup for yourself you don’t deserve to live.” Charles kicked the young man in the back a few times while he was down. As Charles kicked the boy his hair became a bit of a mess from the fast movements and sweat. He took out a comb and some jell and slicked back his hair. Charles continued to circle the students hitting the weak ones without warning. About 8 students lay on the ground at this point.

“It’s pathetic how easily these maggots will give up.”

“Seems the only maggot here is you, Charles. Maggots are cowardly beings that take the meat off a carcass when it’s already dead. That fits you pretty well.”

The crowd of students stood motionless as one among them was brave enough to speak up. Charles stayed relatively calm as he put away his comb and jell. He cleared his throat and looked at the crowd of students.

“Which one of you mother fuckers said that?!” Charles’ face instantly changed into a face of pure rage. Biola stepped up from the crowd and raised his hand.

“This mother fucker right here.”

Charles chuckled at Biola’s nonsense. Biola and Charles stood face to face being virtually the same height.

“So I’m a maggot am I? Care to explain?” Charles’ face was so close to Biola’s that their noses were pressed against each other.

“I believe I already told you. You go in for the meat after the corpse is already dead. Let me dumb it down for you numb nuts.You pick on the weak with a gang and you think you’re a big man when in reality you yourself are a weak person.”

Charles turned around and laughed at Biola’s statement. The group of students watched in awe as they knew something bad was going to happen. Elijah bit his nails in fear.

"Biola you fool!”

Charles’ laugh elevated in volume. In an instant he turned around.As he turned he clenched his fist and gave Biola a full on backhand punch. Biola fell to the ground fast. He looked up at the night sky as he fell not sure what stars were real or whether they were from him getting dazed. Charles grabbed Biola by the collar and slapped him around a couple of times.

“Why don’t you fight back? Is it because you are a coward like the rest?”

Biola swished some spit around in his mouth, took in a deep snorting breath and spat a mixture of saliva, mucus and blood in Charles’ face.

“I don’t like to fight anything with an IQ lower than moss.”

Charles wiped the glob from his face and looked blankly at Biola.He unleashed a full on punch to Biola’s temple, temporarily dazing him.


Kirei walked through the crowd and pushed Charles off of Biola. Chalres fell flat on his behind. He looked at Kirei with a mixture of anger and lust in his eyes. He licked his lips and slicked back his hair as he walked over to Kirei and Biola.

“Hey baby. I’m into bondage if you are too.” Charles winked at Kirei and rubbed his hands together.

“Why would I ever do something with you? Insecure macho men aren’t my type.” Kirei paid no mind to Charles’ barbaric behaviour.

“Come on baby. I’m fine with a quickie.” Charles strutted over to Kirei and grabbed her arm.

“I said no!”

Kirei slapped Charles with all her might. Everybody gasped as Kirei was the first one to physically stand up too any one member of the gang. Charles looked at Kirei and smiled. He returned the favour and slapped Kirei with all of his might. Kirei fell to the ground sobbing.

“It’s ok baby. It’s probably your first time so it’s gonna hurt a bit.”

Charles grabbed Kirei’s arm and licked the tears from her face. He then stopped and got up. “You can work on her first boys. I need to get in the mood first.” Charles stuck his hand down his pants and started shaking it around. The gang members approached the defenceless Kirei who lay on the ground.

Biola was filled to the brim with anger at this point. He quickly rose to his feet despite the damage he had taken. He looked around for anything he could fight with. He spotted a a wooden fence about a meter tall and grabbed one of the posts out of the ground with his right hand. On the way back to the gang he grabbed the lid from the trashcan that the gang knocked over with his left hand. In one swift motion Biola hit one of the thugs on the top of the skull with the post, following up with the trashcan lid to another thugs face. Both thugs fell to the ground in great pain. Biola pointed the the post at Charles.

“I didn’t think you could get anymore pathetic, but you keep finding new ways.” Charles took his hand out of his pants and gave Biola a disapproving look.

“You’ve got more spunk than I thought.” Biola gritted his teeth at Charles and continued to point the stick at him.

“You go around terrorizing people for fun? I wonder how many people you have beaten and raped. They are probably scarred for life because of you. I may not be able to correct everything you’ve done to people in your life but I can protect these people here.”

Biola stuck his trashcan shield out in front of himself and lowered the stick to the side.

“And you better believe I’m going to get god damn revenge on behalf of all your victims! This is their karma”

Charles laughed at Biola’s speech. He placed his hand over his eyes wiping away the tears as he laughed.

“This is all nice man, but we are going to get away with this. This isn’t a comic where the good is going to prevail.”

Charles took his hand away from his eyes and gave Biola a deadly glare.

“This is real fucking life.”

Two more of the thugs ran at Biola. Biola hit one of the thugs inthe side of the neck with the side of the garbage can lid. The thug’s neck whipped wildly as the trashcan lid connected knocking him to the ground. Biola stayed on his toes and battled the other thug by making a stabbing motion at the centre of his chest. The end of the post his the thug in the middle of the chest making it hard for the thug to breathe. Biola stood over the beaten thugs and pointed the post at Charles.

“In real life I practice swordplay. In real life you guys nothing but a dirty fucking thug. Do the math.”

Charles was enraged at the results of the skirmish between Biola and his gang. Charles pulled out a knife and walked over to Biola. As soon as Charles was in range he stabbed at Biola. Biola dodged the knife and retaliated with a swing from the post. Charles blocked the swing with his arm and followed through with another stab of his knife. Biola attempted to fully dodge the knife but ended up getting a chunk of flesh taken out of him on his side. Charles wiped the blood from the knife on the sleeve of his jacket.

“I’m more than just a thug you stupid little nerd. I’m a fucking criminal”

Charles took his knife and reopened the scar on his left cheek.

“Blood makes me so fucking excited. I can’t get enough of it!I’m gonna cut you open and drain all your blood.”

Charles ran and tackled Biola. As Biola fell backward he droppedthe post from his hand. Charles, who was firmly mounted on Biola started stabbing relentlessly at his face. Biola took the trashcan lid and protected his face. Biola watched as an extremely deadly weapon was denting the trashcan lid in front of his face.

“After I cut you up I’m gonna go after that chick over thereand have some messy fun.”

Charles told Biola as he continued his assault. One swing that Charles had brought down had so much force that it went through thetrash can lid. It very narrowly missed Biola’s face.

“You ain’t doing shit, Charles!” Biola threw the trashcan that had the knife away, disarming Charles in an instant. This didn’t stop Charles’ assault. Charles sent a one two punch at Biola. Biolablocked the punches, but still felt the punches very well. Charles let out a scream when he punched with his left hand. Biola noticed that was the arm he hit with the post. With this newfound weakness Biola punched Charles in the left arm. Charles cringed and moved back just enough so that Biola could grab the post.

“I hope you get some unsatisfying dreams tonight, you sicko!”

Biola let out a mighty swing that collided with Charles’ temple that instantly knocked him out. Biola released a sigh of relief as he dropped the post and lay on the ground. The sound of clapping and cheering was heard. Biola sat up and watched as his entire class cheered him on.

“Good job, Biola!”

“Nice one, Simmonds!”

“I thought you were a weirdo, but you’re actually a cool guy!”

Biola smiled at the praise he received from his peers.

“Didn’t except this to happen when I decided to go on the class outing.”

Biola thought to himself as he smirked. A few minutes later everybody decided that they would be going home rather than getting tacos after such a hectic event. Biola started to make his way home until he was stopped by a yell.


Biola turned around and saw Kirei standing there.

“Would you mind walking me home?” Biola smiled and walked over to her.

“I don’t mind. I wouldn’t be a be anything like a knight if I wasn’t chivalrous now would I?”

Biola walked Kirei back to her house. On the way there, there wasn’t much talking. When they finally reached Kirei’s house they said their parting goodbyes.

“Tonight was pretty fun overall. It was nice spending the night with you.”

Biola scratched his head and laughed.

“It was nice spending the night with you too. Goodnight Kirei.”

“Goodnight, Biola.”

Kirei bowed and smiled before entering her house.

Biola went to make his way home, but decided he should probably go to the hospital after looking down at the slit in his side.

He went to the hospital and got stitches and some antibiotics.

Biola made his way home. When he got up in his room he changed out of his dirty blood-soaked clothes and put on his pyjamas. Biola slipped into bed and read an issue of “The Bulk” before going to bed. He finished up the issue and went to turn off his light, when the figure he had of Awesome-San caught his eye. Biola stood in place just looking at the figure. He finally turned off the light and slipped into bed.

“I see why you do it now Awesome-San.” Biola whispered as he closed his eyes.

Chapter 1: End

Word Bank:

Bokken: A Japanese wooden sword crafted in thesame shape as a katana.

Otaku: Otaku is the Japanese term for a nerd wholikes things like anime, manga ect. The reason I use nerd and otakuin different places is because I wanted the story to have the feelthat people in Japan also use random word from English as a lot of ususe random words in Japanese.

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