Dark Grace

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The story follows the journey of Alianovna Romanova, a assassin in a corrupt kingdom with a dishonerable ruler. As the tale progresses, Ali forms unexpected bonds and adventures through some crazy things.

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

Hello, my name is Alianovna Romanova...

I am a highly ranked assassin. In my town assassins are against the law but are often overlooked, especially if they are highly ranked like me. Most people know I'm an assassin but don't bother to report me. I've had many people walk up to me and request an assassination, but most of them I ignore because of the little time I have on my hands.

One day, a little girl walks up to me and handed me a folded piece of paper, and a couple of coins. I opened the piece of paper, the words on the piece of paper are written in childish hand. I can barely make them out, “Please kill my relatives.” I kneel so that I'm at her level. Whispering in her ear, I say, “How many of them are there?” She holds up 2 little fingers. “You're parents?” She nods yes. “Why?” I asked, “You don't want to know.” she said pulling her shirt up. “Okay, I have a better idea.” I say while giving her money back. “What's your name?” “Raven…”

“Come with me” “O-okay.” She said reaching for my hand. I let her stay at my living quarters until she was ready to go somewhere else.

It's been a couple of days since Raven came up to me, she's quite jumpy, but a good kid.

On Friday night, I left my living quarters to go assassinate Ravens parents. I arrived at Ravens dwelling, it's an old rotting place with the roof sunk in. I sneak in through the window and walk down the hall. The walls are covered in mold and water leaking from the roof. I peek around the corner and what I assume is Raven's father, sitting on the couch with a couple empty beer bottles surrounding him with one in his mouth. I find myself walking up behind the couch then reached lower for the dull part of my knife on my leg. I grab the bandana from around my left leg and covered his eyes. He choked on his beer. “What -hic- in the hell is happening?” He was clearly drunk. I went around the couch, while he's struggling, and drove the knife into his stomach as hard as I could. I took the bandana from around his face. And quickly broke his skull by thrusting the knife in. No scream or struggle after that. He lay there limp. His head fell to the side, his eyes half open. He lay there lifeless…

I had a bit of blood on my jacket, but it wasn't noticeable. I looked around the house, the mother was nowhere to be found. I stood by the door waiting for Ravens mother to walk through it. 20 minutes later she walked through the door, I grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the ground. She groaned. I threw my leg on top of her so she couldn't get up. I took another bandana and tied it around her face. I grabbed the dull part of the knife again and slit her throat. I then took the knife held it up in the air and drove it into her skull. Just like the last, she lay there lifeless. I pulled a box of matches from my pocket, lit the box and threw it in the house just as I closed the door. I do this so most evidence is gone.

After the asassanation, I had gone back to my living quarters I went to check on Raven to tell her how it went. I knocked on the door, “No answer.” I just barely opened the door and peaked in, trying not to disturb her sleep. Then I realized there was no one lying in the bed. “Raven,” I called, again there was no answer. I opened the door all the way and walked in. “RAVEN,” I yelled her name louder, “ Raven where are you!” I searched the whole area to find no trace of where she is or where she went. I thought maybe she went to another relatives. Maybe she thought it was her time to leave because I did what she wanted and she didn’t need me anymore. She doesn’t know me, she doesn’t care. Why would she stay back for me?

I figured I was over exaggerating so I went to do something to distract me. Walking into the kitchen I open the fridge door and pulled out a bowl of macaroni and set it in the microwave. “Dammit! I hate that fucking thing.” I took the bowl and sat at the table, eating cold macaroni. “Pfft. This is disgusting.” I threw the rest of the macaroni out and walked into my room. I jumped into bed and didn’t really sleep much.

The next morning I could barely get up. I rolled over to grab my phone and read through the notifications. A news article popped up it read “Fire Murder…” It didn’t finish the title so I clicked on it to read the full thing. Shaking I dropped my phone, as it fell to the ground my eyes opened with fear. The article read “Fire Murder, 2 victims stabbed to death 1 burned alive…

There were three bodies found on sight. Authorities haven't identified the victims because the burn damage is severe. Two of the victims are adults while the other one appeared to be a child.”

I couldn't breathe and my vision became blurry. I sat down and regained focus. What if it’s Raven, what if she followed me. Raven must have followed her to watch and got stuck in the house when I lit the box of matches and closed the door. “I-I didn't mean to kill her. She was an innocent and sweet child.” My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

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