Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 7

“Theo! Use a fire attack!” I say as I take a swipe at the Lizginer.

"Sarbiana! How are you holding up?” Asked Lucas swing his sword at a Lizginer. Killing it.

“HEAL!” We all here Ealinv shout, our HP goes back up.

“I’m fine! Theo, use wing attack!” I say as Theo’s wings have a metal coating around them. He zigzag’s in and out of the mobs, bring most of them down to half health.

“How about everyone else!” I shout back.

I haven’t seen Jax in a while, I’m growing worried;

“Theo! Fire attack now!” I say as he blasts Fire from its mouth, hitting the Lizginer, killing it

I turn around and stabbed the Lizginer, finishing it off another one;

“Snow and Ealinv are okay, We can’t find Jax!” He said standing next to me with his swords out in front of him.

We both are sounded by these Lizginers. One hit from these things and it will bring our HP down to half, another hit, death

We stand there, Theo growling, Lucas having a tight grip on the handle of his sword and my tight grip on my knife.

A Lizginer runs at us, Lucas hits it with its sword and I take a swipe at it with my knife, killing it. Another one comes at us, then another and then another.

“SARBIANA! LUCAS!” Shouted Jax, a light sounded us, it healed us, but killed all the Lizginers;

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?” Lucas screeched

“I was chased by a Lizginer. I got lost trying to find everyone! And your welcome for the heal!” Jax stated

"Boys flirt later! It's life or death right now!" Snow shouts before she starts a incantation of a spell.

I watch as ice spares appear in front of her and then flies at the mobs at high speeds, hitting them in the chest, taking their health all the way down to zero.

"There's a safe zone over there!" a player shout as we all race to it. Once everyone is in we watch as the mobs bounce off a invisible wall.

"heal up and have something to eat! we will rest here for a while before we head out again!" Erandur states looking around at everyone.

"WE FOUND THE BOSS ROOM!" Another player shouts, we all run over, we see one of his friends putting the the teleport symbol on the wall next to the doors.

“Okay! The teleport symbol is set!” Shouted another player as a mark on the wall lights up.

“Now. Let’s get out here!” I say as they check it see its sticking to the wall.

“Wait! I have an idea!” Erandur says looking at us all;

“Let’s go in and fight the boss” he said as he put his hand on the door, it opens slowly, making the ground shake slightly.

The giant slabs on the sides light up with a fire on top. The room is pitch black. The lights won’t turn on unless we all walk-in.

“Erandur, don’t! we don’t know anything about this boss!” A player worriedly told him;

“Then now’s a good time to find out,” He said as he entered the room. We follow behind to make sure he doesn't get killed.

The doors behind us slam shut. Making us all jump, the room then lights up with pedestal stools of fire on them. We hear a big roar.

When the last couple of pedestals stools light up we see where fighting a dragon with no wings and an axe on the end of it's tail.

Its name shows up with five big health bars;


“Looks like we got no choice but to fight!” Lucas states having a tight grip on his sword;

“Alright! Healers at the back! Defenders at the front and attackers in the middle!” He tried to tell everyone, however no one listened.

The defenders and healers stayed back with beast tamers, archers and Recruits, while the Attackers, Magic Welders, and Dramums are up front throwing attacks one after another at the boss.

The Wanobix swipes at us with its claws, attempts to bite us, some times it even resulted to swing its axe tail at everyone, hitting some players in the process.

"WHAT THE HECK!?" Jax shouts as he lands on the ground next to me after getting hit by the axe. I look over at his health bar next to him and see it's in the red.

“What the heck!” Shouted another player. Bosses are normally strong, but because we walked in unprepared, this one is extremely strong.

All healers and some defenders enchant heal spells, bring everyone back into the green.

“Everyone! Get information!” Shouts Erandur. However, he didn’t get in the attacker line. He stood in front of all of us;

“ERANDUR!” Shouts Jax as the Wanobix turns around, its tail coming at every one of us.

Most of us duck, Erandur was slow at doing so. He is thrown back into the defending line, a couple of them catching him.

I can see he has a giant red line across his chest, his health is at 4% “ouch, that hurt” he said with his eyes shut and an arm over the red mark across his chest.

“Heal!” shouts one of the healers, but his health only goes up to 10%. We all hear a raw from the monster;

“ATTACKERS! Half Stay here! The other half attack the Wanobix!” I command;

“Defenders, same things, half here, half helping! Healers stay where you are!” I exclaim.

Every runs into position, half in front and half behind, i walk off to join the front line but I'm stopped by someone grabbing my foot. I look down and see Erandur.

I get down on my knees and gran his hand;

“No worries, Erandur, and we will find out why your health isn’t coming back up I don't know. But please just stay awake, don’t go in sleep mode” I tell him standing back up.

‘You go into Sleep mode during a battle and you won’t ever wake up’

“I won’t, now go kill this monster” He said, I nodded going over with the front liners. The Wanobix roaws before leaping at us.

I take a swing with my sword at the monster, getting some damage in, and another in its right front leg. Fire Balls from the back are hitting it, ice spikes and lightning strikes as well.

The beast tamers and their beasts are attacking the Wanobix at every angel, with fire attacks and wing attacks, some are using their knifes. Attackers are using their swords and shields.

We all are using everything we have, power buffs heal, magic buffs, any buffs we had brought or gotten from quests before hand.

Before we knew it. Wanobix is on its final health bar, its orange, telling us that it’s half empty. It raws charging at us, we either jump out of the way of the way as the defenders enchant a spell to put a bubble shield around us. The healers enchant a heal spell bring the health back up into the green.

The Wanobix hits the wall and its health turns to yellow;

“THIS IS OUR CHANCE!” yells a player as we all charge swing our weapons and throwing spells at it.

We all stand back as it raws one more time, it soon gets bigger and turns into silver spots and despairs into thin air, the words “BOSS DEFEATED” show up above the spot the Wanobix was standing.

“WE DID IT!” Yelled Snow as everyone started to cheer and hug each other.

The menu shows up saying we all got some experience and either a crystal or some Armor piece.


Beast Tamers Defender's Robe - +46 Defense

The big concrete doors, slowly open;

“Floor two has been opened” Said a robot voice;

“Pick up Erandur and let’s get to floor two before monsters start spawning!” I say as he is picked up and thrown over Jax's shoulder.

When we finish climbing the stairs we are greeted by a beautiful green landscape, some small villages;

“Hello players! Welcome to floor two or Villages Ally! oh I see your friend is infected, take him to Master Cakjune in Village Morhati,” Said the little green fairy flying away to one of the villages;

“Lucas, did that fairy say...” I ask slightly stunned.

"Infected," He says dumbfounded


Word Count: 1129 (originally)
Word Count: 1437 (edited)

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