Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 8

“We’ll take Erandur to this Master Cakjune, Thank you for carrying him,” Said that Jax guy putting me on his back;

“You all look around and get some rest,” Said a girl dressed in green and yellow, what was her name again? E-Ealinv?

I then start to hear a high pitched sound and a massive pain in my chest “AHH!"I shout, putting a hand over my ears and an hand over the wound on my chest.

My heartbeat soon in the middle of my site, telling me that it’s fast and I need to slow it down.

"Erandur!” Shouts Snow as the others come over ”W-We need to find this Cakjune" I’m able to say through the pain and annoying high pitch ringing.

I think I hear Jax and the others walking. I start taking in and out deep breaths. It slowly calms me down and brings my heart rate down.

When I feel Jax stop, I look up to see a guy dress in white and black, who’s he? “Village Morhati is to your left, not your right,” He said walking away “Wait!” says Lucas but the guys leave without another word.

"W-Who was he?” I ask.

"We don’t know, he helped Evlina, Snow and my Self once when we found a dungeon on floor 1,” Said Lucas not taking his eyes off the direction that strange player went.

“oh, a-atleast he was nice on telling us which w-ahh we should go,” I said resting my head on Jax’s shoulder.

I closed my eyes, but I made sure I didn’t go into sleep mode, rest mode I was put in, when I opened my eyes, we all were standing at a gate that has a massive sign that has the name written on it Village Morhati.

“we’re here Erandur,” Said Jax. I turn my head to look around, at least the ringing sound has stopped and the pain has kind of gone away, not fully.

"Oh your friend is infected" ”oh your friend is infected" ”oh your friend is infected" we hear most NPC’s say, I only wish that one of them would say where Cakjuneis.

"Oh, your friend is infected. Talk to Cakjune in the house on the hill” Said a male NPC.”

Oh thank you!“ Said Lucas as we all walk towards the house on the hill

“Alright, Erandur. The hill is pretty steep. I don’t think I can carry you, can you walk?" Asks Jax as I slowly climb off his back.

"Yeah, I should be able to,” I say standing up and starting to walk.

But I’m stopped by Ealinv, her hand is pointing at me;

“Heal!" She says, and a green glow is around me. I see my health bar go from 10% to 15%. It doesn’t turn orange it turns purple.

“Oh no,” Says Ealinv;

“why is it purple?” Asks Jax

“I’m no expert but isn’t the health bar meant to be red or orange?" Asks Snow

"let’s get you to Cakjune,”said Lucas as he pushed me in front of him.

After a long time of walking up a steep hill, I collapse on the ground when we get to the top, I take in deep breaths and slowly let them out;

“should I try and do another heal?" Asks Ealinv standing up straight

"We′re at Cakjune house, you shouldn’t have to and besides, maybe the purple health bar might be killing him,” Said Lucas helping me up, throwing one of my arms over his shoulders.

When the door opens, we are greeted with a giant pot sitting on top of a lite fire. On the far wall, across us, are shelves full of positions, monster feet and tails, scrolls, wands, knives, and many other things and items.

"Is this really his place?” Whispered Sabrina scared.

“Must be" Said Jax looking at the objects on one of the shelves.

We all jump as the side door swings opens. This old guy, with a long grey bred. His long clothes are dragging along the floor, blue coloured robe with small yellow and red stars. His hat is the same colors and same pattern. But it is pointing right up

“Welcome players. I am Cakjune. Oh, your friend is infected. Do you want me to help him?" Ask the NPC as a small menu shows up in front of me.

YES[] NO [✖️]

I press yes and Cakjune starts to talk again;

“Alright. Please lie him down on the table” he said as Lucas helped me over.

When I am placed on the table, the loud ringing sound came back and my chest started to hurt a lot more then it was before

“OUCH!”I shout;

Ealinv takes a step towards me.

“The sword wound of the Wanobix I see" says Cakjune as he walks over to the shelf and grabs a monster tail of some type.

He throws it over his shoulder and it lands in the pot. A puff of green cloud comes out.

“Hmm, maybe a poison potion,” he says as he puts to drop in. Making the puff cloud purple

“I’ll add a lepircorn’s teeth for good luck,” he said throwing them in.The puff cloud then turning yellow

He started to stir the three things together and the puff cloud turned orange.

“Almost but not quiet,” he said turning back to the shelflives. He grabs another position. This time it’s black.

He put in the whole bottle. The puff of cloud then turned red with small black spots.

“Woah,” said Sabrina as we all looked at it amazed

“Alright,” said Cakjune brings us all back to him.

"It’s finished!" He said pulling out a big needle from the pot.

“No!”I say as I almost fall off the table trying to get away, “that’s a big needle!" Said Snow

"No way man! I hate and I mean HATE needles!" I say being held down by Jax and Lucas

"Erandur! Calm down! This will help you!" Said Jax as Cakjune outs the needle in the side of my abdomen

My site slowly comes back to normal, the ringing stops along with the sicking pain in my chest, my health bar is back at yellow and heart rate is back to normal.

"There you go. Everything should be fine now,” Says Cakjune as Jax and Lucas let go of me. I sit up and look at my hands.

“Heal!" Shouts Ealinv and my health soon goes back up to full.

“How do you feel Erandur?”Asks Sabrina.

I put my hands into a fist and punch Jax and Lucas “WHAT THE HELL!I HATE NEEDLES!" I shout as they both land on their ass

“WHAT WAS THAT FOR? IF IT WEREN’T FOR US, YOU WOULD BE DEAD!" Shouted Lucas. It soon started into a fight, but we all stopped when the girls started to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Us three ask at the same time.

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