Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 9

"Sabrina, what’s so funny?” Asks Jax as both Snow, Ealinv and I laugh “just you boys being boys” Said Snow taking a deep breath of air “Oh yeah” Said Lucas as they all stood up “how funny is this!” Said Erandur as all three jumps at us tickling us.

“You win!” “We surrender!” “We give up!” Us three laughed out as the boys stopped

Lucas helped up Snow. Jax helped up Ealinv while Erandur helped me up. We all look at each other for 5 seconds

Even though we’re all still in a game, we’re getting along “Hey Erandur. Want to join our team?” Asks Lucas as he sends Erandur a request “Sure. It wouldn’t hurt to have an extra hand” He said accepting it

We all soon got notification screen show up in front of us

You have six players in your party. With six or more you can start your own guild!

Do you wish to make this your guild?

YES [✔️] NO [✖️]

We all look at Lucas for his answer, his looking at all of us for an answer “Your the only one you do press it. You're the leader after all” I said “I don’t mind turning it into a guild” Said Snow “Anything is cool with me” said Jax and Erandur agreed

“Ealinv?” “Are we ready? We are only on floor 2 after all” She said looking down at the ground “May as well. The monsters and floors are just gonna get harder are they not?” She says as Lucas presses yes

Please type in your name. Pick your guilds picture and choose whether it is private or public

Name: Knights Of The Wise

Private or Public: Private (only the leader can send invites for people to join)

We see our guilds little picture is a dark blue background with a lite blue sword and sky-lite blue shield. Our name is written as KnightFTW, in the joint writing under the sword and shield in white

Lucas presses finish and never to our name shows our guild picture. Lucas, it’s a crown on top of his cause he is the leader

A small list soon came up, it shows a bunch of other guilds on it “Woah! There are five hundred all-ready-made!?” Says Ealinv shocked

“FantomGhost, 55 Members, public. LouisFam, 34 Members, private. Everyone has JUST hit the second floor how do some guilds already have more than twenty members!” I said shocked

“Knights Of The Wise, 6 Members Private. We are currently the smallest guild” I say pressing on our name. It comes up with a list of members

Lucas 👑

“Wow. I don’t know if that’s good or not” Said Erandur rubbing the back of his neck. There are more pages with very different things on it, such as Guild Events, Guild Announcements, Guild Achievements, and a page to request to join a guild that had been set to prative

A map shows up “Woah! Look everyone in a guild” Said Jax as we all took a look “there is a lot of red dots. Which guild are they in?” I ask as I press on one of the “True Blood Cross, 100 Members, Public!?” Said Snow shocked

“We’re only on the second floor! How!?” Said Lucas pressing on the information about them

“True Blood Cross is a public Guild, the current number of members is 100. Their colors are silver, white and Red. True Blood Cross is currently the biggest guild in the whole of Crystal Fate” readout Jax

“Look at some of the members,” I say as I read out some names “mostly the top seven”

Felina 👑
Marcus Co-👑

"Wow. I wonder where they are from?” Asks Lucas as he presses on a name

Felina - Level: 22 - Red Lands - Weapon: One-Handed Sword & Shield

Marcus - Level: 22 - Green Lands - Main Spell: Heal All

Moon - Level: 21 - Black Lands - Main Skill: Sneaking

Lenovo - Level: 21 - White Lands - Main Skill: Protect All

Ninja - Level: 21 - Glow Silver Lands - Main Skill: Attack Up

Chloe - Level: 20 - Purple Lands - Main Skill: Fire Bullets

Koya - Level: 20 - Gold Lands - Gem: Ruby - Main Weapon: Spare

“I have no words,” Said Ealinv closing the tab shocked, we all stand there quietly, looking at each other "So, we should find an in," I said scratching the back of my head

"Agreed" Said Lucas as we all started to walk back into town, we see many shops, some sold weapons, potions, Beast Snacks, buff ups, Armour, "Hold on I need to buy a new chest plate!" Said Snow as she ran to the Armour stand

She came back and put it on, she then checked her status "WOAH! 400 OUT OF 400 DEFENCE" She shouts shocked and also checked her health bar "800/800 health!" She says shocked

"I guess by the sounds of that you don't play a lot of fighting, role-playing, MMO's," Says Erandur Softly laughing "Not really no, before Crystal Fate I used to play games like The Sims, Nintendo, Racing Games, Cooking Games, and so on" She explained closing her status tab

"Let's find this in, I'm getting tired," Said Lucas stretching his arms above his head, we all nod and start to look around "What if the in is in another village?" I ask, wondering because we haven't found one yet

"It better not, Monsters are stronger at night and us players are weaker," Said Jax bring up the map "Out of all the classes in the game, Demons is the only one who is stronger in night and dark places, maybe even Shape Sifters if they are smart" Said Ealinv pressing the arrow on an information book. I see she is reading about some of the classes, the page she just started is about ODM Gear Users.

"I FOUND THE IN!" Shouted Snow happy and jumping around the place, we all walk over to her and see a one-floor building "This IN is different from floor one" Said Erandur "Its a video game, so it will have to be" Said Jax being the first one to walk in with Lucas behind him

Word Count: 1049

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