Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 10

Welcome Back Lucas

I open my eyes and sit up, I see Jax and Erandur are still asleep in the double bed next to me, Jax has his feet in Eandur's face which he is hugging Jax's feet.

I stand up and I open up the menu, I put on some black pants and a black t-shirt, I lie back down with my menu still open, I go to my status page and see the amount of day's I've been logged in for

8 Days, 0 Months, 1 Week - Thursday

"I wonder how Mum, Dad, and Sis are going?" I ask my self thinking about them, Mum was about to get a promotion, found a better job where he wasn't going to get bullied and Sis had gotten accepted into a big university and won her self a scholarship, "Good luck sis to your new life" I say as Erandur sits up, a hand on Jax's feet

"morning" he says with his eyes half-open, he has a bad chance of the bed head "Morning Snorer" I say softly laughing "What?, I do not snore" He says rubbing his eyes "You snore, I heard you last night" "Yeah right, you were just hearing things" He says finally opening his eyes fully and seeing what his hand is touching

"ERH!" He shouts jumping back and falling off the bed and onto the floor, causing Jax to wake up and sit up, almost falling off the bed as well. I roll around the bed, holding my stomach laughing

"WHY'D YOU WAKE ME UP?" Shouted Jax "WHY WHERE YOUR FEET NEAR MY FACE? WHY WAS I TOUCHING THEM?" Shouted Erandur with a red face

After 10 minutes of Jax yelling at Erandur and my laughing my heart out, we all finally calm down.

"So Lucas. Do you today's quest?" Asks Jax standing up and walking over to my bed. He jumps on it, making me get pushed off it "No, not yet" I say clawing back onto the bed "That's for laughing at us" He says with a smirk on his face

I then see a small message icon light up in our guilds chat, we all press on it.

Snow: We woke up early and got today's quest, meet us in the Lobby

Jax: We will, we'll be down there soon

"The girls picked our quest for the day so that answers your question," I said standing up and brushing off my pants and shirt "I'm heading down to the lobby, I'll see the both of you there," I said walking over to the door and heading down to the lobby

When I turn to the right I see Snow, Ealinv and Sarbriana sitting at a table "Where's Jax and Erandur?" Ask Ealinv as I sit down "Putting there closes on" I say softly laughing "They've not long woken up" "That's no surprise" Says Snow with a smirk on her face

"So what's the quest and who'd you get it from?" I asked as I brought up the quest page in the guild


"oh no, quests named 'a small favor' are normally long ones," I say looking at the girls "We got the quest from a male NPC named Lehgan, He said he is a Pooka fairy and needs us to collect thing for him" Explained Snow as I looked at the list of things

x6 Bodgfan Skin
x3 Honey Leaves
x7 Blue Mahijge Flowers

Rewards: x500 Cyeon, Armguards, x3 Heal Potion, x4 Attack Buff Potion

"Yeah this is still a big quest, where do we find all these?" "If I should be right, I guess the Bodgfan should be roaming around on this floor somewhere Honey Leaves should be on Honey Trees and as for the Blue Mahijge Flower, I've heard there flowers are hard to find" Said Ealinv opening up the map

We see and hear Jax and Erandur fall to the fall next t our table "Ah finally joining us are you" I ask, smirking "Shut up you" Said Jax as they both stand up "We couldn't work out the menu to put on clothes" Said Erandur as the both of them sat down on a chair

They open the quest log and read the quest "What the heck, Why do we have to find so many flowers?" Asked Jax, we all just shake our heads not knowing the answer

When we head out of the town we head to the closest forest, a notification comes up


"Let's hope everything is in this one forest," Said Jax as we walked in. not even a second later we are stopped by a sheep with emu legs, fly wings, and Kangroo head and neck


"THAT'S A BODGFAN!?" I Shout Shocked, grabbing the handle of my sword and pulling it out of my case, holding it in finding of me, Snow has her hands glowing, ready with a protection spell, Erandur has his wand out, Sarbraina got her beast out, he is sitting on her right shoulder, Ealinv jumps back and pulls out her book, while Jax's hands are glowing with fire.

the Bodgfan screams at us sounding like an Owl and runs at us, Jax throws some fire at it while Snow puts up a shield spell, Erandur throws an air spell at it making it stop, I take a swing at it with my sword and Sarbriana's pet bite's the thing on the back off the neck and jumps back to her

We see the health bar, we have only knocked it down by 6, 155/161 "Damn it" Said Erandur as Ealinv healed us "Heal!" She said as a small part of our health went up "Air!" Shouts Erandur as another air spell hit the Bodgfan, taking its health down


It runs at Jax and head's he in the abdomen, pushing him to the ground, his health making a huge drop


"DOUBLE HEAL!" Shouted Elainv as we all got healed, Jax's health went from 137 to 157 "What the heck! Why is this monster stronger then Jax?" Asked Ealinv shocked "PROTECT!" Shouted as the Bodgfan ran at Sarbraina and bounced off the bubble

Words: 1065

A/N: School starts up tomorrow,Updates should be normal and because i am also a YouTuber and coming to the 2 and half week lefts of year/grade 12 i will be recording and posting the video on my channel, I hope you like the book

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