Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 11

“How is it stronger than Jax!?” Asked Ealinv shocked, I sit up with a hand over my abdomen “ouch” I say “PROTECT!” Shouts Snow as the Lodgfan tries to go at Sarbaina but bounces off the bubble


“Damn it. it feels like the monsters on floor one and two are at the same strength” I say standing up with fire around my hands.

It jumps at me this time but I throw some fire at it. Taking down its health and little more, Erandur used a lightning spell “Or we are just extremely weak” Said Sarbaina, as the Lodgfan just got back up


Lucas swings at it couple more times, Sarbaina tells her beast Theo to use a fire attack and both Ernadur and My Self used whatever spells that worked best. Its health slowly went down, then it finally died

Rewards: x1 Lodgfan Skin, x3 Cyeon, x1 Lodgfan Blood

“Now why would we want its blood?” Asked Erandur opening up his inventory, and pressing on the item, a small bottle with red liquid, we know it’s the blood inside

“It looks like a health potion” Said Erandur opening the box. Her faces turned sour “That stinks,” He says pitching his nose and passing it to me.

I also smell it and pitch my nose “My God!” I say grabbing the lid from Erandur and putting it back on the bottle.

“If Lodgfan blood smell’s that sour I wonder how sour the other monsters are,” I say giving the bottle back to Erandur so he can put it back in his inventory.

“Keep it, We may need it for a quest in the future,” Said Lucas pinching his nose, I turn to the girls and they are the same “Let me guess, you can smell it from there?” I ask as they nodded

A Lodgfan behind Lucas Screams and falls down, it was hit in the neck by an arrow. The arrow has some green dots floating around the end of the arrow

Lucas grab out his sword and takes a swing at the Lodgfan, taking its health almost all the way, Erandur pointed his want at the Lodgfan and said a spell and ice bullet come out and hit it Killing it

Rewards: X3 Cyeon, x1 Lodgfan Skin, x1 Lodgfan Blood, x4 XP

This girl with light green hair, shoulder-length, brown cloths with green sleeves and green shorts jump down out of the tree, her fridge is brushed to the left

"Are you okay?" She asks keeping her bow in her hand and arrows in a holder on her back

"Yeah, thanks for saving us," Said Lucas turning to her "No worries. We got to stick together right?" She said with a smile on her face "My name is Freyja, I'm an archer" She said grabbing another arrow and shooting a Lodgfan behind Snow "PROTECT!" Shouts Snow

The Lodgfan hits the bubble and lands on its back. It struggles to roll onto its emu feet

I say some words and use a lightning spell on it and Theo shots some fire out of its mouth and Freyja hits it again with an arrow but with time the arrow has small red lines floating around the end of it.

The rewards page came up with the exact same thing. We all ran into one of the towns "We made it" Said Snow as we took in deep breaths "Heal... All!" Says Ealinv and our health bar slowly filled up

Freyja pulled out a health poison and drank it, her health slowly filling up as well. "Thanks for the save back there Freyja," Said Erandur as he stands upright "it's cool. I try and help out anyone" She says also standing upright

"Hey, I was wondering. Cause you're doing the same quest as me, can I join your guild?" Asked Freyja as she sent in a request on our guild page

"We would love to have you!" Said Lucas accepted the request. We see our small Guild logo shows up next to her name "Thank You, Lucas?" She asks looking at the member list "Yup, and this Girl dressed in white and blue is Snow. She is a defender, this on dressing in Greens and yellow is Ealinv, our healer. The older looking one is Jax he is the Elemental Master and the one with the witches hat is Erandur. He is a wizard"

"I'm Freyja and I'm an archer" Said Freyja putting out her hand. I grab it and we shake hands "Welcome to the guild Freyja," I say as she smiles "I'm happy to be here"

"Freyja. How far in the quest have you gotten?" Asks Sarbriana "Oh yeah and this is Sarbriana. She is a beast tamer" Said Lucas softly laughing "Sorry I forgot about you" He said as she slapped him over the back of the head

"So far I've got 2 Lodgfan skin's, 3 Honey Leaves and 1 of the Blue Mahijge Flowers," She says opening up her inventory and showing us

"So because you joined us. We now have 5 Lodgfan Skin. 3 Honey Leaves and 1 one of Blue Mahijge Flowers. Freyja was doing you find the Blue Mahijge Flower?" Asks Ealinv "I found it on Floor 1. In front of of the Alien Lands"

"Let's go there then" Said Erandur "Erandur. Do you know how dangerous it would be" I say looking at him "No and by everyone's reaction, dangours" he replied back

"Alien's of all classes. They are the second strongest class or race in this whole game" Explained Sarbriana "What's the strongest?" Asked Erandur unsure "Demon's and there land is right next to the Alien Land" "So if any of the lands are under attack, the one next door will be there to help out in a matter of seconds" Said Ealinv

"I was attacked just trying to pick the flower, Demons and Alien's are counted as Orange players right at the start of the game. So they will kill if any one crosses into their land" Said Freyja getting up the map of the Demon and Alien Lands

"Both Lands are massive. How do we get it in?" Asks Lucas "I don't know" Said Freyja



The Kingdom

Controlled By The Government

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