Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 12

The light disappears and we all see all the lands. Every land a different color “Hey, Freyja, do you know if the Aliens and Demons are aliens?” Asked Jax looking at the two lands in the sky.

“They are for a matter of fact, it says in the game’s classes information booklet,” I say and Ealinv opens up the menu and then the booklet.

“Aliens, Demon’s and Alien’s are aliens. So far no other lands have confirmed to be aliens” Readout Ealinv.

“Remember this. Once we cross over into the dark part, we are in their lands, they are stronger in the dark, I know we are only getting a flower but because they would have spawned in already as an orange player. They will try and kill” I said as we walked over to the Alien Lands.

We look down at the ground and see one side, the side which we are in is green, healthy grass while in front of us is Purple, dead grass.

“Get your teleport crystal’s ready if needed to teleport back to the in or your class mainland,” I say as I took a step into the Alien’s land, everyone else also steps in.

It soon turns bright and sunny to dark and shady “The flowers spawn are random. So let’s all stick together” I said as we all looked around

“What happens if we run into alien’s?” Asks Ealinv nervous “Defend your self, Snow do you think you could do the defending. I can help out, I know one defending spell” “Yeah I should have the MP and strength,” She says sticking close to Lucas

While we were walking around, Ealinv see one of the flowers, “I see one!” She says running over to it, picking it up and placing it in her inventory. As is put in her inventory a Male, with purple skin, suddenly appears right in front of her.

“EALINV!” Shouts Jax, Running over to her, pulling her behind him. His hands are covered in fire, Snow has her hands glowing light blue, which means she has a protection spell ready, I have my bow out, hand on an arrow, Lucas has his sword out, both hands on the handle. Erandur has his wand out which is glowing White, he has a wind spell ready while his hand is glowing green, he must have a heal spell ready. Sarbraina has her knife out while her beast is on her shoulder growling.

“None of you are from either the Demon’s or Alien Land,” Says the male crossing his arms “O-Of course we’re not!” Said Snow stuttering, I look up above his head and see the little crystal, its orange, his an orange player.

“We’re only here to finish a quest, we swear it!” I say as he slowly walks closer to Jax “Oh really, which quest is that?” He asks not taking his eyes off Jax and Jax not taking his off this person “A Small Favor” Said Lucas.

“Ah, so you’re here for the Blue Mahijge Flower,” He said stepping back and looking at us, “You’re the very first guild to ever try this quest. Not even that True Blood Cross has started or even attempted this quest,” He said standing back and looking at us.

“No one besides you people is doing this quest, why?” He asks crossing his arms “Well, us boys weren’t awake when the girls picked the quest and well, we think we can really finish it” Explained Erandur scratching the back of his head.

The alien let out a sign and looked at the ground “I might be able to help, but you have to add me in your guild” He says looking at us all “I’m going, to be honest. I hate being an orange player, and for me to become a green player is to join a guild and start questing with them. In addition, more of the Blue Mahijge Flowers are inside of the Alien’s land. If I’m in your guild none of the other players will try and kill you,” He explained as he set a request to join the guild.

We all look at Lucas, waiting, waiting for his response “Fine. You can join,” He said accepted the request and the logo appearing next to his name. I see his name appearing in the list; I press on it and check his info

Name: Yuko
Gender: Male
Level: 6
Land: Pink Lands
Main Weapon: Double Barrel Shot Gun
Sub-Weapon: Assassin Knife
MP: 200/200
HP: 178/178

“Why do aliens get a shotgun as a weapon?” I ask shocked, closing the tab “And why a double-barrel shotgun?” Asks Snow also shocked, and closing the tab “I brought it from one of the shops in town before we are teleported in this game, we get to pick what our starter gun is and well I picked a double Barrel shotgun” Said Yuko grabbing it off his back and showing us.

“It says your sub-weapon is an assassin knife, do Aliens normally get a choice at what weapons they get?” Asked Jax pressing into Classes Booklet. “Yeah, we are one of the biggest and strongest classes after all,” He said turning around and walking into the town “Are you all coming?” He asked as we all run after him, entering the town.

We walk past many different players; each one of them is giving us a death glare that could kill us if looks can kill; "ignore them, they see that I'm in your guild so they can't hurt you in any way" Softly spoke Yuko

We stop in our tracks as we hear a loud drum sound and then a female robot voice "Floor 3 has been opened, Floor 2 has been cleared" Says the voice as the teleporter in the center of town starts to glow but it then faded

"Who wants to take a guess the True Blood Cross beat floor 2?" I asked Jax as we stopped in our tracks and looked at the portal.

We soon hear our names being called. We also here Yuko's name being called "Ah have you found a guild Yuko," Said another male. This time a green alien.

"Yeah so what, why does it matter to you?" Yuko replies back with no hesitation. "Told you we would beat floor 2 Yuko, you shouldn't have up and left us like that," He said in a cocky tone.

"You know the reason I left and I don't care that you unlocked floor 3. Now if you don't mind me and the lovely guild I'm in has to finish our quest, guys that things you are this way" He said as we followed him to a garden.

The garden is full of very different flowers "Woah! So pretty!" Said Sarbriana shocked.

"The Blue Mahijge Flowers should be over there" Said Yuko walking over to a garden patch that is a mix of purple and blue.

I tap on a couple and the name on the quest page gets crossed out "Sweet! We can go back onto floor 2 and hand in the quest!" I said as I stood up

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