Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 13

“Sweet! We finally finished the quest!” Said Erandur scratching his arms above his head “Let’s get back to floor two to hand in the quest” Said Yuko as he held up a teleport crystal “teleport Floor 2” He said and in a blink of an eye we were standing on the teleport pad on floor 2.

“Where did you get this quest from again Snow?” asked Yuko as he turned to look at me “Um, in that village,” I say point “Yuko, who were those players?” I ask stopping him “Why where they….. Bullying you?” He stops and looks at the ground.

“Those players, the ones who are bullying me. They are a guild, DarkNight Guild, just only accepting Aliens and Demons. Not the biggest but they are the strongest guilds. I was one of the weakest people in the guild, which makes me look like an easy target for bullying”

“You left because of their bullying didn’t you?” Asked Ealinv concerted “Yeah and because we start off as orange players, they also beat me up. Orange Players in the same guild, they do get away with it”

“Well, you’re with us now. We don’t bully each other and we won’t bully you, we treat each other as equals” Said Lucas putting a hand on Yuko’s shoulder “And I mean it” He says as Yuko softly smiles “I trust you, I trust all of you, now let’s hand in this quest, Snow which town was it again?” He asked Looking up at me with a bright smile.

“That one,” I say pointing and we head there, we walk over to the NPC, which gave us the quest.

“AH! Thank you so much, brave players here is a reward!”

He says as we get a notification screen of the items we have. I close it and turn to everyone “Something is off” I say as we look around and see pumpkins, hay, and other objects that are colored either orange or black.

“What month is it?” Asked Yuko “Um… October” Replied Erandur “AH! Then Halloween is coming up!” Said Sarbriana happy “I LOVE, and I mean L.O.V.E Halloween! It’s my favorite time of year!”

“Alright, how about we look around and see how Halloween this game has gotten,” Said Jax as he turned around and started to walk off “Jax! WAIT UP!” Said Lucas as we all chased after Jax. We made sure to stop by every NPC to see if anything has changed, some gave us candy, cyeon, potions, and XP. Some even gave out special Halloween quests.

“We have the whole month to do these quests; do you think we should give one a go?” Asked Yuko as he looks at the quest tab that is open in front of him “Well what’s that one about?” Asks Erandur looking over his shoulder.

“It’s called ‘Laugh-O-Lanterns’ and we have to kill x20 Laugh-O-Lanterns” “Let me guess, this Laugh-O-Lanterns are always laughing?” Asked Lucas opening up the quest it's self as it’s loading into the tab.

I softly laugh as I see the rewards “Rewards, x1 Laugh-O-Lantern Head, Laugh-O-Lantern Defense Spell” I say quickly calming my self down, “Do we want to know how that defense spell goes?” Asks Sarbraina also softly laughing.

We soon look at and see the sky, It’s slowly turning night, “I know the monsters are stronger at night, but so are Aliens. So how about we get this quest started?” Asks Erandur as we all look at each other and then at Lucas and Yuko.

“Sure, we can try killing one, but if any of our health gets low we all leave okay,” Said Lucas as we all head to the gate. “Low as in-” “orange low, we get it!” Says Jax as he puts his arm around Lucas’s shoulders.

When we step outside of the gate we see Yuk start to glow a light shade of Purple “Ah so that’s what happens” I say as we all look at him, however, he pushes me to the side and before we see it, there is a dead Laugh-O-Lantern on the ground, we see the rewards “laugh-O-Lantern Peg” Yuko read out “Okay!” Says Lucas as we gets our weapons, and spells ready. After what felt like forever, but according to Erandur was only 15 minutes, we finished the quest and raced back to the NPC.

“Ah thank you, you brave players! as promised your reward!” Said the NPC as our reward screen popped up, I press on the ‘?’ next to the Laugh-O-Lantern spell to see how it works

’The Laugh-O-Lantern is a rare defending spell that is used for defenders. When the spell is activated a small group of 5 Laugh-O-Lantern will appear around the feet of each player, putting up a light orange shield bubble, protecting them from Fire attacks, Wind Attacks, and a pistol gunshot.

In order to use the spell, you need to be above Level 30. Anyone lower can use the spell but it will have a higher chance of it failing and not being cast right, which may result in the Laugh-O-Lanterns doing their own thing or turning on you and your party members.

To summon the Laugh-O-Lanterns you must say the following sentence; ′Apou voco te, et risu inepto, et ridens et sapientes, et nos postulo vestri omnipotens defendit vim et artes. Veni frowd concede voles'

You must also use this spell wisely, the laugh-O-Lanterns will know when you are abusing the spell and they will turn on you and your party members.

Good Luck Player'

When I look up I see we all have reached the hotel "Finally! SNOW IS BACK!" shouted Freyja as the boys walked into the bedroom "You do know Jax had to carry you on his shoulders because you couldn't hear us right?" Asked Lucas with a smirk on his face.

My face starts to feel warm, I can tell its already red "s-sorry, Jax, sorry everyone, I'm just a very heavy reader" I say apologizing.


Jiseok: yes I used google translator, don't ask what the English one is I forgot and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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