Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 14

"Wake Up Yuko, today is the day we check out floor 3," Said Jax as I stood up and put on my normal clothes "Let me guess the girls are already ready and meeting in the lobby," I say as we slowly but surely make our way to them.

to our shock, the girls are ready at the teleport pad, standing on it, waiting for us "Finally, you boys are so slow" Said Freyja crossing her arms.

"We know, are we already to see floor 3?" Asked Lucas as we all stood on the portal, a menu comes up with a list

Floor 1 - ✔️ or ✖️

Floor 2 - ✔️ or ✖️

Floor 3 - ✔️ or ✖️

Jax presses the tick next to Floor 3, a bright light surrounds us, about 5 seconds later, it slowly fades away and we start to see trees, hear the rain and smell it as well.

When the light is fully faded away we see a bunch of tall trees, its softly raining, just small spots. We look up and see the leaves covering the sky.

"Wait for a second" Said Ealinv as she stood off the pad still looking up at the trees "Is there.... huts in the trees?" She asks as we all look up at where she is looking, we all see the outlines of building or huts.

"Are we..... in a jungle?" I ask standing off the plate form, also keeping my site on the tree "Don't aliens have this eye seeing the thing, where you can stay standing where you are but see things up close if there far away?" Asks Lucas "Well, yeah, but I don't know how to use it and besides, I'm at a to lower of a level to control it"

We walk over to a tree and see no way to climb up it "Is there a quest we need to finish or something?" Asks Snow as she walks around the tree, "there's no button, no pressure plate, no code pad" She says standing next to Lucas.

Sabrina's pet Theo, jumps off her shoulder, looks at the tree and back at us and chirps "What's wrong Theo?" Asks Sabraina and it chirps again, we all just look at him confused "What is he trying to say?" asks Jax looking at us all.

We soon see a small fire syblom show up in front of Theo, He opens his mouth and charges up a fire spell, but the syblom vanishes. the inside of the tree opens up to a ladder.

"Woah," I say as I look inside "Strongest first," says Lucas as I walk in and look up "It looks pretty safe," I say starting to make my way up, I hear everyone is behind me, following me.

When I get to the top I see there are small huts at the tops, with NPC's standing in, them or next to them, when everyone is up we hear the door shut "hmm. so who knew that Theo knew how to open it" Said Ealinv looking at Theo.

“Theo is one of those starter beasts, there are heaps of things about him that I’m still finding out about”, Said Sabrina as Theo made his way up to her shoulder. The group takes a couple of steps and is stopped by an NPC jumping down from out from where ever he was "HELLO ADVENTURES!" He says standing up straight and his hands on his hips.

”Is he an NPC?” Asks Ealinv holding onto Erandur’s arm; ”I HAVE A QUEST FOR YOU!” Shouts the NPC; ”I think so”, Said Jax standing next to me, a little freaked out. ”CAN YOU PLEASE KILL A XAROED. BRING ME THE SKULL OF THE MONSTER!” “Why was he programmed to shout?”, I ask jumping as he shouts again.

”YOU GIVE ME THE HEAD AND I WILL GIVE YOU ANOTHER QUEST, DO YOU ACCEPT?” He shouts as a small menu shows up; ” Let's give it a try,” Says Jax as I press the tick; “GOOD LUCK YOUNG ADVENTURES” He shouts and jumps back up into the trees.

“We almost died on floor 2, I say let’s go back there and train before trying to fight anything in this floor,” I said as we all agreed and headed down the tree and made our way back to floor 2. When we got there we saw a group of players all standing around something.

"I wonder what's going on over there", Says Jax as we all walk over, we hear people cheering, when we get closer we see a small group of people standing in the centre "Um, pardon me, why is everyone so happy?" Asks Lucas tapping on a shoulder of another player.

"They cleared the second floor," Said the player "Who are they?" Asks Snow "True Blood Cross, The biggest public guild in the game!" Says another player

He turns back to us confused "So... it wasn't that Demon guild that beat this floor?" "Guess not" we look at the group, “how many members do you think they have now?” “Maybe 25 or 30” “it’s set as public, surely heaps more would of joined” “As of this moment, there is 44 members” Said a female with yellow hair which goes down to her backside, her dragon wings are also yellow.

“Hi, I am Felina, the leader of True Blood Cross” She said shaking our hands, I open the menu and press on her dot on the map, I bring up her profile

Name: Felina

Class: Druma

Level: 30

Guild: True Blood Cross (👑)

Weapon: One Handed Sword

“Yes, I’m one of those part dragon people” She said as I closed the menu “Druma?” “Yeah” “You players are more skilled in airal attack” “mhmm, most of us are skilled in that, I’m more skilled in airal Defence and airal heal” “I’m guessing your skilled in that because very little Drumas are skilled in defence and heals?” Asks Ealinv.

“Yep, and in the guild, we have no healers, most of us are attacks or buffs” “is that how you cleared floor two fast?” “Sadly yes, we almost died during it. But I was able to heal everyone, so far no one is dead yet” She said placing her hands on her hips.

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