Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 15

“So who are you?” Asks Felina to bring up the guilds page; “Uh, we are Knights Of The Wise” Said Lucas as she found our name and pressed on it.

“Knights Of The Wise, You currently have eight members; Lucas, Jax, Erandur, Yuko, Snow, Ealinv, Sabraina, Freyja. Your guild is set to private” She said keeping her eyes glued to our page; “Uh, we set it to private because…. I don’t know” Says Jax rubbing the back of his head.

She laughs and smiles at us “It’s okay, I know many guilds that are set to private, it’s either because public guilds that have more members are dragging in the players or they are just friends and don’t want non-friends to join. Which one are you?” “I guess, the second one, but we are adding more people, when we first started Yuko and Freyja wasn’t apart of us, we added then after we formed”

“Felina, can I please ask you something?” Asks Yuko standing in front of us all; “Sure,” “Did you see a small guild of Aliens? We saw them not long an ago and they said they cleared floor two” “Ah, a group of six aliens?” “Yes” “We had to save their backsides from death. They tried to take on the boss but almost got killed doing so. Do you know them?” “Yeah, I used to be in their guild before joining this one” “No office but they all are so rude” “No, I agree with you, they bullied me so I know what their like” “I feel sorry for you”

“Can I ask where they went after you saved them?” “Not sure, they walked out to a safe zone and used a portion spell, so they might have gone back to there own town, I’m not quite sure sorry” “no it’s cool, it was nice meeting you and thank you for answering my questions!” Say Yuko as he pushed us to the hotel.

“Yuko are you okay?” I ask putting a hand on his shoulder, He turned to us relived “Yeah, just glad it wasn’t them who beat floor two’s boss. I’m just glad that Felina and her guild did it, cause if it wasn’t them and the alien master guild, I would not hear the end of it” He said collapsing in the chair behind him.

we all find a sit and take a breather. I open my menu and open the booklet. I skip to the part I was up to last night


Players are able to marry other players in the game. We suggest before you marry someone, you have talked to them and got to know them for a long period of time, and that you know 100% he/she can be trusted. Whether a real ceremony will be held is up to the couples.

‘How to Marry’

You bring up the menu and press on the player's name, you look for ‘ask to marry’, you say yes and if they say yes. Both you and your partner will automatically be registered as a ‘newlywed couple’

I look up from my book as someone sends me a message. I open it.

OrangeLands.Leader: Dear Player, You have been selected for jury duty tomorrow. We hope you will show up

“We have a jail system in this game?” I ask looking up at everyone; “Wait we do?” Jay Asks opening up his menu and looking for the information booklet; “it sure does look like it” Jax says skimming over the pages; “Did you get jury duty?” Snow Asks looking over my shoulder and reading the message.

“Woah! I wonder what the player did to get caught so early in the game” Snow says sitting back down; “What can you do to get caught this early? I can only think of Theft” Lucas says confused; “Theft, Murder, Scams, Hacking, Assault, Rape, Abuse for married couples” the list was being too read it out.

“Wait, Theft And Hacking. I can only guess it means not in quests” Ealinv says sitting back; “Theft or Hacking when not in a quest is a jailable office” Jax reads out what is written in the handbook; “What time does the hearing happen?” Yuko Asks as I look for a time. “I can’t find one, I’ll try and get there early in the morning. When is everyone going to go questing?” ”We won't go until you get back. We won't leave you behind as that” Lucas reassures me with a smile.

The next morning I make my way to the courthouse in the OrangeLands. I sit down with other beast tamers on the side. Some other players are sitting down behind the gate, most of them are beast tamers, however, two stands out; one tall male, dressed in red and some black, the one next to him, dressed in Grey with a headband just sitting just above his eyes. I open the menu and press on their profiles.

”Badrok, he is the leader of a guild named The Munchy Clan. He is from the red lands, he is currently at level ten” I read quietly to my self. I then press on his friend's information. ”A6deern, he is the leader of a guided named The Sakura Clan. He is from the Grey lands. His current level is nine”

I close the tabs as a shorter boy, dressed in white and walks out. He is made to sit down in the area up the front, I quietly open up his profile ”Zkeppai, he is the leader of a guild named invaded lands clan. His current level is level nine. He is a defender with high attack statues” I close the tab as our Lands leader starts to speak

”Welcome all beast gamers, you have been called here today because this defender has committed a crime in our lands. As a rule of each land, anyone not apart of this lands that commit a crime in our lands, we homelands have the right to sentence them! Zkeppai is this players name and he was caught stealing a box of golden apples from one of our shops, he was caught before he was able to leave our lands. He is a video” He said as we watched the video

He was shouting about why he did it and how if he didn't he would lose his two friends two a guild that murders players. His two friends who we found out are the Attacker and Inventor gave their side of the story.

When A6deern finished saying his side of the story our leader looked at us. ”Alright jury, talk with each other and pick what his sentence is,” he said as we all turned to each other whispering. After what felt like ten seconds, we all agreed on a time. A male who a sitting the middle stand up.

”We all have agreed that Zkeppai you're jail time will be 586 hours. That is 3 weeks and 4 days” he says as him and his two friends look at us shocked. ”Because you did it to save your friends you didn’t get the full punishment which is 12987 hours”

Word Count: 1226

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