Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 1

Lucas welcome to Crystal Fate Online, Please pick a screen name and a class you which to play as.

I press the arrow until it gets to the attacker, I press the tick and it comes up with the slot to put my name, age, height. I know its wrong to put real-world info but who will know?


You are now being teleported to Attackers homeland, RED LAND.

A light glows around me and then I am standing in front of a gate with a giant city, the buildings are red, the window a tinted blood red;

“Woah, this place is amazing,” I say as I spawn in

I walk into the town and see small shops, small houses, and either an exclamation mark or question mark above the NPC’s, waiting for a player to come buy and accept the quest they have in store.

I walk around until a weapons stall catches′ my eye. I brought a sword that has a dark red handle and the blade is a pinky red, its one-handed. I buy another one, a small box comes up in the top left corner, I press on it and see some information:

"You’ve just brought two swords, doing so means you can use both in battle, you will be called a dual welder. You will still be marked as an Attacker"

I walk around and by some positions, I brought;

x10 heal positions
x10 anti-heat
x7 anti-cold
x3 mp positions

For the last thing, I brought was a better chest plate, my new one gave me;

+5 Attack
+3 Defense
+6 Health

My states are now.

ATK - 123
DEF - 58
Health - 120/120
MP - 116-116
SP - 116-116

I look through everything else.

LVL - 1
Monsters Killed - 0
Quests Completed - 0
456 Cyeon (?)

I press one the question mark next to what I think is the money.

Cyeon, it is in-game money, you can obtain this by finishing quests, killing monsters, and selling unwanted items, you can also get Cyeon, if you are in a squad, your friends can send you money if they believe that you helped them with there quest.

When I walk up an NPC, he starts to talk;

“I am Liena. I am homeless and I was wondering if you would go kill x10 batork and bring me there meat?”

[YES ✔️][NO ✖️]

I press yes as I head out the gate. I check the rewards and it gives me.

+90 Cyeon
+100 XP.

I head out to the field. I see what I think is a Batork, it looks like a pig, with tusks and huge bat wings.

I jump as I hear a female voice scream, she was screaming for help because two batork were attacking her. I pull out both my swords and run over to her.

I swing and stab the Batorks. I’m able to kill one.

I turn around to see that the girl’s health is almost empty.

I pull put a heal position and point it at her it brings her back up to full HP.


She shouts as she takes a swing at the batork with her knife, I finish it off with a strong swing, killing it, XP shows up on a tab in front of us.


We both take in deep breaths.

“Thanks, stranger,” We both take in deep breaths.

“No worries,” I also say standing up getting a good look at her.

She is about 5′4 and she is wearing a blue skirt, white top with grey chest armour, her blue hair goes down to her lower back. She has grey eyes. Her weapon choice is a knife.

“My name is Snow. I’m from the White Land,” she says putting out her hand.

“My name is Lucas and if you couldn’t tell I’m from the Red Lands,” I said shaking her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Lucas, thank you for coming to my aid,” She said opening the menu and pressing on my name.

I see that she sends a friend request. I accept.

“Um, if you’re doing the same start quest as me, would you like to team up and finish it together?” She asks with a small blush across her face.

“sure,” I said and accepted the join party invites she sent.

We had finished the quest up in no time before we knew it, it was starting to get late, both in-game and real-life, sadly I have school tomorrow.

“Hey, let’s turn in the quests tomorrow. It’s getting late,” I said stretching.

“Yeah, I guess it is,” She says looking over at the sunset.

“Isn’t the sunset wonderful?” she says.

I also look over at it to see how wonderful it is.

“Yeah, I wish real-life sunsets looked this good.”

“in some places they are, I hear Australia has some really beautiful ones.”


“Yeah, I want to visit Australia just because of it.”

“Yeah, I want to visit Australia just because of it.”

“Well I should let you go, I don’t about you, but I have school in the morning, again, Thanks for the help Lucas,” we sit there for five minutes before Snow speaks up.

“No worries Snow, maybe we should become quest buddies,” she said with a smile on her face.

We both swipe our hands down to open the menu, but to our shock, the logout button isn’t there anymore.

“Weird, the log out is gone,” I say going through my settings.

“Changing your log out wouldn’t be in your settings,” Said Snow with a worried look across her face.

“You don’t think the creator of the game made it like the anime Sword Art Online do you?”

“That is a possibility, or someone has hacked the servers” before we knew it, a glow is around us and we are teleported to the center of the map.

“Everyone in the game is here,” Says Snow worried, when all the teleporting has stopped, there is this thunder just a bit above us all. We all look up to see a massive man, in a black robe, looking down at us.

“Hello all gamers, you all must be wondering why you are here and some of you may have noticed that the logout button has been deleted, you heard me right. The log out button has been deleted, this game is now like Sword Art Online, it’s not a hack or a glitch. This is now Sword Art Online. The name will still stay as Crystal Fate Online.”

This guy is crazy, when the anime was made, so many people died in it.

“This guy must be one crazy SAO fan” Whispered Snow who is standing close to me in fear.

“But instead of the electric shock to the brain, there is a little needle in the headset. When you die, the needle will insert poison into your body. The headset will them be able to come off you but you will have a slow painful death. The poison is my own creation.

So no doctors will be able to save you. My team and I tested it before we set out the headsets to shops and buyers over the world.”

This guy is suicidal! Why would he do such a thing. Some of us are kids and some of us are adults who have a family?

“The only way to log out, it to get to floor 100 and defeat the boss, when you do, everyone will get automatically logged out. The world along with everything in it will start to delete its self. Why would he do such a thing? Some of us are kids and some of us are adults who have a family? He said and disappeared right in front of our eyes.

We had our looks from the real world. Everyone could see everyone’s real looks.

Snow has a lite brown hair with it tied up in a ponytail, her fringe goes down to her eyebrows, on both sides are some longs bits, she is Asian, just like a lot of us here.

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