Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 2

Snow, snap out of it, yes its real, but you need to start questing to help, I feel Lucas’s hand grab my wrist and he dragged me to a more quiet place.

When we stop, it's in a small ally way, We put our hands on our knees and catch our breaths, us to are not the most athletic people in this game.

I look at Lucas to see what he really looks like, he has the normal messy male hair, his hair is black. One thing that makes him stand out is that he doesn’t look Asian of any type.

“Are you hurt?” He asks worried and snapping me back to the game.

“No, I’m fine, how about you?”

“I’m fine,” He says opening the menu, I also do so, what a messed up world we live in.

“Do you want to keep the party? If you do then we have a higher chance at surviving” Said Lucas looking at the map.

“You almost got killed earlier, and we both need to be safe,” He said and pressed into the quest log.

“Sure, it wouldn’t hurt,” I said and see them being in the party makes the quest rewards double.

I follow Lucas to the Red land;

“So the red land is a city”

“I guess, what is the white lang like?”

“The white land is a small town, as an army base”

“Ah! In a way it makes scenes, your class is defenders”

We walk up to an NPC who is wearing red, its a female, her name is Liene.

Completed Quest?

[YES ✔️] [NO✖️]

Lucas presses the tick and the NPC starts to talk;

“oh! Thank you! Both of you! Here is your reward as promised” She says and we both get.

+180 Cyeon
+600 XP

We both see a screen come up in front of us telling us that we are now at level 2.

We left the NPC as we can no longer accept any more quest from her for the time being, we walk around and we see many different shops.

“I guess we better find a place to stay,” I say looking at the building that has a small sign with the words HOTEL written across it.

We enter and request for a room, we request to share a room, there are two single beds, which we are grateful for.


When I open my eyes I see my health in the top left corner, right, I forgot I was in a video game. I stand up and open the menu, I press on my defending outfit and press equip, it teleports onto my body.

I walk teleport to the lobby and see Lucas.

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“Do you know how hard it is to wake someone up in a game” we both start to laugh.

“true,” I said laughing.

“We have a quest, I think it's going to be a good one?” He said and I open my quest log.

Go and kill
x2 batork
x1 mousngx
collect x5 green dust Flowers

close to the Green Lands Gate

“Where did you get this quest, it does sound fun”

“I was told that all lands have the same quests. So I talked to the homeless lady Liene again and she gave me the quest,” we both head out of the Red lands and make our way to where the batork are.

I swing at the batork, a red line where hit it shows up and it does some damage, I turn around to see a Batork behind Lucas.

“PROTECT!” I Shout pointing my hand at Lucas, a see-through shield, appears.

The Batork jumps at Lucas but is knocked back when it hits the shield.

Lucas looks behind him confused, he looks at the Batork on his back on the ground, having trouble to get back up.

“Thanks, Snow!” He says taking a mighty swing at the Batork he was fighting and killing it.

I swing at the Batork that I was fighting about four more times, it disappeared with the sparkles and its cry.

“Right, we killed three Batork’s, now we have to find a mousngx,” Said Lucas somewhat having trouble pronouncing the names.

After walking for a little while, we found a mousngx, it has the body of a rat and head of a hawk and legs like a spider.

It sees us and comes for us both, Lucas grabs both of his swords and I grab hold of my knife, my other hand is ready for a protection spell.

Lucas takes a swing at it before it runs at me, I swing at it with my knife about twice before it dies, I look over at Lucas who just has a smile across his face.

“What?” I ask and he just shakes his head.

“Your getting better”

“I’m a defender! Of course, at the start, I was bad at fighting!”

“I know, now let's go find these green dust flowers,” He said walking off without me.

“Lucas! WAIT UP!” I shout and run after him.

When we see the Green Land Gate we see that there are many flowers.

“So which one is the Green Dust Flower?” He asks touching a green flower and reading the description.

“They all look the same,” I said doing the same.

We are looking for some time until another player speaks up “You know, the green dust flowers have five petals, not four,”

We both look up to see another female player, she is wearing, skirts that go does to her knees, it's white and a green robe.

Her hair is brown and goes down her back, she has blue eyes, Like Lucas, she isn’t Asian.

Lucas then saw one which she said about and he collected it, the game said that its the right one.

“Thanks, stranger,” He said picking the last four

“I’m Lucas and this is Snow”

“I’m Ealinv, I’m from the Green Land, as you can tell, I’m a healer”

“I’m from the Red lands, I’m an attacker and Snow is from the white lands, she’s a defender, would you like to join our team?” Asked Lucas.

Both of us sent her a friend request and I sent her a party invite, she nodded and accepted all three.

When we entered the Green Lands, we were shocked to see that its a town in a massive tree, we found Liene, but the green version and finished the quest.

All us three got the rewards;

“Hey if you want, we can go and kill some monsters in the first-floor dungeon, no one has gone in there yet” Said Ealinv.

“Sure, it wouldn’t hurt right?” I said and we all headed there.

When we got to the door, we all just froze ” The door is huge” Said Lucas.

“Well, I’m a healer, you're a defender and you're an attacker, we can do this right?” Asked Ealinv sounding unsure about this now.

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