Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 3

Ealinv, please don’t chicken out now;

“Sure we can, we just have to watch out for our backs,” Said Snow kinda scared. The fear of dying in-game and dying in real life makes you anxious.

We all push the door open. It opens with a really loud sound. We look into how dark the dungeon. Touches alongside light up one by one.

We slowly walk in, Lucas is holding onto his swords with an iron grip and Snow getting ready to grab her knife. I have hold of my book, there isn’t any attack spells or weapons on me, but my heal spells are good and they're improving.

We all freeze as we see this lizard standing on its town legs, a menu shows up with a name;


“Okay, I’m concerned! What is the creator on to even make this game and the names people!” Shouted Lucas fearing the creature.

Because Of Lucas and his shouting, it got the Lizginer’s attention, it started to run at us.

Lucas pulled his swords our and Snow pulled out her Knife, Snow put her hand in the air.

“PROTECT!” She shouted and a shied surrounded us.

Lucas can block the Lizginers attacks, he is doing fine until the monsters change his method and hit Lucas, pushing him back over to us.

His health is in the red zone, I point my hand at him and shout “HEAL!” It heals us all and brings Lucas back up to full health.

“I change my mind, let's leave!” I say panicked.

“We need to get away from this thing first,” Said Lucas picking up his swords.

“Lucas! The next time he attacks you, you will die!” Said Snow also panicked, why is this guy so stubborn?

The Lizginer just looked at us, all of is are waiting on who will move first.

“Okay, here's the plan, let's just attack it all at once,” He says. He runs at the monster, Snow hesitates before doing the same

You have to be kidding right, I’m a healer, with no weapons, I only have a book full of different healing spells.

I stand there in shock, come on Elainv, think, I look down to see nothing to attack with.

Lucas then throws over one of his swords.

“USE MINE!” He shouts blocking the monsters attacks.

I pick up the sword and hold it shaking in both of my hands, how does the game let me do this? Let a healer hold a sword?

I run at the monster and take a swing at it, it doesn’t do much, the monster freezes and slowly turns to me.

He hits me, making her fall backward, I lose grip of Lucas’s sword and my health goes to 1HP.

I sit up to see the Lizginer, running at me;

“EALINV!” “NO!” I hear Snow and Lucas shout. I shut my eyes and wait for the kill, but it never comes.

I open my eyes to see a tall man, black shirt, white pants and jacket, white hair and brown eyes, he has some really good muscles. He has a small red ball just floating above his hand.

The red ball gets bigger by the second, he then puts his hand in front of him, the red ball flies off his hand at high speed and hits the monster, taking it down to almost half health.

“Heal!” said the mysterious man.

I put my hand up in the air and shout out the word again “HEAL!” I yell and everyone but the guy in front of me heals.

He helps me up and looks at us all; “Well, what are you waiting for, You defender, come over here and defend, healer, stay here, attacker, help me kill this thing!” He says.

We do so, I look at Snow, confused “Who is this guy?” She whispers

Lucas swang his swords at the Lizginer while the mysterious man, shoot about to more red balls at it, brings its health down to 2 HP, he looks at Snow.

“You attack him now!” He says and Snow pulls out her knife, stabbing the monster, killing it

“What are your players doing here? This dungeon holds monsters that are level seven” He said looking at us.

“Um, we just wanted to give it a go,” said Lucas.

“But you’re a to lower-level” why does he sound like teachers at school...

“It was my idea,” I say worried on what he will do.

”Maybe level up a bit more, before you even try and coming in here,” He says leaving the dungeon.

We also leave because we don’t risk getting killed when we leave the mysterious guy is just gone “Do you think he was a beta tester?” Asked Snow.

“Maybe, he did seem like a pro-gamer” Said, Lucas. ”and did you both see how fast he just disappeared” I pull out a teleport crystal, a small screen shows up in front of me.

If you are at a party, when you use the crystal, everyone in your party will also be teleported with you

Hmm, useful information, I hold the crystal above my head and say “TELEPORT TO GREEN LAND!” I Shout. We three are standing at the front of the gate which belongs to the Green Land. We walk in and go to another NPC, it's male and his name is Maxcom

“Hi, adventurers! I’m Maxcom and I am making a Health Position, Can you please kill x2 mousninx, x4 batork and please collect x5 soft kicm flowers, your rewards will be x300 Cyeon, new heal spell, and x340 XP”

“I get a new weapon,” said Lucas.

“I get a new chest plate with +35 defence,” said Snow.

”I get a new heal spell,” I say.

We all look at each other confused, so the same NPC in the same lands but they give out different rewards?

Lucas presses accept and we all head to the gate;

”This game has a lot of secrets to it,” Said, Snow.

”Yeah, I want answers on why the creator made this game all thou-” Before I could say anything else, everything went black and words written in white showed up in front of me


Word Count: 1065

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