Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 4

Lucas, Welcome back, says the voice on my headset, I open my eyes to see that I’m still logged into Crystal Fate, I sit up and see Snow and Ealinv, eyes also closed and lying on the ground

I look around and see that we are still at the gate of the Green Lands, I stand up and see that almost everyone other player is out, What the heck is happening?

“It's happening,” Says the voice from before, I turn and see that mysterious guy from the dungeon. “

What is?” I ask

“Everyone has been put into Sleep mode”


“Where all being moved to hospitals in the real world” What! First, the log out button is gone and now where being moved to hospitals. What is the creator's plan here?

“How are we still online?” I ask snapping back to the fact that I’m still online and standing on grass that is made of one’s and zeroes.

“What computer and internet where are you using?”

“My laptop and it was connected up to the wifi at home”

“They would have taken your laptop off the wifi for a little while and when you got to the hospital, you would have been connected to the hospital's wifi”

“What about you, did Sleep mode turn on with you as well?”

He stays quiet for a minute or two before answering;

“Yeah, it has happened to everyone here. To everyone in this world, it's just like Sword Art Online”

“Can’t they just pull the headset off our heads?”

“When you put it on and say ‘Link Start’ the headset puts the needle in the back of your neck, so when you die in-game, it will pump in the poison”

How does this guy know all this? like the rest of us, he has only been in this game for two days, but he is already level ten, he must have been questing all day yesterday and all last night.

There is something not right with this guy...

I open up my menu and press on the dot next to me on the map, his information comes up

Name: Aron

Land: Light Red Land (Dead Men/Women)

Level: 10

HP: 255/255

MP: 156/156

SP: 156/156

Other than that it's not much, just a normal player.

“People have tried to pull the headset off, the needle will pump the poison into you, 750 people have already died because their friends wanted to see if it would work, however, the creator did a good job”

I turn back to see that he is gone again, that guy must have a lot of teleport crystals, I turn back to the girls to see Snow opening her eyes.

“Snow!” I say sitting down next to her.

“Why did my headset go into sleep mode?”

“We all are being moved to hospitals in the real world”

“What!?, how’d you find out?”

“That guy that saved us in the dungeon told me, Snow, I’m having trouble trusting him”


“He is a level ten Dead Man, we all have been in this game for a little over 24 hours and ha is already at level ten almost at level eleven, and he just happened to entre the dungeon we were in. While we were talking. We have no choice but to finish the game, we’ll die if anyone outside of this game pulls the headset off us”

“I see what you mean Lucas, um how long do you think Ealinv will come back online?”

“I don’t know, depends on which hospital she will be moved to”

We sit there to talk for a couple more minutes until Ealinv finally comes back on.

“What just happened?” She asks confused

“Our bodies in the real world are being moved to hospitals,” Said Snow

“Oh, that isn’t that bad right?”

“I guess so, I guess it's alright,” I said and both Snow and Ealinv stood up

We head back into the green land to see everyone coming back online, we run over to some players and tell them what happened.

When almost everyone is back, we get back to doing our quest;

“These past two days have been hard,” said Ealinv

“I can second that” Said Snow

“But, I can’t get that guy out of my head, he knows a lot for being in this game for two days”

“Maybe he's a beta tester”

“or maybe its something else, maybe he works for the Creator”

“there something very strange to him, he told me almost everything”

“Weird, anyway, it's getting late, we should head back to the Green Land and book into a hotel,” said Ealinv.

When we got back we found a hotel, it's more like a motel, we all rented out a room, this room has three signal beds.


When I open my eyes, my health bars zoom in so I can see that I have gained some ‘HP: 200/200’

I sit up to see Ealing and Snow still asleep, I wonder if we need to eat? Grr I hear, that should answer my question. I get up and put on my fighting gear, it appears on my body

I walk out of the motel and heard to the small shops, I see the one which has a sign with a picture of bread;

“Hello player, how many I help you today?”

A page came up asking what I would like to buy

Bread ➖ ➕ (0) - 14.00 Cyeon

Red Apple ➖ ➕ (0) - 5.00 Cyeon

Green Apple ➖ ➕ (0) - 5.00 Cyeon

Yellow Apple ➖ ➕ (0) - 5.00 Cyeon

Jar of Honey ➖ ➕ (0) - 17.00 Cyeon

Small tub of butter ➖ ➕ (0) - 20.00 Cyeon

Food in this game is not cheap, I press the plus on the bread about six times and press it once on the Jar of Honey, butter, and three times on the red apple

“x3 Bread, x1 Jar of Honey, x1 butter, & x3 Red apples

94 Cyeon

{YES✅} {NO❌}”

I press the tick and the lady starts to talk again;

thank you, kind player, I hope you enjoy the game,” she says.

I walk back to the motel, a screen comes up asking if I would like to go back to the room we rented out, I pressed yes and I was teleported back into the room, both of the girls are still asleep.

I sit down on the bed and open up my menu, I see that the log out is gone and this is one big nightmare.

Before I knew it, the girls woke up, I put the food on the small circle table;

“Eat something or your health will deplete,” I say taking a bit of the bread roll that has honey and butter on it

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