Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 5

Snow, welcome back, said my headset, I open my eyes to see that my health has gone back up to full health, the same is with Ealinv, Who is also waking up

I look over to the small table and see Lucas putting some food on it ′Grr′ I hear, I guess we also have to eat to live

We both stand up and grab an apple;

“Thanks Lucas, you didn’t have to”

“I kinda did” He said laughing.

We take a bite into the apple and it tastes horrible;

“Why does it taste so sour?” Asked Ealinv swolling the small bite she ate.

she then opens up her menu and some information about the apple shows up;

“Red Apple, is a sour apple, someone with an iron stomach will eat these” She readout

“Um Lucas, did you by any chance, read the other apples?” She asked.

“No, sorry girls,” He said, finishing off the rest of his apples and ours.

“Yum!” He said all happy, both Ealinv and I just look at him shocked;

“Woah how can you eat that?” I asked confused;

“You like a lot of sour food” Said Ealinv laughing;

“Yep, back in real life, me and my school buddies used to do all these challenges, and do you know of the sour cup challenge?”


“Never heard of it”

“Well, its where you put sour food, such as sour patch kids or something like that, in a one-shot cup, but the more you eat, the more you have to put in the cup, I at least got up to cup 19”

“Are you kidding, your mouth would have had blood in it!” Said Ealinv shocked;

“You learn to fight the pain,” He says with a smile on his face;

“Your crazy, you know that right,” I said;

“Yep, that’s what my school buddies say”

Ealinv goes to say something, but we’re all stopped by a message coming in, the message icon on the top left corner, lights up, we open it and it's from the Gamer Creator

’Hello Players

I’m glad to see that you made it through the first 3 days, you all are gaming so well, I see everyone is still on floor 1, I hope you will work together to finish the game

Remember the rules, if you or your family disobeys the rules, you will die

Good Luck Players!′

“Right! Let’s go out and finish some quests!” Said Ealinv hyped;

“If we want to shut this creator up, lets go out on a quest!” She continued as we all changed into our fighting clothes and walked around town, trying to find an NCP who has a quest. When we found one, it started to explain

“Hello, My name is Johtasby

I am a healer and I am in deep trouble, the master healer, Kalino, told me to go kill some monsters, if you kill

x20 Batork

I will give you brave players

x756Cyeon, x799 XP, x10 Heal Positions

YES [✔] NO [✖]

We all press yes and Johtasby starts to talk again

"oh thank you! Your players are so nice!”

We all walk off to the main field “is it just me or does he sound like an Irish?” Asked Lucas;

“Yeah, so you also picked it up,” I said;

“So I wasn’t hearing things,” Said Ealinv

When we got out to the north field, almost every player here was fighting, we have no chance in getting the quest done here;

“Let’s go to the south Field” I said and that’s where we went.

When we got there, there was just us three and a lower level player, but the looks of it, he is from the Element Master, he has a wooden staff with a star on the top;

“Hi! I’m Jax, I saw back there you were talking to that NPC, I am also on that quest, is it okay if I can join your team?” He asks sending us all a friend request;

“Sure, the more power the faster we can get closer to finishing this game right” Says Lucas accepting his request and adding him to the group.

I press on Jax on the map and it comes up with his information

Name: Jax

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Land: Multi Colour Land (Element Master)

Level: 2

HP: 156/166

MP: 50/144

Hmm, like everyone else pretty normal;

“Hi, I’m Lucas, I’m a dueller from the red lands” Said Lucas;

“I’m Ealinv, I’m the healer of this team” Said Ealinv shaking his hand;

“And I’m Snow, the defender,” I said closing his information page.

“So what’s your main power?”

“Lightning, but at times I do change to fire” Lucas opens his mouth but doesn’t have time to speak because one of the Bartok's knocks him to the ground.

“I got it!” Said Jax, he lifted his staff high up in the air, lightning hit it, making the staff have small parts of the lightning on the staff, he brings it down and hits the Bartok.

The Bartok lets out a mighty scream and jumps off Lucas;

“Is it just me or did they become stronger?” Asks Lucas jumping to his feet with both swords in his hands.

“The more people in a party, the stronger and there more monsters there are” Said Jax, Ealinv opens her book and my hands start to have a white glow around my hands.

My magic is ready I just need to shout the needed words “Give me the power to keep us safe! ULTAR APPEAR!” I shout putting my hand in the air.

A stirp of lightning hits the ground, an animal, a white fox is standing in front of us, its fire is white and it has red eyes, it looks like its made out of clouds. A notification comes up in front of me.

’You Have Summoned Defenders Ultra White Fox, this can be used when you and your squad need help in battle’

“Its the Ultra White Fox! It helps out in battle, Ultra White Fox, Defence shields!” I shout

He runs at us, he jumps at us and light see-through shield is now around the each of us;

“How did you summon that?” Asks Lucas shocked.

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