Trapped In A Online Game (VideoGame Series Book 1)

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Chapter 6

"Jax find an opening!” Said Ealinv.

“Yep, I think I see one!” I said as my staff turned its element to fire.

“Jax! You attack when I say so and then Snow you use your knife to attack and then I’ll finish it off!” Said Lucas as we wait a couple of seconds.

“NOW!” He shouts.

I cast a fighting ball at the Batrok. Snow stabs it and Lucas tries to finish it off. its heath isn’t fully empty.

"damn it!” Said Lucas.

but before we had a chance for any of us to say anything, another Batrok spawned behind Ealinv.

“EALINV WATCH OUT!” I shout and push her out of the attack.

the attack lands on me, my left arm just disappearing into its code, my HP goes down by 100, it's now 50/150

My whole vision is flashing red, my HP bar is now in front of my eyes.

"HEAL!” Shouts Ealinv and my HP is now at 133.

“Thanks, Ealinv,” I said pleased that I’m still alive.

"No worries, and thanks for saving me,” She said with a small red blush on her face, our faces are the same.

“Would you help, both of you can get a room and make out later!” Shouted Lucas hitting the Batrok behind me.

My face feels hot and I’m pretty sure there is a lite shade of pink.

“L-Lucas!” I stutter.

I point my hand at the Batrok and say some words;

"Light, Bright, Shade!" I said and a ball of light is slowly forming in my hand. As soon as I feel the power is getting too strong for me to handle, I throw it at the Bartok.

It hits the Batrok making a loud pricing scream, falling to the ground, its health bar emptying all the way.

“Why are these quests getting so hard,” I ask as Ealinv heals us.

“ALL HEAL!” She shouts as all our HP goes all the way.

“it's only because there are four of us, remember what some NPC’s told us at the start of the game,” Says Snow as she opens up the information log.

“The more players in your team, the stronger the monsters attack become,” She says as she looks through the rest of the log

“And YOU! Don’t make a stupid comment like that again!” I say pointing at Lucas, with a stern tone in my voice

“well, don’t make lovey-dovey eyes at each other while we're in the middle of a battle!” He said laughing at me.

“How could you even say it, we’re in a game for Pete's sake!” I say, feeling embarrassed, as we all laugh,

We four quickly finished the quest and walked back to the green lands, Lucas and Snow wouldn’t shut up about our Lovey-Dovey eyes to each other.

When we got back, it was almost dark;

"Woah! Where is everyone?” Asks Ealinv.

No one is in the streets. It wasn’t like that last night, everyone was awake until midnight.

We all see an orange light at the corner, blinking, its a message, we all open it and see that it's from some player named ‘Erandur’

I press on his name and bring up his player info

Name: Erandur

Class: Wizard

Level: 9

HP: 178/178

MP: 200/200

I press into the message and sees what it says

"Erandur: Hello player, we all will be having a meeting tomorrow in the Green Land.

The meeting will be about the first dungeon, if everything goes as planned, we should be able to find the boss room and mark a teleportation symbol.

I hope you will attend"

“Well, let's go to that meeting tomorrow,” Said Lucas looking at us all.

"Lucas, do you not remember what happened when we entered that place!” Shouted Snow.

“But there will be more players!” He exclaimed

“So we should be fine right!” He adds

"Well, maybe, we should right?” Asks Snow confused

"I mean, yeah, monsters would spawn and they would go after random players, so we would have each other back” Said Ealinv wanting to be sure of her answer.

We all soon agree to book into a hotel for the night.

The next morning, we load on our gear and head to the meeting.

The Green Land’s town square is a massive garden, different coloured flowers, big trees that have green leaves, bushes that are round, small and also green.

Us four stand at the back, waiting for this Erandur to show up .

“I’m nervous” Said Snow closing her menu window.

“I hope we all here survive,” Says Lucas silently jumping, wanting to see if Erandur is here yet.

“Come on, where is this guy?” He says, crossing his arms. Ealinv was about to say something until a player, who we all think is Erandur walks in;

“Thank goodness some of you showed up,” He signed, relived, as we all went quiet.

“We all have gathered here to find the boss room to place a teleport symbol. We find it, place the mark and get out of there. If you haven’t already, team up” He explained

The people who aren’t in a team started to ask othersif they could join.

A girl, she has a monster on her arm. She is dressed all in orange, asked us;

“hi, is it okay if I join your team?” She asks shyly.

“sure!” Said Lucas sending her a team request.

She accepts and we all see that her name and states

Name: Sarbirana

Class: Orange Land (Beast Tamer)

Level: 7

HP: 150/155

MP: 155/160

Weapon: Knife

Beast: Maoratang

Name: Theo

Level: 5

HP: 130/135

Tamed: 13th September, 2020; 13:45pm

“Can we also add you as a friend?” Asked Snow and She happily agreed.

“My name is Sarbiana. I-I’m from the orange land” She studdered

“I’m Lucas, I’m from the red land. This is Snow, she’s from the white Land. This is Jax, he is from the multi-coloured land and lastly, this is Ealinv and she is from the green land”

“And who’s this cute little thing” Said Ealinv patting Sarbiana’s beast

“This is Theo. He is a Maoratang” She said as Ealinv hugging Theo

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