Into The Void - A Cross Dimension Story.

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Team of Three attempt to defeat the King of Evil. But first they have to defeat his seven deadly guardians.

Action / Adventure
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Stormy Day Just Got Worse...

[Dustin Talking]

Yo, I’m Dustin and this is the story of how my life has changed. My name is Dustin Smith, I’m 14 years old and live in Toray. I live in an apartment building with my Mom and my Saint Bernard, Sunny. [“Hurry up and start the story, I wanna write too.”] Yeah yeah, wait Rana.

So while I was walking home from school it started raining. I ran through the puddles forming on the sidewalks while seeking for shelter. I then slipped and hit my chin against the pavement, it started to bleed. I looked up and saw an alleyway that i’ve never seen before. I got up and ran into the alleyway. I put my back up into the wall and took a breath. I took my gym shorts from my bag and cleaned up my wound when a sudden mystical sound came from behind me.

I twisted around and I was face-to-face with a dark purple swirling vortex. The portal was about seven feet tall and three feet wide.

“You…” A mystical feminine voice came from the vortex.“Me?” I said, I was really confused at this point.“Are you the one named, Dustin Smith?” The voice asked.

“Uhhh… yeah… who are you?” I asked.

“My name has not to be spoken, our world is in great danger.” It wisely spoke.

“Reallyyy? That’s cool, I guess, I’m going to leave now-” Then part of the vortex wrapper around my ankle pulling me through the vortex.“AHHHHH!” I screamed as I fell through the mystical swirling vortex of purple. I then hit the ground with a thud. I got up from the dark purple grass and scanned the location. I was in a world full of floating islands, in front of me was a dark scary castle.

All of a sudden two more vortexes appeared in the sky, a girl, maybe 13, wearing sandy rags and a staff on her back jumped out of the portal onto her feet. Out of the other vortex was a boy maybe 15? He was wearing ancient roman knight armor with a bow and quiver strapped on his back, he landed on his face, sending his helmet flying into my head.

“Ow! My head!” I screamed.

“Sorry about that.” The knight kid said.

“مرحبا؟ من هم يا رفاق؟ وأين أنا؟” The girl said.

“What?” I confusedly said.

“Oh, you speak English, I said, Hi? Who are you guys, and where am I?” She said.

“My name is Dustin Smith, and I can’t answer that last question.” I said.“Uh,” The knight kid said will staring at the girl’s eyes, he then jumped up and said, “My name is Atticus Flavius!”

“Why so enthusiastic? My name is Rana Ries.”“What’s this?” Atticus said while walking up to the castle gate.“I dunno.” I said while a glistening bronze sword came out of the sky and struck the ground in front of me.“Woah, I’ll take this.” I picked it up, it was surprisingly light for a bronze sword.

Rana and I walked up behind Atticus. The castle gate with made out of black flames, it got steaming hot once we got close. There were seven gargoyle-like statues of monsters on top of the gates, all with glowing purple eyes. The statues were holding signs, they said this.








“Hey guys,” I said while turning towards Rana and Atticus, “These are the seven deadly sins.”

“I don’t like these statues of monsters.” Rana said.

All of a sudden crows flocked, and the bell of the castle rang, and a voice that I didn’t recognize spoke.

“Thy seven deadly sins, rise up, we as evil-dwellers shall break into the human world, The Days of Sins shall now commence.”

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