Tainted Love

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Raven Nightingale never was a lover. Instead of solving her problems with gentle hugs and forgiveness, she much preferred to use her fists. If that didn't work, a bullet through the head usually would. Rejected and outcasted all her life, Raven has known nothing but violence. What better occupation to pursue other than a deadly assassin for a secret organization, not even the President knows about? The catch: no outside relationships. With anyone. Raven set a list of rules for herself to follow. Working as a bartender by day and a force of nature by night, Raven's life was perfect. Until she quite literally ran into him. Axel Stevens pursued the undercover case to redeem himself from a previous misshapen case. But as the details start unraveling, dead bodies are hung from trees, and a certain fiery redhead he can't get out of his head begins to take part in his life, he realized he might be in way over his head. Heads will roll, cute dresses will stain with blood, and love will taint. *** So, she strung him up like the pig he was and cut him open. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and she shoved the bag in his mouth to keep any possible noises from him muffled. Finally, she allowed mercy. She watched as he took his final breath of air before he could no longer. She allowed him peace. It was not sympathy that made her end his life sooner than she would've liked. But as t

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Chapter 1. Kill or Be Killed

Location: Reto, Nevada

Time: 10:55PM

Her heels were loud as they clacked along the long, vacant alleyway. She was quick with her pace, knowing good and well she was on a major time limit. The short red, cocktail dress she wore paired nicely with her pale skin tone and bright red lipstick. Even her black heels looked stunning with the ensemble. Her hips swayed with every step until she finally made it to a break.

The air was chilly, mercilessly biting at her skin and for a moment she almost wished she'd brought a cute jacket that would match. She nearly pouted. Certainly, she could've found something that would pair with her outfit and keep her warm. But she was already at the club.

Pity. Next time, she thought, making her way down the sidewalk. The only thing she disliked was the distasteful brown itchy wig that was presented in an elegant bun on top of her head. Brown. Such an ugly color. It did not suit her at all as she would like but of course, the task at hand required a bit of disguise. That, and the blue colored contacts that made her eyes constantly water.

She almost couldn't wait to kill the psychotic man so she could take this entire wardrobe off.

As she reached the line of people waiting outside the club, a slow cynical smile curled at her lips. Showtime, boys.

Moving past the crowd of disgruntled and smelly couples, she let her nose wrinkle. The least they could do when they're standing so close for hours on end is shower beforehand. Hmmp. I knew I liked being alone for a reason.

She glanced down for a split second, catching the time on the very expensive looking phone she stole from a nearby store. Ten-fifty-five. She was cutting it close. He usually left the club with a woman close to eleven and she couldn't have that. Not yet, anyway.

When she finally got to the pathetic looking bouncer with his bulging biceps, too-tight black shirt, big nose, and mean looking eyes, she didn't know if she wanted to laugh or slit his throat for having the audacity to give her such a look. But she needed to get past him. If she had it her way, she would take the mini switchblade hidden in one of her garters and cut a pretty little picture into his forehead. Or maybe take a spoon and scoop out his eyes. Then he'll never look at anyone like that again.

But the mission required being somewhat normal. So, she batted her pretty long lashes at the man, masking her face into the gorgeous Temptress she knew she was. Hopefully, the contacts won't hinder the appeal, she thought.

"Why, Ricky! It's been too long," she wrapped her arms around the burly man, internally spraying much-needed cologne all over him. She didn't stay like that for longer than needed, only long enough to slip a tracer into his pocket slyly. In order for tonight to run smoothly, some research and background checks needed to take place. One of them specifically being on the bouncer who would be her only obstacle between her and her task. "I talked to Tanya just the other day. She mentioned something about this club and said you'd be up to giving me a discount." Tanya was the name of the man's girlfriend. Truth be told, she really did talk to Tanya, posing as one of her old high school friends visiting town just looking for a place to party. Taya was much too excited about the offer, but alas, she took it anyways. As long as this brainless pig follows through all will go well.

She looked down for a second: ten-fifty-eight. The man looked confused, but as she batted her lashes once more, his resolve finally wavered.

"Right, right. I remember you. Heh. Tanya was really happy to hear from you. Have fun," the man mumbled, clearly having no idea who she really was. Good.

She walked past him, smiling her false gratitude and making her way into the club. Lights flashed, music blared, and she was immediately happy she didn't bring a jacket. There are far too many people in here. Her calculative eyes searched the entire perimeter, desperately trying to find--

"And what might your name be, pretty lady?"

She froze, very nearly losing her composure. Slowly, she turned around, a seductive smile playing at her lips.

The man in front of her was handsome. Blonde strands of his hair were slicked back with gel, he wore a very nice suite, and his eyes sparkled with mischief. He was a handsome man. The man who owned this club. He was also the man responsible for the rape and murders of at least thirty young girls. He was a fairly sick individual who was most keen on killing them by choking them to death. Asphyxiation.

If she didn't find actual evidence of his disgusting and despicable acts and just how sloppy he was with each kill, she would probably admire his ability to have gotten away for so long. But it was mere luck his mother was a good lawyer.

She's next.

She did not like cheating when it came to games. It was downright unfair to get away on such acts of violence simply because his dearest mommy has the power to do so. Therefore, since he's cheated, he dies. Or, in her client's opinion, it's only fair he dies for killing someone close to them.

Oh well, she thought. I'll play along.

"I'm Jen," her sultry was melodic to his ears. She was like a Siren. Enchanting and beautiful with the voice of an angel. A perfect disguise for the true demonic being she truly was.

"''Jen'," he repeated a flirtatious smile on his lips. "Such a gorgeous name fitting for a gorgeous woman. I'm Aaron." He outstretched his hand, and she slipped her hand through his.

"Pleasure to meet you." Her skin was so soft against his rough and calloused ones. It made her feel dirty so she took her hand back, knowing the effect it had on him. Aaron's type seemed to be brunettes with blue eyes and baby soft skin. He especially liked the neck. So she wasn't all surprised when she caught him staring several times at her bare neck. When she was first reading over his case, she thought he was some sort of vampire but no. Just a really messed up man with twisted desires who's just run out of the last bit of luck he had.

"So, Jen, how about we get out here. It doesn't really look like your scene and it looks as if you... need a breather." He smirked, hooking his arm around her waist and beginning to guide her through the back of the club.

This sly little fucker. She suddenly changed her mind. She was not going to give him a swift death. She was going to make him suffer. Squeeze the life out of his lungs, and just before he would take his last breath, she'll save his life. Just to put a rope around his neck and hang him from a tree for the world to see. And then she'll cut him down again. He'll drag her cute, pink mini switchblade across his chest and- but wait! Maybe she won't use her pink one. She didn't want his tainted blood on her most prized blade. She'll use her silver one instead. Oh yes, killing him would be fun.

She was than giddy with excitement. She liked games. She'll continue to play with him up until she has him right where she wants him. What a fun night this would be.

Gleefully, she allowed Aaron to walk her up the steps of the club to the top floor. All the while, she was internally wrinkling her nose in disgust at the interior of the place. The walls were a pasty yellow with blue and black patterns all across it.

If she ever met the designer of this place, she may as well kill them too. A two birds with one stone kinda thing. She was barely listening to Aaron's pointless chatter, instead, she was focusing on his body. Where she could hit him where it would hurt most. She knew if she made a wrong move- which was fairly unlikely- that Aaron's security would be alerted which meant she would have to deal with the unsightly Ricky a second time. Which is why she put the tracker in his pocket so she knew how much time she would have in case she needed a quick getaway.

When they finally made it to a tall burgundy door, she about sighed in relief.

"Sit down, love. Make yourself comfortable while I pour us a drink." He smiled her way, heading back to the bar just to the side of the room.

A drink. She knew just what sort of drink he was going to make. One that would make her limbs go numb and paralyze her body. She would be fully awake but not able to move. It was a nightmare for his victims. And he was planning on making her his next meal.

She sat down on an ugly brown leather couch, listening to the sounds of liquid being poured. When she heard a package rip, she decided to have a little fun.

"Oh, Aaron, you're too kind. Really water is fine with me." She began walking up to him, taking great satisfaction in watching his back tense. Mmh, he did have a fine physique. Too bad he had to die. He probably had far too many infections from the countless victims he'd taken advantage of.

"Nonsense, Jen. Here," Aaron turned around quickly, two drinks in his hands. The one he gave to her, she took with a conniving smile. Her eyes took in the drink. Clear. He mixed it in so the powder wasn't sitting at the bottom.

Clever man.

Nevertheless, she was becoming tired of playing. The wig was really beginning to get on her nerves and she would much prefer sitting on the bed in her hotel room with a warm cup of white hot chocolate at slightly hotter than normal temperature with a dollop of whip cream and exactly three marshmallows on top.

Yes, that sounded absolutely delightful. It was exactly what she would do after ridding the world of this ugly monster and then she would take a nice bath to fully get rid of him. She would kill him in this room.

She thought it would be a nice retribution to his other victims. Dying in the same room as the others. How ironic it would be. How endearingly unpleasant it would be to hear his screams of terror. She really wasn't fond of loudness at all and really disliked when her play toys started to act out of character.

Oh, well.

She swished the contents in her glass around, watching the man's perverted eyes lock onto her chest yet again. She wasn't dumb enough to drink it. But, oh how fun it would be to see him taste his own medicine. Suddenly, a wicked idea flew into her head and she decided she would play one last time with her toy before he broke it.

Setting the cup down, she let false desire fill her eyes at the man before her. He gulped as she strutted closer, pushing her breasts up just a little more to push him that much closer to weakening his restraint.

"Aaron, I'd much rather have a drink of... something else." There it was again. The silkiness to her tone drove him near mad and he could barely resist any longer. His hands immediately wrapped around her waist, sliding up and down as if he had no real clue what to do.

In doing so, he had set his drink on the coffee table, right next to her's. He felt his hands slowly trail from her curvaceous waist, all the way up to the slope of her neck. The familiar feeling of disgust filled her body, but she pushed on, knowing this wouldn't last long.

Suddenly, she pushed him, so he landed with a hmmp on the couch. In his moment of daze, she elegantly moved her leg behind her, switching the drinks with the slight hook attached to her heel. Then, she straddled his lap, not at all shocked to find his length pushing selfishly through his trousers. If she truly didn't have to kill him and didn't know about his little hobby on the side, she didn't think she'd mind exploring what he had to offer under the sheets.

But those were her silly hormones talking. Not the graceful, elegant, little beauty she truly was.

She felt his hands at her neck yet again, and she looked up, exposing more to his greedy eyes. How something as simple as a beck can turn someone on, she had no clue. But she'll use it to her advantage.

"So beautiful," she heard his breathless murmur, eyes hooded in lust as his hands wrapped around her neck He squeezed, lightly, softly, as if testing her skin, reveling in the softness of her flesh.

She leaned into his touch, happy to see his eyes close.

She hated looking into her victim's eyes.

When he leaned forward with the intent of capturing her lips, she backed away slightly breathless.

"I'm feeling quite parched now. Let's have a drink before we... continue," she winked at his dazed state. Blinking several times, Aaron nodded, reaching for the glass he originally gave to her.

"Of course, Jen. After this, I'll certainly show you a night you'll ever forget." He winked at slyly, his lips curling menacingly before he downed his entire drink.

Oh, I certainly don't doubt it.

She thought, watching as he drank every last drop while she didn't touch hers.

When he looked back at her, his movements froze in place. Wondering why she hadn't taken a single sip... until realization must've dawned on him.

It was now her turn to let her lips curl into a terrifying, crazed grin. One that meant a promise of pain. One that meant horror. One that was a pure welcome to Hell.

She was tired of playing with her toy. Time to break it so she can get a new one.

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