Shortcut to Paradise...

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Chapter 12:

Gusts of wind howl through the forest, alone off the muddy roads is a single building. The rain pours down with no sign of a reprieve. The building has all its windows aglow, inside every table is filled with men seeking shelter for the night. The wooden tables have thick wooden benches that run along either side of the table.

Around the inn men laughed & drank their rice liquor. At a table by the fireplace, a 17 year old boy with green dyed spiky hairs happily drinks his fill. His dirty blonde companion looks like he will fall asleep at the table. Luca’s eyelids grew heavier his head lazily lays in his hand.

The pair of boys had new clothing, the money they stole offered them enough to armor themselves. On their arms they spiked bracers. The metal would help them to deflect attacks, they wore cloaks to cover their bodies, underneath. Light chainmail and plates of metal covered vital areas. On their feet they choose boots to traditional open toed footwear.

Luca also insisted that Ezra purchase a new long sword. Ezra picked a wonderful piece, brand new and razor sharp.

Tired Luca finally succumbs to his exhaustion, he doesn’t know how long he is asleep for, he jolts awake at the sound of loud crash. Luca gripped his sword as he looks for the source of the disturbance. In the center of the room by the fireplace a man struggles to get up.

The man lays between two pieces of a broken bench, standing up Luca sees the source of the altercation. Standing facing the man, is a young man no older than 25. Behind him is a serving woman with a ripped dress, bloodied face. She is on the ground and looks like she was knocked there.

“You got some nerve, we are samurai kid, the woman agreed to serve us did she not?” The man in front of the woman spoke, he had a deep voice.

“Serve you booze yes... but she did not agree to service that small sword of yours. If I didn’t know any better, I would say you attempted to soil this woman. Rape is crime that carries harsh punishment, that shame might cause an honorable person to commit seppuku.” The Speaker is tall at six feet three, his shoulders and arms were massive. After the young man finished his statement he cracked his knuckles on his hand.

“You shit,” Said three men, they have stepped forward to assist their friend. “You insult the samurai, we will make you pay for this.” A shot goes off causing everyone to cover their ears. The source of the shot comes from the front of the inn. Behind the counter the innkeeper stands with a musket in his hands.

“You men need to step outside, there will be no fighting inside my business.” The man defending their girl answers the innkeeper.

“No reason to trouble yourself old man we were just going to take the this outside. What do you losers think ready for a lesson?” One of the samurais, drew a dagger and bull rushed the defender.

The young man is light on his feet despite his size, as the dagger comes towards his gut, his large hand grabs the forearm of the man. Jerking the small 150-pound man like he is a rag doll, he is gripped by the neck as his knife hand is controlled.

The defender picks the man up and drives the man into fireplace mantel, expecting the enemies friends to attack he quickly bounces him off of the mantel and throws him in the direction of his friends.

One of the enemies avoids the pile up and send a punch towards the face of the defender. Snatching his hand in mid air the defender drives his fist into the man’s skull. From his spot watching the fight, Luca sees the attackers eyes roll into the back of his head, the man is knocked unconscious before he hits the ground.

“Whos next?” says the young man cockliy. Two of the men roll off their friend they both draw their short swords and charge at him. Luca sees a green dash out of the corner of his eye.

“Ezra wait...” The swords men lower their blades only to be blocked by a long sword. Standing in front of them blocking both of their blades is the boy with spiky green hair, is eyes are googly eyes from heavy drinking. Ezra slurs his words as he speaks.

“Twfo on one, not fary fair odds.” The two men back off.

“Do you know who we are, samurai in service to the emperor, you think it’s wise crossing blades with us boy?” Ezra gets into an attack position.

“I don’t think your have enough skill to make me care who you are. If you insist on getting even with this man.” Luca saw Ezra’s twisted smile, the samurai looked at the even numbers and around at the people inside the inn. One of the swordsmen accepted Ezra’s challenge.

“Then let’s take this outside and see if you can back up your tough talk.” Outside Ezra and the new defender stand shoulder to shoulder.

“I don’t know need your help kid.” Ezra laughed.

“They would have gutted you like a harvest pig. I hope you know how to use that bo-staff in your hand.” The defenders staff is six feet tall, and solid metal, weighing 12 pounds it could puncture shields, block swords and break bones. “What’s your name, I like to know who my damsels in distress are.”

“Fuck you, my name is Collie, I got the one on the left.” Said Collie. The samurai on the right charged forward. Ezra keeps his swords sheathed, the samurai on the other hand swings wildly.

Ezra smiles as he dodges the mans strikes effortlessly. The man throws his full weight behind his next attack, Ezra blocks the strike with his right arm, the spikes bracers hold his enemies sword in place. Gripping his sword with his left hand, a cross draw allows him a perfect shot on the man’s abdomen, keeping the man’s sword blocked the short sword his driven into the enemies chest, he wears no chainmail as the sharp blade sinks into his gut. Ezra sees the second man on the ground, he didn’t have to worry about collie holding his own, Ezra watches as Collie drives his bo-staff point into the skull of the Samurai.

Ezra gives a thumbs up to his teammate as the rain falls harder. Police whistles, break the silence, they hear them in the distance, someone from the inn must’ve called in the disturbance. “We need to get out of here!” Luca came running out of the stables with three sets of reins. Ezra assumed that Luca stole a horse for Collie. The two men hop on to their mounts and they speed off down the muddy path leaving their kills in the street...

After some time, the rain stops, the trio keep riding. Collie finally breaks the silence.

“I will say this kid you have some serious skills, do you two mind if I travel with you two.” Luca thought about it and spoke.

“You are good at handling yourself, we are headed to Kyoto if you can keep up then you are welcome to ride with us.”

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