Shortcut to Paradise...

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Chapter 13.

Week 20, 3:45 am.

Her peaceful dreams are quickly disturbed, holding in the sour liquid some of it escapes the cracks between her fingers. Mel sprints into the lavatory, dropping to her knees she hurls her guts up. Agnus shares a bed with Mel during her pregnancy, running in after her mistress, Agnus holds her soft dirty blonde hair. Mel pukes up her massive dinner, egg rolls, rice and bbq chicken all half digested make up the bulk of her puke.

Mel’s eyes strain as she tries the get the last little bit out her stomach, Mel has been clenched tightly and causes to her horror an accident she didn’t expect, Mel feels a turd slip out, mushing between her fuzzy fleece pajama bottoms and her skin, Mel feels the warmth, the smell of her release causes her to throw up again, heaving only bile up this time Mel tries everything she can to hold her bowls in. Mel doesn’t move as she recovers, sweat pours down her overheated body.

With Mel the size of a house, Agnus had to help Mel out of her pajamas. Mel holds her lower back as she makes her way back to the bed. This was her routine throughout the night, Mel would be up to pee three times a night and these puking sessions happened several times a night.

“Right over here Princess, let me get you some water with ginger to settle your stomach.” Mel is helped into a comfy chair in the corner of the room. Mel holds her stomach and feels a kick.

“I can’t wait until you are out of here.” Mutters Mel.

Sitting their Mel’s mind is drawn back to her imprisonment.

Start FlashBack:

Mel had sat inside the cell for days, only food and water were slipped under the door. When Mel found out that Stan ordered her insemination, she went berserk, sitting in the cell now she couldn’t help but feel sorry for herself. As she wallows in self pity the jail cell door opens.

Two guards walk into the room and chain her hands above her head, her back is turned to the door. Once her chains are locked in place on the wall she hears a set of footsteps walk into the room. The footsteps click off the floor, getting closer, Mel turns her head and can’t see the person behind her. She feels the hot breath of someone on her neck. A pair of rough hands grip the edge of her training pants held up by an elastic band and drops them to the floor. Mel puts her knees together as the cold air meets her vagina.

“That was some display you put on a few days ago.” Says the deep cold voice of her husband Stan.

Out of nowhere, Mel feels a dry thumb enter her, she gasps with shock. The thumb is pulled out and three fingers are roughly inserted in it’s place.

“Stop it!” Screams Mel.

“What you don’t like it? You think what? You think that you can stab me without consequences? Mel feels herself get involuntarily wet.

“Stan please stop” Mel tries to pull away and her head is shoved into the wall. Mel feels her fear building as she hears Stan unbuckling his belt. Mel feels the tip of something flat brush against her vagina. She shutters.

“You are right to fear me, I am here to punish you after all.” Feeling the wind first Mel is caught completely off guard. The sting causes her to squirm, her eyes swell with tears as another hard lash gets her again.

Trying to move away from the next lash it hits her directly on the vagina the snap of the leather belt causes her to scream. Mel takes lash after, the violent punishment causes her to move her position, each time she moves Mel is shoved back into position to receive another lash, Mel eventually submits only movement from her are the occasional painful screams.

Mel looks in between her legs, in the light cast by the open door she sees her husbands shadow as he hits her again and again. Her eyes move away from the shadow beatings and focuses on the droplets of blood accumulating on the grey stone floor. Mel looks at the wall and wonders when it will be over. Then she feels a new source of pain he moved the belt lashes to her hamstrings after they were raw he stopped. Mel felt his warm breath again, as he spoke into her ear.

“You ever, and I mean ever so much as raise a hand in defense to me again, I will do so much worse next time...”

Mel sank to her knees, her hands bled inside their restraints. “Stand up.” Mel does as she is told. Stan pulls her pants up. Mel feels her wrists freed from the fetters. “Guards!” shouts Stan.

The two men who chained her to the wall come back into the room. “Yes my Lord?”

“Take my wife to her chambers she is to be under lock and key for the next three weeks.”

Flash Back Over:

“Princess this will make you feel better.” Agnus placed an ice-cold compress on her head. the wet coolness relaxes Mel. There is a knock at the door. Angus goes over to the door. Mel knows who it is, anyone other than her husband requires Mel’s permission to enter her room.

Mel looks up Stan. He looked leaner, his intense training had hardened his muscles, if Mel didn’t hate Stan with everything in her body than she would have considered him attractive. Ever since Stan whipped Mel in the dungeon he had kept his distance. After Mel’s three-week home arrest she resumed her normal schedule.

Mel had spent her time laying out by the lagoon, when she had inspiration, Mel would sit in the gardens, painting flowers & bees.

There was one perk the Mel loved about being pregnant that was all the food she was able to eat. She pushed the limits of this new-found freedom, to get back at Stan, she had Nathan carry a stool into the kitchen, Mel spent 7 hours one Saturday eating. To her surprise Stan mentioned nothing.

In fact, as mentioned earlier he had been keeping his distance, there are been whole months that she never saw him. Therefore, she is curious why he is in her room. “Why are you here?”

Ignoring her inquiries Stan pulls a chair from her circular wooden table and brings it over to where Mel is sitting. He asks Mel. “How have you been?”

“Since you violated me and whipped me? Or since your man servant knocked me up like a prized mare?” Stan didn’t correct her he simply stated.

“Your Pregnancy.” Mel avoided eye contact with Stan, staring down at the floor, Mel jumped at his rough touch. His fingers felt like sandpaper on her chin. With a stern but soft voice he ordered. “Answer me.”

“I am the size of a house and I can’t go more than several hours without throwing up.” Stan still had his hand on her cheek, he brushed her dirty blonde hair out of her face and she stared him ever curious he removed his hand.

“Mel, you know your half foreign, your father the emperor chose your mother, a member of the German aristocracy if I remember. Your mother with her exotic looks became his favorite concubine. From that marriage he chose your brother, his first born of that marriage to be his successor. Recently your brother has been declared an enemy of the state. Your Uncle, Father and Shogun have universally declared his claim null and void. Several months ago, I sent agents to kidnap your brother, I was going to bring him hear and keep him close to you. He killed those agents thinking that I sent them there to assassinate him. Maybe he heard you’re expecting and thought I was trying to legitimize my rule. In another incident he attacked and killed three of my men. he let one live, he told the agent that he would be in Kyoto waiting for me.” Mel interjected.

“Are you saying you are now trying to kill my brother?” Stan shook his head no.

“No, not at all, I am trying to say he has assassins, and they will stop at nothing to kill him. There is more, once they kill him who’s next to be killed? The emperor has another son, born of full blood to take Lucas place. They will come you and our child.” Mel became alarmed.

“But you married me! Why would they let you marry me just to kill me later.” Stan put on a scowl and gritted his teeth.

“I stole, married and consummated you they didn’t have a chance to object, to convince me to make a move on the Castle promised i could take you. To me that was as good as the Shoguns written consent, as you know generally the Shogun must approve all noble marriages. Now that marriage contract bares his signature. After I killed his champion, the shogun signed these documents and made it official. But now that the shogun is facing backlash from the country’s imperialists, they will make sure the shogun is defeated, everything he put in place will be done away with. Along with the next successors to the throne, you, your brother and our child.” Mel is speechless.

“You have to help my brother?” Stan stood up and placed his hand on her bump.

“I have good agents pursuing him as we speak, I can only hope that they can get to him before the enemy. Mel, I don’t know if I can save him, but I can save you. If it comes to it you, the child and my best ships will sail to the west. I will never let anything happen to you two. I am going to Kyoto; your brother may have to hear things from my mouth first hand. I’ll be back in a few months...

Mel looked out of her window and watched as her husband rode away at first light, two hundred men riding behind him. Mel hoped that he would succeed, she wanted her brother safe, if anyone could help him it would be Stan...

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