Shortcut to Paradise...

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Chapter 14:


It had been some time since he had been back, since the shogunate seized power, the city had lost all trace of foreigners. Groups of swordsmen move by, they travel in groups of three-ten. Today it was very cold outside, no moisture or clouds, but the brisk temperature made being outside unenjoyable. They had walked through half the city, they wore their usual grey cloaks. All three kept their hoods down, Luca no longer had blonde hair, unfortunately green was the only color Ezra knew how to make.

With some stolen peroxide Luca turned his hair pure white, allowing them a blank canvas to dye green. It looked terrifying with his Adams apple and bag shot eyes he looked nothing like the prince who used to live in the palace. The dirt streets are damp and muddy, Luca takes a right down a side street. The street is abandoned apart from the occasional person tending to their business, a woman washed clothes in a bucket, while several yards away a man chops wood. Both villagers keep their eyes downcast after glimpsing swordsman, Luca sees Ezra smile.

“What is so amusing?” Asks Luca. Ezra chuckled under his hood.

“We are getting closer, but even though it has been a while since I have been in Kyoto, i’ll never forget the smell nearing a red-light district.” Collie spoke up, for a tough guy, he sure didn’t have a lot of street smarts.

“And what smell is that?”

“Cum and desperation.” Stated Ezra simply as if that explained all. Collie wasn’t satisfied with that answer. As Collie pressed for more information the trio turned down another side street.

“And you know what cum smells like?” Ezra answered with another simple world explaining answer.

“One never forgets the smell of scum, semen covers the walls inside of these places, you could climb the walls like a spider.” Luca feel himself becoming disgusted, Ezra stopped moving. “This is the street.”

It was a small street, Ezra walked ahead with the others following. Midway down the street he stops at very well-built building. “Here.” Informs Ezra. Stepping inside the three are greeted by the smell of lavender. A tall woman with a curvy body bows to them and they return the custom.

She doesn’t speak but ushers them into another room. Ezra handed the woman the coin and she looked down and smiled. Her teeth weren’t black like most prostitutes Luca had heard about from the stories. To Luca’s surprise six of the most attractive woman he ever laid eyes on entered the room. Three of the women held silk robes in their arms, the ones without the robes each began to remove the boys clothes.

Wearing the silk robes the woman tuck their short swords into the new clothing, next they are ushered to another room, inside they find a limestone pool. It is filled to the brim, it has steam rising to the top, Luca saw no sign of other men. “We are supposed to be gathering intelligence, not fucking hookers.” Whispered Luca.

Ezra snorted on laughter. “We are, but fancy places like this you have to do the show, after we will be inside the drinking room to recover that’s when we can pick up on chatter before the next round. Luca didn’t understand what Ezra was talking about.

‘Recover & next round’ Luca wasn’t sure if they wanted them to fight, but he has seen Collie fight and he knew the three of them could hold their own. It isn’t until he feels a foreign hand down south that he is shaken from his thoughts. The woman who this soft hand belonged placed the other hand on his shoulder under the silk robes. Tickling him south she guides him with her touch, at the same time the robe drops to the floor. With only her tickling feeling, she helps Luca into the steaming hot water. At first touch the water is scalding, once his balls are under it no longer felt too hot.

Luca placed his sword on the ledge with in reach. He looked around the limestone pool and his companions on the far corners of the pool. Luca could only imagine what kind of filth this pool contained. He is shaken from his thoughts as a second woman joins him. What happened next took him by surprise.

After it was done he could hardly stop from shaking, he exploded into the water adding to the build up of scum. He was relieved when he was drawn a second bath, this one was strictly business. He was washed from head to toe. Next he was dressed him a cotton robe, tucking his short sword into his robe they were led to the next room. “Isn’t this place awesome?” says Ezra.

The green haired idiot nudged Luca him the ribs playfully. Luca ignored him and kept walking. Ezra was right about being brought to the drinking room next. Luca knelt on the floor as woman poured sake for the man. Luca saw at least a dozen men about the room, kneeling drinking their sake. Several of them engaged in conversation.

An old swordsman next to Luca was here with several, companions. He is loud mouthed. “Woman more sake.” As the woman poured more into his glass he downs it instantly and walks off out of the room, from the entrance Luca sees him grab a woman and lead her away. Five minutes later the man returns. “Woman more sake.” The drink girl pours more, the old man slides his hand up her leg.

“Sir, What brings you to Kyoto?” Asks Luca. The man looks at Luca.

“Hun you talking to me, I have always lived in Kyoto. I am a swordsman in the Shinsengumi. of mibu, Shin Splint.” Shin looks down at Luca’s short sword and mentions. “You’re a swordsman hun, who did you train under?”

“Kitan Kenbo” Shin burst out laughing.

“That crackpot? You can’t tell me you learned anything serious from him?” Luca stood up with his sword.

“Don’t insult my master.” Luca is prepared to defend his fallen masters honor. He stands picking up his short sword.

“To draw down on a member of the Shinsengumi is offense punishable by death.” Shin didn’t rise he sipped his sake.

“Your welcome to try.” Shin stood up.

“You are not worth the scum on my boot. Kit!” One of the men came forward,

“Yes my lord.”

“I want you to teach this boy a lesson, you are to kill him is that understood?”

Outside in the courtyard the men from the drinking room gathered. The man named Kit stood across from him. Ezra whispered advice in his ear.

“Look you both only have short swords, but you don’t have armor. You need to make sure you focus, you have this tendency to drop your guard, let me take your place. This guy is a seasoned warrior—”

“Ezra, I don’t need your help.” Kit charge Luca, both men’s blades meet in a flash. The men around them watch as the two men counter each other’s moves. Luca steps back to avoid a slice to his nose. Ezra shouts from the sideline.

“Watch his left hand.” Out of the corner of his eye he catches slight of a flash of steel. He narrowly avoids the daggers fatal stab, his arm how ever had a fresh wound staining the brothel robe. Luca, blocks the man’s sword strike and dagger. Focusing in blocking his sword arm, Luca attacks Kits Knife hand.

With luck Luca got close enough, with a dozen slashes trade between he and his attacker, Luca stared down at the severed hand of his enemy. Kit kneels down to his knee, blood flows out of a mortal wound, punctured in his intestine, blood leaks flows out both wounds, Luca charges and with a swift strike lops Kit’s head from his shoulders.

“Come with me boy.” Ezra jumped between Luca and Shin, Collie followed suit drawing a dagger.

“He’s not going anywhere asshole.” All the men draw sword, the old man gestures them to put away their sword. Ezra doesn’t relax his posture.

“Come with us please I would like to discuss something with you.” Luca tapped Ezra on the shoulder.

“Relax, let’s see what he wants, he could kill us now if he wanted too.”

Stan POV:

Stan stood on the deck of his ship they pulled they were one day away from shore. He looks out at the salty ocean, a breeze blows his long hair back, he had sent a team of six skilled Warriors ahead to Kyoto.

He hoped he would return for the birth of his child. “My lord” Stan turns around to see the captain of the ship.

“Captain, what can I help you with?” asks Stan politely.

“My lord is it still your wish to not dock?” Stan nodded.

“Yes we will swim to shore and steal horses, I want you to turn around and head back to the rock if you can. Will you be able to make it back with the supplies you have?”

“Yes my lord that shouldn’t be an issue.” Stan walked away from the captain, he makes his way to his state room, inside he finds lush furnishings, a pretty female servant of tan skin lays naked on his plush bed. Stan often took her as a bed warmer on long voyages, not believing the sailor's tale that women are bad luck.

Stan had bought Linda from a slaver in the Caribbean when she was 13 for a very good price, he had her working in the kitchens, but soon she blossomed into a beautiful woman. Instead of scrubbing pots, she became his permanent bed warmer.

The woman is skilled in the art of giving pleasure, Stan never consummated their relationship. Refusing to waste his seed in common woman. That said he still had needs and war required a man to release stress. Laying down on the bed the woman pulls his clothes off and pulls him into a warm embrace. Not knowing when he would sleep in bed this comfortable again, Stan quickly drifts off to sleep...

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