Shortcut to Paradise...

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Chapter 18:

The sun peeks through a crack in the curtains. The bright light shined right in her eyes, moaning she rolls over. Mel doesn’t notice because she is half awake, but her arm rests on her husband’s chest. Absent to her current state of rest Mel snuggles closer to him for warmth. As Stan moves Mel opens her eyes.

Once Mel realizes who she is snuggling she rolls back over and moves to the edge of the bed. The thought of finding comfort in bed with him is a thought that sickens her stomach.

For three days Mel had been sleeping in his bed, since the first time three days ago that she gave Stan an inch. Mel had allowed him to have relations with her, it was once but Stan didn’t accept the concession, not happy with the inch he took a mile. Mel lost count of how many times he had pulled her aside. It seemed that his sexual drive had no sign of slowing down. Mel rolled out of bed, strolling across the carpet quickly, the air makes her naked body colder.

Stepping into the lavatory Mel sits down near the mirror, her whale bone hair brush had been moved here. Everyday more and more of her things had been placed in Stan’s quarters. Sighing Mel picked it and brushed out the knots. The sound of crying from the bed chamber, makes Mel leave the mirror. Before leaving the lavatory, Mel slipped on a cotton pullover.

Stan had the baby in his arms. “Girl!” Shouts Stan for a servant. Stan sees Mel crossing the room he holds out the crying infant. “Make him stop.” Mel takes her child in her arms and rocks him, the baby recognizing her face stops as Agnus Mel’s lady’s maid walks in.

“What took you so long?” Snaps Stan.

“Don’t yell at her, he’s just hungry... Agnus honey please take him to nurse.” Agnus takes the baby and leaves the room.

Stan sits in the bed brooding, Mel rolls her eyes and goes back into the lavatory. As she brushes her teeth she sees Stan lurking behind her. Spitting the tooth paste into the sink she turns around to look at him. If she didn’t hate him so much Mel would think Stan looked cute. Standing sleepy eyed, last night he cut his hair short. When he slept he moved around so much that his hair formed a Mohawk. Ignoring his appearance Mel asks Stan.

“Why don’t you get some more sleep?” Stan shook his head and went to the toilet to relieve himself, Mel sees that he is half hard as he walked passed her. Stan bends down in a right angle to make it in the bowl. Mel got up to use the restroom as Stan walks away from the toilet.

“You pissed all over the floor and toilet!” Shouts Mel. Stan looks at her confused and replies.

“So the servants will clean it up?” Mel puts on an angry scowl.

“I guess I am supposed to sit in piss?” Stan shrugs his shoulders and says.

“You are welcome to squat.” Stan walks out of the room without another word. After Mel cleans the toilet and relieves herself. She makes her way out to the main room.

Mel put on a pair of training pants and pulled out her training boots. Stan grabbed the boots from her grip and tossed them across the room. “What the fuck?” says Mel angrily.

“Put on a pair of riding boots, and a cloak.” Mel looks perplexed, Stan explains himself.

“I have to go around my lands and gather my vassals to prepare for war. I am taking you with me. As my wife the people should see you, I will be supervising your training so you don’t have to worry about falling behind.” Mel looked at the crib and held her chest as she asked knowing what the answer would be.

“What about the baby? How long will we be gone for?” Stan ignored her, he had dressed for the day. Stan wore a dark green robe that is very lordly. Tucking his swords into place he moves inches from her. Mel questions him further not thinking Stan heard her.

“Hello, did you hear me?” Stan exploded.

“Are you always this naggy in the morning, I didn’t think I had to answer stupid questions this early in the morning.” Mel scoffs at his statement before giving her retort.

“I am sorry that I don’t want to be covered in piss and want to know about this trip, I didn’t think it would be such a fucking hassle to get two words out of you, why won’t you answer me?”

“They are stupid questions, why would I clean, what is the point of being a lord. Also, I am not taking my son and heir out of the safety the castle, to go for a hayride throughout my dominion. Therefore, they are stupid questions!” Mel walked out of the room not before Stan stuck his head out the door.

“We are leaving in 30 minutes meet out in the courtyard.”

Mel is furious, returning to her quarters she sees the baby’s pram is empty assuming he is at the nursery she looks for her best cloak, seeing it hanging on a peg near the balcony she grabs it. As she turns out of the room she bumps into Nathan.

“Princess we have your guard waiting in the courtyard, since we have some time are you on your way to the nursery?” Mel nodded her head and continued on her way. On journey through the castle Mel bumped into her brother. It was the first time she had seen him since his attack. Stan had been keeping Luca and his two friends busy with constant training the last several days.

Luca looked like a grotesque, he supported two bloodshot black eyes. His nose is permanently lopsided, Mel also witnessed tons of welts and bruises. The minor injuries covered his body and look like they are extremely painful.

Mel hugs his torso at the site of her brother. “Luca, I have been trying to see you all week and they keep telling me no. I am so sorry, ohh my... look at these.” Mel touches one of his welts on his neck and Luca winces, causing her to retract her arm and offer apologies.

“I am sorry Luca I didn’t mean too.” Luca cut her off and planted a brotherly kiss on her cheek.

“Don’t it just caught me by surprise, you look like your going somewhere?” Luca points to her riding boots. Mel smiles and rubs the back of her head.

“Yeah, Stan said we are leaving the castle to go around the island. He didn’t say how long for, so it probably for the night.” Nathan cleared his throat.

“Princess we should be going, we leave in ten minutes.” Mel looked at her watch and swore.

“Shit! I need to go Luca, I will see you tomorrow or in a few days.” Mel hugs him once more and darts down the hallway into the nursery. The room is large, Mel sees five cribs occupied, walking through the main room, she makes a right into a separate room. Inside seated in a chair is a wet nurse. Her name is Emily, she has dark brown hair.

“Princess.” The wet-nurse attempts to put her long nipple away.

“Emily don’t stop I wanted to say goodbye to him before I left.” The servant sticks her nipple back in the baby’s mouth. Mel bends down and kisses his slightly bald head, his soft dirty blonde hairs tickle her nose. As she lifts her head up she sucks in a large whiff of the baby’s scent, Mel had always loved the smell of babies, but her baby’s scent is intoxicating, resisting the urge to smother him in kisses Mel turns away with a tear in her eye.

Outside in the courtyard she sees one hundred men, most are seated on their horses. Mel looks around and doesn’t see Stan, then she sees him trot out of the stable on a large black horse, the beast was solid black and had furry black hooves. Stan holds the reins of another horse smaller but all black, like Mel’s husband’s but slimmer than Stan’s horse.

Captain Moran is mounted and at the head of the column near the courtyard exit. “Form up!” all the riders form rows of five and wait for the next order. “Move out!” Shouts Moran in his booming voice. Mel walks over to Stan and calls up.

“Where is the carriage.” Stan laughs but it is not in humor, rather his laughter is to ridicule.

“We are not using a carriage, it won’t make it to our destinations. Why do you think I told you to wear a cloak and riding boots?” Mel looked down at the ground self-conscious. “Don’t stand there looking stupid. Get on the horse or the men will get a day’s ride on us.” Mel mumbled something to Stan and he couldn’t hear. Tossing the reins of Mel’s horse onto the horn of his saddle he slides down walk walks towards her.

“What the fuck are you mumbling?” Mel whispers into his ear.

“I don’t know how to ride?” Stan looks at her perplexed.

“You rode a horse after I took you from Edo?” Mel shook her head saying no.

“I did not, I was tossed over the back of the saddle and tied down like a deer, but I never actually sat on it.” Grabbing her by the forearm, Stan jerks Mel toward her filly. He moved her roughly next to the beast and lifts Mel by her waist. As if Mel weighs nothing Stan places her in the saddle, well not exactly placing her more like a controlled rough drop. Mel sits sideways on the saddle.

“Aren’t I supposed to have one leg on each side in the loops.” Stan places his hands on his head in disbelief.

“First they are called Stirrups, not loops. Second you are a woman, you must sit side saddle like that.” Mel didn’t know why.

“Why do I have to sit like that?” Stan is out of patience, he jumps on his mount with no effort. Wheeling the animal around he faces her. He snaps again at her.

“Because if you rode it like a man, you would wear your twat out, you wouldn’t want roast beef for a pussy would you. That’s why woman ride like that.” Mel is revolted by his answer and didn’t believe him.

“You should have more respect for me as your wife, to talk like that to me is disgusting and you can’t expect me to believe that is the reason woman sit like that.” Stan had enough.

“I will respect you the moment at ant sized brain of yours develops. You will sit like that as custom dictates or you can go back in the castle and spend the next month in the dungeon while I am gone.” Mel didn’t hear his threat.

“Wait? What? One month! To visit a few villages around the island?” Pouts Mel. Stan smacked her horse on the rump with a crop and causes the horse to move forward after his men.

“This isn’t some tiny island, it a massive 50-mile land mass, yes it will take a month, now do me a favor and shut up, you have been jabbering and nagging since the moment you woke up.” Stan and Mel trotted forward, Mel had to hold on to the horn of the saddle, the motion and seating position made it hard to stay on. Mel knew this would be one long month.

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