Shortcut to Paradise...

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Chapter 3

They traveled 16 days from Capital. The journey was not easy, they rode for the first three days. Mel had gotten several nasty riding blisters. With her face covered the entire time she had no clue of her surroundings. At some point they boarded a ship, that was a week ago. The only way she found that out was the small window in her cabin.

Mels fear and worry only increased the longer she spent in the ship's cabin. At she least she was no longer gagged and bound. When they reached land she was loaded into a carriage in the middle of the night. She didn’t see anything until she was forced into a cell with a dirt floor and rough looking bed. Mel expected to rot there for a couple of days, she is surprised when the door opens several hours later, it was morning...

She saw him, Stan walked into the room, his robes were fresh and clean, he is dressed like a lord. He wore no swords. Instead he had a white garb under his arm. Three women linger behind him. “Get up! Today you need to be useful, put this on after they have bathed you.” he orders.

One hour later, Mel was hurried to an alter, she saw Stan standing in front of an altar. Before she knew it, she was married. Shocked her husband left her to eat alone in a bedroom, for the rest of the day she saw no one.

Mel is inside a massive room, it featured a large balcony that over looks part of the island, the sea can be seen in the distance. Outside the scenery is lush and beautiful. The walls of the room are white and clean, every furnishing has soft blankets and pillows. Somehow the room felt cool even though it was clearly summer outside, in fact she guessed it was 74 degrees in here. The sun set before long and the door opened.

“Hello wife” she took in her husband. Mel is terrified she watched him cut down her cousin, forced her out of her father castle... Mel didn’t know what to say.

Warning Sexual Situation and Extremely Profane. Skip if easily sickened sorry in advance you have been warned.

Stan moves towards her, his hair was short and neat, Stan's face is clean shaven with a dark shadow of whiskers from the day. Mel remained sitting until he pulls her chin up and forces her to rise from her seat. “Your beautiful you know that, after I do my duty tonight you never have to take me into your bed if you don’t want to. It was not my intention to steal you, but your father will lose this war I couldn’t let a prize like you go to spoil some fat bureaucrat.” She didn’t know what to say, Mel’s mind was moving in a hundred directions, he moved her near the bed and pulled her robes over her head. Mel stands before her husband bare fleshed.

His lips met to softness of her neck, she should be hating this but, feeling his calloused hands on her lower waist pushes her fears to the back of her mind. She didn’t realize his full intentions until she was on her back, he moves her right leg to the side. Feeling the cool air on her private, she feels him enter her, he doesn’t slow his pace but is still gentle, knowing she should protest she just focuses on the ceiling titles, she had counted 60 tiles by the time he had finished. Stan stroked the side of her face with his hand.

“There that wasn’t so bad, get up!” She quickly stood up and had semen drip onto the floor. She saw a red stain on the bed. Blushing she looked down in a self-conscious blush, Stan didn’t notice her turmoil, he rips the sheet from the bed. “I will have the servants bring you fresh linens. One more thing sign this here.” She looks down at a marriage contract. Having her virtue and freedom taken she found herself hesitating.

End of Sex Scene:

“What happens if I don’t sign it?” Stan looks at her with a cold look.

“Then we are not really married, by custom that contract must be signed within 48 hours of marriage and consummation. If not any children are born to you are bastards. I don’t allow bastards on my lands, you will have to watch as your children are thrown from the cliffs.” Mel quickly picks up the quill and signed her signature.

“That’s a good wife, you may find me harsh, but know this I am fair, you can have a wonderful life filled with satisfaction and happiness. You will find this island is a paradise and has many treasures and wonders. I have two rules no escape and stay away from the caves on the left side of the island. If you get lost down there you could die. I want you to think of this as home, anything you can think to make your life more enjoyable let me know. How about your ladies maid from the castle?” She looked at him.

“Leave her be, I don’t want anyone else to go through this.” Her husband nods.

“I will return in two months, if you think of anything or need anything let Nathan know. You will have free reign of the island, except the caves. I’ll take you when I return, if it becomes something of intrigue to you. Feel free to shop the town and meet my people, you are now lady of these lands get comfortable this is your new life.”

She was silent as he walked from the room but found herself asking before he left. “Where are you going?”

“Going to miss me? I am going back to the capital, I need to keep your father and the rebels distracted until the shoguns army arrives, killing the police and politicians under his protection should fix that. But I am sure once he sees these.”

Stan holds up the bedsheet and marriage contract. “He will fly off the handle, that’s when we get him. Most of the Samurai have turned against him and the peasants can’t shoulder the rifles given to them let alone fire them accurately. See you in sixty days.”

She watched from the window as her husband rides away from the castle with a hundred men. Mel wished then and there he would be killed. Mel knew her father had soldiers more skilled than Stan, she my get her wish. Mel fell asleep easier than she expected.

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